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Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Cost of Growth .


Not only the strong man’s skin lost its pallor, the other three were also scared out of their wits . In the blink of an eye, the figure that was initially more than ten meters away from them,  had stealthily appeared in front of their eyes! If they did not witness it for themselves, even if they were killed, they would not believe that such a thing happened .

The figure had a bright and clean white face, dark and deep eyes, and dense sword-shaped eyebrows . Although he looked handsome, the cold breath emanating from him made their hearts tremble .

“Who are you? What are you going to do?”  The strong man asked fearfully .

Xiao Luo ignored his existence and looked at Ding Zhenyun, who was beaten to the point of befuddlement .

“Cou … cousin …”  Ding Zhenyun cried out .

He regretted not listening to Xiao Luo in the beginning . After taking the time to understand what was happening during this period of time, he was able to snap out of it .   He realized that this was pyramid scheming . First, they took advantage of his trust, then they used that to lead him down a dark path . He kept borrowing money from relatives or friends to pay ‘investment’ . This was plain fraud .


The four people were stunned . The ones holding Ding Zhenyun subconsciously released him .

Since he was not being supported, Ding Zhenyun fell to the ground in a heap, aching all over However, because he saw his cousin Xiao Luo, his tensed nerves were able to finally relax, he immediately lost consciousness .

Xiao Luo squatted down, stretched out his hand and placed his finger horizontally between his nose and upper lip .   After checking to make sure that the guy only fainted, he checked the rest of his body and found that he was heavily injured .

At this time, the strong man turned to the other three people and made eye contact, which meant to subdue Ding Zhenyun’s cousin . Although it was not clear how he traversed a ten meter plus distance in a blink of an eye, Ding Zhenyun’s matters must not be spread and attract the attention of the police! Hence, it was necessary to subdue Ding Zhenyun’s cousin .

The three men were like his loyal dogs . After receiving the silent order, they pulled themselves together and slowly approached Xiao Luo .

But at this time, the originally squatting Xiao Luo suddenly turned into an actual ghost, shuttling between the three people in the dark . When he got close to each person, he stretched out his hand and struck them consecutively, they instantly fell to the ground .

Only when their corpses fell to the ground did the strong man realize that they were killed instantly in such ruthless ways . Their heads were smashed, neck crushed and their internal organs ripped, they were dead before they could utter a scream .

Earlier, the strong man only held fear for Xiao Luo .   But now, the strong man only looked at him like he was the devil!

When Xiao Luo looked at him, he took out a dagger and gave a loud warning, “Don’t… Don’t come here, or I’ll kill you!”

Even with a dagger in hand, he didn’t feel any sense of security . He was quaking in horror .

Xiao Luo’s expression was indifferent and cold as he stared at him . This was not a good man by any means! His cousin Ding Zhenyun was beaten so miserably, so of course it completely invoked his murderous intention .

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The next second, he rushed towards the strong man with a bloody aura…

The strong man only felt that the person in sight disappeared . When he reappeared, one of the other’s palms was already buckled on his skull . His five fingers locked his head like a vice grip, and then he lightly twisted it .


The strong man fell limply to the ground with his eyes wide open and his face filled with horror . At the moment of death, only one thought flashed through his mind: This guy is not human!

Only non-human beings could have such horrible and supernatural skills .

Xiao Luo didn’t even look at the four bodies on the ground, he simply took out his phone and gave Ji Siying a call and briefly explained the situation . He then picked up Ding Zhenyun who was still unconscious and left there .   From beginning to end he didn’t utter a single word .

A breeze blew over the four bodies lying on the empty streets . Looking at them from a distance, one would only think that they were four drunkards, lying asleep on the ground .



When Ding Zhenyun woke up, he found himself lying on a big soft bed in a clean and tidy room . The decoration was luxurious, walls that were spotless and pristine like snow, wardrobes, crystal chandeliers, curtains … It had everything .

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“You’re up?”

Xiao Luo came in with a cup of hot water in his hand .

“What about them?”  Ding Zhenyun was still reminded of the strong man and his thugs .

“They were arrested by the police, their dens were taken . Your friends and the other victims were sent home . ”  Xiao Luo made up a cover . The dens were not handled by the police, but by the NSA instead . In one night .

“That’s good, that’s good . ”  Ding Zhenyun was able to feel at ease .

“Cousin, I …”

He was very ashamed at this moment . When Xiao Luo advised him, he was angry and his words were very inappropriate, he rejected his goodwill . He did not understand why he was such an *sshole at that time .

“The past is over . It is good for you to wake up now . ”  Xiao Luo handed over the water in his hand and said with a smile .

Ding Zhenyun took it with both hands . He couldn’t help but feel sour . Everything he had experienced in Xia Hai City was like a nightmare . Even now, he was still in shock, “Cousin, I really regret not listening to you, and I really don’t know what happened to me at that time . All I thought about was making a lot of money . Now looking back at it, I was really out of my mind . ”

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He blamed himself and raised his hand to wipe his tears .

“Cousin, do you know that they are not human beings? They are Demons! Many of us had the idea of leaving after realizing that it was pyramid scheming, but they did not let us! They instead forced us to attend classes every day, and locked us in a small rented house like prisoners . After a man escaped and was caught, he was pressed to the ground by them in front of us . ”

Ding Zhenyun recalled the experiences of these days, and his face was filled with fear and his eyes were red . He could not forget these experiences for the rest of his life .

“Then his finger got chopped off with a kitchen knife . The man cried with tears in his heart and bled all over the floor . There was also a girl . She couldn’t stand this kind of imprisoned life . She hid in the toilet, sat on the edge of the toilet, and killed herself by biting off her artery with her teeth . When we rushed in, she was already covered in blood . She was crazy and grinned at us . I saw that her mouth was full of minced meat and the whole toilet was filled with a pungent smell of blood . ”

Xiao Luo also blamed himself . He thought that the pyramid scheming organization would behave in a soft manner and would not be so violent . However, he was naive .

If he had known this would be the case, he would have tied up Ding Zhenyun back then, and forcefully brought him back . Fortunately, Ding Zhenyun only suffered from wounds, and it was not a big deal . Otherwise, he did not know how he would explain it to his elder sister-in-law, Xiao Jianying .

“I’ve booked your tickets online . I’ll take you to the railway station early tomorrow morning . You can adjust for a period of time when you go home . If you like, you can go to the farm to help . ”

“Unn, I’ll listen to you . ”

Ding Zhenyun wiped away the tears from his eye, and nodded like chicken pecking rice . His attitude towards Xiao Luo was totally different from before . This experience made him understand a lot and grow up . It was good to have the desire to succeed, but one must be pragmatic . Success needed to be taken one step at a time . Making a fortune overnight was just a pipedream .


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