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Chapter 352

Chapter 352: King Kong’s Intention .





Standing at the top of the ranks among the elite soldiers, who would dare to disagree with what King Kong had said? Ren Maohua did not even dare to squeak, but he still continued to make some ‘symbolic’ struggles, showing the NSA soldiers around him that he was still fighting for his dignity and would not give up resistance just because of King Kong’s reprimand .



“Are you King Kong, one of NSA’s two S-Class soldiers?”  Xiao Luo lightly asked .



“Indeed I am!”



King Kong straightened up and his mouth tilted . “I’ve long heard of you, the Dragon gang, a deadly tumor in the black forces in Jiang City, destroyed by a lone fighter . Hundreds of lives have been directly and indirectly killed by your hands . I have to admit that you are a devil, however the NSA isn’t a shelter for such a devil . No matter what great and heroic deeds you have done before, there is only one unified name here, that is, we are a soldier of the country . ”



His voice was loud and clear, his words were sonorous, and there was a strong hint of yang energy in it; lively, vigorous and powerful .



The NSA soldiers on the scene subconsciously supported their chests . At the same time, they also secretly broke out in a cold sweat . They looked at Xiao Luo with horror and asked themselves, “Hundreds of lives killed in his hands… Is that really true?”  This guy was so dangerous?!



King Kong turned the conversation around and said cheerfully, “Let him go . He has already paid the price for his foolish behavior…”



Xiao Luo looked at Ren Maohua, whose struggle became more intense . At this moment, his anger had also subsided a lot . Holding the principle that more wasn’t any better than less, he did not go too far .



“Forget it, I’ll let you go . ”



After saying so, Xiao Luo lifted his feet off Ren Maohua’s head, but before Ren Maohua could burst out in anger, he suddenly gave Ren Maohua’s chest and kick .



Ren Maohua felt that his insides got shifted, and his whole person skid across the ground seven meters away before stopping . Finally, he opened his mouth and with a, ‘poof’, spat out a puff of thick blood and fainted .



Hiss …



All the people present were gasping for air . They thought that the man would really let Ren Maohua go . After all, it was done right in front of King Kong’s face . They never thought that he would deliver another heavy kick to Ren Maohua .



Cruel!  Absolutely ruthless!



Many people got cold sweat on their foreheads . They imprinted Xiao Luo’s appearance in the depth of their minds . They needed to pretend to be blind when meeting this person in the future .



Compared with them, Ji Siying was relieved . She knew Xiao Luo’s temperament perfectly well, with his temper it wouldn’t matter who you were, you would still have to pay a painful price . Ren Maohua angered him, he even gave Ren Maohua a great deal of patience which was  already great kindness . But of course, being heavy handed was very light compared to what she had seen Xiao Luo do to the cobra mercenary group leader .



“Mr . Mie, let’s go see the director . ”



After the NSA paramedics came to treat Ren Maohua, Ji Siying quickly said to him and hoped that the matter would end and not be dragged on . In front of so many people in the NSA, she changed her address to ‘Mie’ .


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Xiao Luo nodded . With his fingers, he touched his face where he was hurt by Ren Maohua . The wound was subtle, but it was burning with pain .



Ji Siying quickly took out a white handkerchief from her pocket and handed it to him .



“Thank you . ”



Xiao Luo took it and gently covered the wound . Fortunately, it wasn’t really severe . Otherwise, Ren Maohua was doomed .



The two headed for the office building …



However, King Kong’s smiling face darkened . He held out his left arm and blocked Xiao Luo . He said coldly, “I just asked you to let him go but you still kicked him!”



His words were very oppressive . He looked at Xiao Luo with aggressive chillingness .



Xiao Luo frowned at him, appearing somewhat puzzled, somewhat surprised and somewhat mirthful .



The hearts of NSA soldiers who were still around began to tighten . All were horrified . King Kong’s face suddenly darkened, did he want to challenge him?



If the characters at the top of the ranks of soldiers had violent conflicts, the scene would be unimaginable and it would surely go completely out of control .

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Of course, they also understood King Kong’s sudden change in demeanor . In NSA, no soldier would dare to disrespect King Kong, except Miss Venom . However, this man named ‘Mie’ attacked Ren Maohua after King Kong had asked him to let Ren Maohua go . This definitely angered King Kong .



“Mr King Kong, Director Zhang and Director Dong are waiting for us…” Ji Siying said .



King Kong immediately waved his hand and interrupted, “Don’t use the director to pressure me . I am here because they told me to quell the conflict . ”



“Isn’t the conflict over now?”



Ji Siying argued . Even if she was a liaison, she would not dare to loudly argue with King Kong . He was completely on a different level than that of Ren Maohua . There as a huge gap between ‘A’ and ‘S’ rank . One ‘S’ rank soldier could crush more than a dozen ‘A’ rank soldiers . She had read King Kong’s file, once he attacked the enemy directly, the enemy would instantly turn into a pool of minced meat . His method was very cruel .






King Kong coldly hummed, pointing to Ren Maohua who fainted, “He had become like that, and this is what you call over?”



“What do you want?”



Xiao Luo spoke in a bland tone, looking straight at King Kong and not avoiding King Kong’s eyes at all .


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“I don’t want anything . ”



King Kong’s expression suddenly became ferocious, and his mind became turbulent . He licked his lips bloodily . “I just want to beat you down, or… you could beat me down!”



Xiao Luo’s eyes slightly narrowed . Trouble really did come in pairs . He originally thought that this was a neutral guy, but he had never thought that it would end up like this just because he kicked Ren Maohua . But then again, he guessed this person only wanted a reason to fight with him as the originally hidden fighting intent was now revealed .



“Mr . King Kong, please don’t fool around, don’t…”






Ji Siying had not finished talking when King Kong got impatient and sent a slap towards her face .



It was a seemingly slow slap, but it contained fierce power . With a gasp of shock and surprise, Ji Siying felt her scalp tingle . She subconsciously raised her hand to block but Xiao Luo was a step faster than her . He accurately intercepted the slap and restrained King Kong’s wrist .



“If you want to fight, I will accompany you . Don’t be rude to the lady!”  Xiao Luo said coldly .



“Interesting, it seems that I’m beginning to like you a little . ”



King Kong smiled . From the moment he saw Xiao Luo show his strength, he decided to compare with Xiao Luo instantly . It had nothing to do with Ren Maohua at all, and this was his intention all along . Such an opponent made him feel inexplicable excitement, his blood was boiling up uncontrollably .

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