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Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Crazy Battle .


“What is King Kong doing? I made him go to quell the trouble . Why did he confront Mr . Mie himself?”

In the office building, Dong Fangshuo Yu frowned, but his frown was not visible to outsiders because of the existence of a gas mask .

Miss Venom smiled gently, “Isn’t that obvious? That fool wants to compare strength . ”

“They are NSA soldiers . What’s the use of comparison?”

Dong Fangshuo Yu scolded, he then turned to his subordinates and ordered, “Pass my orders and send out guards to stop them!”

“Wait . ”  Zhang Gu waved to stop him .

“Old Gu?”

Dong Fangshuo Yu looked at him in puzzlement . This was their NSA’s S Rank soldier . King Kong was very expensive . Any injury or disability would be a huge loss for NSA .

Zhang Gu breathed out a long sigh . Somehow, he became excited and said, “Let them compare . ”

“What?  Old Gu, I hope you know what you are doing . ”  Dong Fangshuo Yu was quite puzzled .

Zhang Gu smiled calmly, “King Kong will not let it go anyways . In addition, I would like to know how long Mie can last under King Kong . ”

“Aren’t you belittling him . Maybe he is better than that fool King Kong . ”  Miss Venom covered her mouth as her laughter came tinkling out like silver bells .

“King Kong is indestructible and invulnerable even under full impact . He can even smash heavy armored tanks into piles of scraps . On this point, King Kong is already in an invincible position . ”  Zhang Gu rationally analysed .

Miss Venom said, “True… I’ll go down and have a look . It looks interesting . ”

After saying so, she turned around and walked out with light steps .



At this moment, Xiao Luo and King Kong had moved to the training ground .

The terrain of the training ground was like a small Gobi desert . When the wind blew, dust would float in the air, making the air here seemingly to have a faint yellowish color .

Xiao Luo and King Kong stood more than ten meters apart . Although they hadn’t started, even from a distance, the people watching felt suffocated by the rising pressure of the two people .

“Are they really having a go at it?  Both of them are S Rank soldiers, will there be no mishaps? ”

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“I don’t think so . It’s just a competition . It’s not a matter of life or death . They’ll keep their hands . ”

“If they compete, there is no doubt that King Kong will win . Even a knife and a spear can’t hurt him . There is no way of injuring him at all . ”

The crowd stood by the main road far away, whispering .

Ji Siying was worried, but she couldn’t stop the duel . Also, even after so long, she still didn’t see any guard . This only signified one thing, the directors acquiesced this duel . Was this the purpose of letting them meet?  Or did they want to see Mr . Xiao’s limit?

“I hope you can bring me a surprise!”

With a loud roar, the powerful King Kong started . He shot towards Xiao Luo, a solidified aura breaking and bursting out from him which pervaded the entire training ground .   His footwork was quick, short and vigorous, but his speed was beyond fast . He shook his feet, raising his momentum . His roar was like that of a wild animal, waving his iron fist and launching a fierce attack without stopping .

“Peng ~”

Xiao Luo’s face sank gravely . He met the other’s iron fist with his own . At the moment of collision, a huge crashing sound was heard, like a raging storm churning and sweeping away both sides .

The ground underneath their feet started to tremble, and the air was fanning them .

King Kong stood still like an unmoving mountain while Xiao Luo slid backward, leaving two deep ravines in the ground . After sliding for three meters, he stepped back and used his right foot to stabilize himself .

“Good, good, ha, ha, ha …”

King Kong’s excitedly laughed . His attack didn’t stop there . Like a hungry tiger, he rushed up again .

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Xiao Luo was deadpan . With small steps, he spun his body and cleverly dodged King Kong’s iron fist . Xiao Luo brazenly kicked out a foot of his own .

Fists and kicks were being sent out one after the other . Each of them were strong and powerful, with an aggressive aura behind them . The training ground was broken, and countless dust was vigorously flying into the air .

Gradually, the visibility became lower and lower . In the end, only the blows exchanged were heard, and the fighting figures of Xiao Luo and King Kong could no longer be seen .

Those who stood at a distance by the main road to watch were aghast at the formation of a sand tornado . Looking at it made their scalps tingle . Were they still human?  This was clearly two ancient behemoths fighting!

Ji Siying’s eyes trembled, she was worried for Xiao Luo .

“Peng Peng ~”

The boom of limbs was like the continuous explosion of thunder in the clouds . One could imagine the intensity of the battle only from the sound of this boom .

All of a sudden, a figure shot out like a bullet from the sand tornado banging down on the ground more than 10 meters away, and then continued to slide back out of control, sending countless sands to fly out along the way .

Who was it?

The crowd blinked as much as they could to see who had fallen, but too much yellow sand blocked their view and they could not identify him .

But at this time, Xiao Luo slowly walked out from the yellow sand tornado  Although some parts of his clothes were tattered, his body was fine . His indifferent eyes held some coldness, and his handsome face gave off an evil charm .

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Seeing him walk out of the gradually settling yellow sand tornado, everyone gasped, because it became clear that the man who just flew out was King Kong . King Kong lost! How was that possible?


All of a sudden, a loud roar of rage was heard on the training ground . Just as soon as he stabilized himself, King Kong dashed towards Xiao Luo .

At this time, his upper clothes were ripped off, and his skin turned golden, just like the 18 bronze arhats; thick and indestructible gold .

“He used immortality!”

Some of the people watching from afar could not help but exclaim aloud .

“This is getting more and more interesting . Take this!”

King Kong was like a wild buffalo running at fast speed . His iron fist was filled with chaotic energy .

Xiao Luo’s pupils shrunk . King Kong’s speed suddenly skyrocketed, he found it difficult to react . His eyes only saw a flash of a golden figure, when his eyes refocused, he found King Kong’s fist already so close to his chest . He couldn’t dodge it and could only cross his arms and protect his chest .

“Peng ~”

His fist boomed with power, and an oppressive force bombarded Xiao Luo with unparalleled ferocity

Xiao Luo felt like he got hit by a car . His body trembled, he spun around and flew out . He fell to the ground and rolled 30 meters away before stopping .

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