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Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Well Said .


“There is something dirty on your shoulder . ”

Miss Venom raised her beautiful eyebrows and chuckled .

There was indeed a small scrap of paper, but with a dry cough, he warned her seriously,  “Miss Venom, you are poisonous . Please don’t touch others carelessly . The NSA members injured by you have already exceeded 100 . I don’t want to be one of them . ”

Miss Venom’s eyes shimmered as she smiled . There was an air of temptation that spread out from her . She stuck out her tongue and said without any seriousness, “Yes, Old Zhang!”

“Have you finished your task?”  Dong Fangshuo Yu asked at this time .

Miss Venom nodded and flipped her hair with a smile, “Yes, Director Dong, this task was not challenging at all . The spies are all glorified embryos . They all fell down before I even touched them . With the powder, their bodies quickly turned into pus and blood, and became nourishment for the flowers and plants on the mountain . Next time, remember to give some tasks with higher difficulty coefficients, or else it will be meaningless . ”

To downplay it made it seem that killing people was a common, everyday thing for her . The group of NSA members hiding in the distance paled . They had seen with their own eyes the power of the resin powder, which was more powerful than concentrated sulfuric acid . However, even if it was magical and incomparable . It only corrodes flesh and blood . The clothes and accessories worn by the body would be left untouched .

As soon as it was sprinkled, it would start to puff up white smoke . The image was simply horrible!

Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu looked at each other with a wry smile . Those spies were elites, trained by the enemy . Each of them had the level of a Rank A soldier, and was good at jungle warfare . They were real killing machines . Of course, they did not believe that the spies mentioned by Miss Venom were all just glorified embryos . Instead what flashed in their minds were images of Miss Venom reaping the lives of those people in the form of hell-like death .

“Hey, what’s the fool, King Kong, doing down there?”

At this time, Miss Venom noticed King Kong, who was already on his way down to the bottom of the building . A trace of doubt appeared within her seductive eyes, which made her look very charming .

Zhang Gu did not deceive her either . Looking into the distance, Xiao Luo was walking towards Ren Maohua’s figure . Zhang Gu said, “That stranger you’re looking at is the person I mentioned to you earlier . ”

“Oh?  He is the one who set off a bloody attack on Jiang City and wiped out Long Sankui’s lair?”

Miss Venom unconsciously tapped her long slender fingers, and her enchanting face showed a strong interest and curiosity . “He looks weak, isn’t he?”

“Ren Maohua, who’s an ‘A’ rank soldier, was beaten by him . How could we mistake him for someone else?”  Dong Fangshuo Yu sighed . Before, a group of IT personnel questioned the identity of the Xiao Luo and got owned by him . Now, people were doubting him again and it was even Miss Venom at that . This was driving him crazy .

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“Is he?”

Miss Venom gently spit out those two words, and then all her energy was focused on the distant Xiao Luo .



Seeing Xiao Luo strolling with leisure steps and finally arriving in front of Ren Maohua, Ji Siying didn’t know what to do, she was very clear that Xiao Luo was like a beast with thick fangs, dangerous and aggressive .

Ren Maohua felt pain all over his body, especially in the neck, where his spine seemed to be broken, causing spasmodic pain .

A shadow suddenly enveloped him, he looked up, only to meet Xiao Luo’s indifferent face . He looked at him from a high position, like a judge who was about to sentence him for his crime .

“I’ll give you a chance to kowtow to me and admit your mistake . I won’t embarrass you!”  Xiao Luo faintly directed at him, but his tone was extremely cold .

He gave him back his words! Ren Maohua recovered from his panic and glared at Xiao Luo with his teeth clenched . Let alone in front of his beloved woman, he would never have agreed to such a request . It was an insult and against his character . Besides, if he really was going to do that, he would definitely not be able to lift his head in the NSA anymore .

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He shouted loudly at Xiao Luo: “Hah you try to… embarrass me?! You can kill me but never humiliate—”

His voice came to a screeching halt, because Xiao Luo stepped on his face and stomped his head under his feet .

The NSA soldiers around them felt a sudden thump and thrill from their souls . They had never thought that this guy would have such ruthless and merciless character .

On the left side of his face was the bottom of Xiao Luo’s shoe, while on the right side of his face was the concrete floor . Ren Maohua temporarily couldn’t feel the pain, and the only emotion he felt was endless humiliation . His eyes were wide open, and his brain couldn’t form a single thought, completely blank . He had never experienced such insult . It trampled on his dignity and honor as an ‘A’ rank soldier .

“Mr . Xiao … Mie, no…”

Ji Siying wanted to persuade Xiao Luo to stop, but after abruptly seeing Xiao Luo’s eyes . Her words were swallowed back into her belly .

Xiao Luo turned his head and looked at Ren Maohua at his feet like an elegant executioner . He whispered, “I gave you a chance, are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Chance your face!”

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Ren Maohua’s eyes were red . He grinded his teeth, his hands pushing against the ground, struggling to stand up .

But Xiao Luo’s foot was like a mountain, pressing heavily on his head . The other parts of his body could move freely, but his head could not break free . He roared madly as his nose and saliva met together . He felt so humiliated that he wished he could tear Xiao Luo alive .

Xiao Luo shook his head disappointedly, “I made it clear before that it was none of my business if you wanted to chase women . But you were stepping on me to improve your image, you chose the wrong method . I warned you over and over again and told you to stop . And yet, instead of listening, you regarded my courtesy as capital for your arrogance . Are A rank soldiers really that strong? You only have yourself to blame!”

“Pa pa pa pa …”

A burst of applause came from a distance . The crowd divided to make way for a man to walk through, the man approached him had strong stature with his arms bulging . He had short hair, slightly yellowish skin, and bright eyes .

Seeing this person, the surrounding NSA soldiers’ expressions change .   Deep fear emerged from their eyes! They quickly took a step back . Only an idiot would stay near the man .

“King Kong?!”

Ji Siying subconsciously shouted out the man’s code name, her delicate face could not hide her feelings . King kong’s arrival… She didn’t know if it was good or bad . Maybe this was the two directors’ order .

King Kong looked at Xiao Luo with admiration in his eyes . The applause stopped and he put down his hand . He said, “Well said, what a wonderful thing to say . Every word is from the bottom of your heart, every word is the truth, and I agree with it . ”  He bent down and looked at Ren Maohua with a hint of contempt on his face, “Tut tut … Ren Maohua, you grandson just got promoted to A rank, so now you feel you can beat the world? Are you mentally ill or something? It really is appropriate to say that it serves you right!”

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