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Chapter 35

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All the guests present were dumbfounded . Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen in the distance also straightened up .

Here we go!

The pink ball was actually hit into the hole!

He jusy give it a hard poke, and the white ball crashed like a headless fly a few times, hitting the pink ball unexpectedly, not only hitting it, but also hitting the pink ball into the bottom hole .

This is ok?

Everyone can't believe their eyes . It's unbelievable . It's too unacceptable . They never thought such a dramatic scene would happen .

Xiao Luo stood up straight and walked up to Fu Jia Wei and patted him on the shoulder: "Brother Jia Wei, thank you for your blessing, the goal has been scored!"

Fu Jiawei couldn't make any sound in his mouth and his stiff smile was full of embarrassment .

Ye Yingying and Fang Shulan felt like thy had a dead fish stuffed in their mouth . The expression on their faces is as ugly as it is .

"Luck, it's definitely luck . If it weren't luck, I would eat and shit!" A boy who has a very good relationship with Ye Yingying is not satisfied .

Other people also subconsciously nodded in agreement . The white ball bounced four times in a row before hitting the pink ball . If it weren't for the luck, who would believe it when it was said, it couldn't be that the trajectory of the white ball was under Xiao Luo's control, could it? If this is the case, is it possible that Xiao Luo is more powerful than the famous snooker masters in the world?

Xiao Luo is also convinced by this person and laughs: "If you say it's luck ball, it's luck ball . I can't say it's not and let you eat and shit, can I? "

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"You . . . "

The man gritted his teeth and rubbed his hands . If FuJiaWei hadn't stopped him with his eyes, he would have rushed up to teach Xiao Luo a lesson .

At this moment, Ye Yingying said with a smile that's not a smile on her face: "Don't be proud . You are only six points now . If you are capable, you can hit the black ball too, or you will still lose!"

"That is, hit the ball quickly, I don't believe you have such good luck this time . " The boy talked, he was very anxious to see Xiao Luo' s failure immediately .

"He was lucky just now . If he's going to hit the black ball into the hole again . I'll kneel down for him . "

"What knelt down? I'll call him uncle directly! "

"Yes, I don't believe in miracles . "

Several men and women with whom Ye Yingying had a good relationship shouted again .

Xiao Luo did not speak, he leans down, his club locks the white ball accurately, the club, the white ball and the black ball are in a straight line, his eyes are sharp, his body is permeated with a unique aura, a breeze blows, his forehead bangs are gently fluttering .

Calm down and concentrate!

The curved smile on the corners of his mouth is confident, evil, cold, and has a hint of unspeakable regal demeanor .

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In the distance, Chu Yue was stunned for an instant . Subconsciously, she muttered to herself, "You look so handsome now . "

At this time, Xiao Luo has already hit a shot .

"Dong ~"

It was still a heavy stroke, and the white ball roared toward the black ball, as if a white light had cut through the space, leaving only a remnant in the sight of all .

At the moment of hitting the black ball, the white ball immediately took the place of the black ball and spun at a high speed, while the black ball turned into a black cheetah, roaring toward the bottom hole, without any accident, "thud" perfectly into the hole .

All the people present were like idiots, gawking at the white ball rotating at high speed in situ on the desktop, with the three characters "impossible" written on their faces, especially the boy who said just now that it was due to luck, and felt his face burning hot, like being slapped hard .

"I got 13 points, according to the agreement just now, I won . "

Xiao Luo put down the club, walked to the front of Ye Yingying, stretched out his hand, meaning it goes without saying, the bank card?

With so many people present, how can Ye Yingying take back her words, but this 50,000 yuan is her pocket money for a month, and that Swiss watch is her favorite thing . How can she be content to hand it over like this?

"I want to compete with you again!"

Ye Yingying gnashing her teeth, took off her bank card and watch and put them into Xiao Luo's hand .

"Another round?" Xiao Luo frowned .

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"Yes, let's compare it again . "

Ye Yingying's eyes almost burst out of fire . She understood that this guy has always dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger . She was an idiot from the time she proposed Bisenoch . "If you win, I'll give you 100,000 more . If you lose, return my bank card and watch, and lick my shoes . "

She was angry and suffered such a big fall for the first time, and it was also on snooker, which she was proud of . It was a great shame to her .

The money is delivered to the door, but Xiao Luo will not do it still .

"I can do better than that, but I don't like bad checks!" he said lightly .

It means that you have to show some sincerity and just say 100,000 won't do .

"I have 50,000 here!"

Fang Shulan took out a bank card from her pocket and put it on the ball table . She supported Ye Yingying to the end .

At that time, Fu Jiawei did not continue to pretend to be a brother to Xiao Luo . He also took out a bank card: "I also have 50,000 here . "

"Just 100,000, okay, I'll compare it with you . "

Although Xiao Luo is not a person whose eyes shine at the sight of money, he will not have trouble with getting money either . "By the way, it is still the same as before . If I win ten points, I will win . "

Hearing this, Ye Yingying, Fang Shulan and Fu Jiawei almost vomited blood .

Fu Jiawei endured the impulsion of cursing and forced out a smile: "Brother Xiao Luo, you obviously can play snooker . So if you have to score ten points to win, it would be unfair to Yingying . "

"Brother Jia Wei means to go about as normal?" Asked Xiao Luo .

"Nonsense, everyone knows you can play snooker, don't let him!"

"Too brazen, aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning?"

"If you get cheap and sell well, why just not die?"

With Ye Yingying and her relationship with the men and women, they were outraged, they were very anxious to go up to fight Xiao Luo .

"Xiao Luo, you pretend to be crazy, we don't like your tricks . " Fang Shulan boldly stated .

"Don't be angry, I just said, I have already taken advantage of one game . It would be too unkind for me to take advantage of another . It would be normal to take one game . Whoever scores the highest score in the end will win . " Xiao Luo was not angered in the slightest, he always maintained a timeless calm smile on his face .

Ye Yingying stepped forward directly, leaning on the ground with her club, and angrily said, "Cut the crap and let's start!"

Xiao Luo also stopped talking, picked up his smile, and became serious . He picked up the cue again, came to the tee-off area .

The atmosphere at the scene became especially tense when the masters faced each other .

The crowd all looked at the table unblinkingly, wondering who would win the game .

Xiao Luo hit a light shot . The white ball touched the edge of the red ball that was gathered together . Then he returned and stopped again in the small semi-circular service area .

Most people think that this is a beautiful defensive ball, but in Ye Yingying's view, Xiao Luo's first shot of the kick-off showed a flaw, because a red ball has been separated, and the white ball can hit it with just the right angle, which can definitely make it into the bottom hole, and the white ball can also take the opportunity to break up those red balls, which is conducive to subsequent consecutive scoring .

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