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Chapter 36

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Ye Yingying did not say a word, walked to the table, her eyes particularly focused .

In this round, she will give full play to all her strength without reservation, win back her bank card and watch, and more importantly, Xiao Luo will lick her shoes in front of everyone, so as to relieve her hatred .

On the table top, the white ball and the red ball separated from the red ball pile are more than half a table away, and the red ball is at a considerable distance from the bottom hole . Such a ball is the most difficult to hit and has a very large difficulty coefficient .

If you succeed, you have the opportunity to suppress your opponent at one stroke, but if you failed, you may be suppressed by your opponent instead .

This is undoubtedly a very risky goal!

Everyone held their breath and looked at the green table, wondering if the ball could enter the hole .

Ye Yingying was very calm, she bent down, and without hesitation struck out the white ball . [stupid]

"Dong ~"

Under the action of the cue, the white ball rushed out of the hole in a high-spirited way . After colliding with the red ball, it plunged head-on into the pile of red balls . The previous red ball rolled straight toward the bottom hole and entered the hole with a magnificent thud .

At the same time, one of the scattered red balls entered another hole .

One shot and two goals, two points at once!

"Good shot!"

"Yingying is the best and a talent for snooker!"

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"In front of absolute power, buffoons simply cannot help but scamper a few times . "

Ye Yingying's friends duly applauded and did not forget to taunt Xiao Luo .

Others also rushed to nod . Ye Yingying played the ball beautifully, calmly, decisively and cleanly . Looking at it made people feel better and couldn't help applauding .

Xiao Luo, on the other hand, continued to slowly drink the red wine that he had not finished just now, enjoying the wonderful pleasure of pouring the wine into his throat and moistening his throat .

One shot and two goals . After winning two points, Ye Yingying continued to hit the ball . She chose the pink ball with a score of six points . The white ball was in a good position and she was conducive to continue hitting the red ball . Therefore, the pink ball was the only choice .

"Dong ~"

A clear and melodious shot sounded, and the white ball went straight towards the pink ball . The speed was very fast . It was a heavy shot . Ye Yingying's intention was very obvious . After the pink ball was hit, the white ball was placed in a very good position to continue hitting the red ball .


After the white ball hit, the pink ball ran towards the hole at a fast speed with high accuracy . The black hole was like a big mouth waiting for the pink ball to come to its door . However, just when everyone thought that the goal must be scored, an accident happened . The fast pink ball made a quick turn in the hole at the moment of entering the hole, and then bounced out again .

"Impossible, in under any circumstances, how did it come out?"

One of Ye Yingying's friends cried out .

There was an uproar all over the stadium . They didn't expect this kind of accident to happen at all . This is a goal that must be scored . Why did it pop up after a turn at the entrance of the hole?

Ye Yingying is also surprised, her face full of astonishment, this is completely out of her expectation .

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"Damn, how did this happen!"

Fu Jiawei fiercely waved his arm and scolded angrily .

"What happened?" In the distance, Chu Yue blinked her beautiful eyes, she asked puzzled .

Bai Xeiwen said in a suspicious way: "There seems to be an accident, Ye Yingying didn't manage to properly adjust her strength . "

"It doesn't matter . Under normal a competition, I don't believe that the pretender and offender, Xiao Luo, can win the match . " Chu Yue has full of confidence in Ye Yingying .


At this moment, Xiao Luo put down his glass and stood up, leisurely saying: "If you exert too much force, it is easy to make this happen . Just like a basketball flying towards the basket at a high speed, if the accuracy is only slightly off the mark, the fast speed can provide enough centrifugal force to make it rotate along the basket and finally eject from the basket . The same principle holds true . "

"Yue speak one set after another, as if you know snooker very well!" Ye Yingying disdained .

"This is not a question of knowing snooker, but common sense of physics . " Xiao Luo was not angered .

Ye Yingying snorted softly: "Don't be ahead of yourself . This is just the beginning . Don't think you can beat me . "

"Sometimes, a minor mistake is often fatal . " Xiao Luo's face displayed a profound smile .

"Is it?"

Ye Yingying sneered, "Although I made a mistake, the white ball is still on the side of the service court . Do you think you are so good at playing?"

"For me, the position of the white ball is the same as everywhere . " Xiao Luo disagreed .

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"Ha ha . . . then I'll wait and see!" Ye Yingying coldly dropped a word and turned away .

Xiao Luo did not hit the ball immediately, but put the club aside and reached out to pick up something on Philippe's green table .

Fang Shulan was impatient and cried, "Xiao Luo, what are you dawdling about, still not quick to hit the ball?"

Xiao Luo raised his head and smiled: "There is a little dirty thing on this table . I will dispose of it . "

"What if you get rid of it? Do you really think you can win?" Fang Shulan ridiculed to the extreme .

Xiao Luo was not angered and said slowly, "I'll take the dirty things off first, and then I'll show you the clear stage . "

Everyone paused, then scoffed and soon ensued laughter, thinking Xiao Luo's talk is really too crazy, too X . .

"What kind of skill do you have? You have to be able to clear the stage . I'll chop and hang 'it' on the spot if you can!"

"Bragging to the extreme not knowing cow death . "

"I have never seen such a brazen and shameless person . "

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends ridiculed and sneered at each other . Before, the boy who said to eat and shit even said at the moment that he would cut off the thing that passed on his family line .

Fu Jiawei shook his head straight, turned to look at Chu Yue and sighed in his heart: "I really don't know how Queen Yue can let such a person join the team . No matter about being skilled as a dog is still a dog, right?"

Ignoring the jeers around him, Xiao Luo blew the dirt off his hands, picked up the cue again, then leaned over and seemed to shot without aim, hitting the white ball with one stroke .

Fluent, smooth, not sloppy!

"Dong ~"

In the crowd's eyes, the white ball crashed a red ball into the hole and stopped firmly at the corner .

Xiao Luo didn't even look at the crowd . He walked over with the cue and bent over . The cue continued to hit the white ball . The time difference between the last stroke and the last stroke was no more than 10 seconds .

"Dong ~"

With a clear and crisp crash, the black ball rolled straight towards the bottom hole and then "thud" into the hole .

Hey, this?

The crowd was startled and all their movements were delayed .

But Xiao Luo did not stop, holding the club, he changed position and continued to hit the ball .

One shot, one ball, one shot, one ball!

"Thud ~"

"Thud ~"

Red ball into the hole, black ball into the hole, red ball into the hole, black ball into the hole, it's a Neverending cycle .

As is known to all, the black ball has the highest score, seven points, and when it is scored continuously, Xiao Luo's score jumped upward with two values of one point and eight points .

In the amazed eyes of all the people, Xiao Luo was expressionless, one shot after another, flowing like a snooker master, calmly hitting the ball into the hole like performing magic!

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