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Chapter 34

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With the ringing sound of balls entering the hole, the red balls on the table is decreasing at the speed visible to the naked eye, while Ye Yingying's score is steadily rising, 10, 17, 25, 30 . . .

"Yingying, this is the rhythm of clearing Taiwan!"

"Even uncle Da, the elder who played snooker, almost lost to Yingying . He must be strong . "

"Clear Taiwan, let that guy get a big goose egg, ha ha . . . "

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends were all excited, full of sarcasm and banter .

Seeing Ye Yingying play all 15 red balls there were only six colored balls left, Fu JiaWei wanted to see the expression on Xiao Luo's face, which must be very wonderful . But when he turned to look at Xiao Luo, his whole person was dumbfounded immediately, because Xiao Luo brought a glass of red wine, and was sitting in a chair, stretching his legs and drinking leisurely, without any trace of anxiety .

He walked over and asked with concern, "Brother Xiao Luo, Yingying is going to clear the Taiwan Strait soon . Why are you still drinking wine?"

"Not afraid, there are still six colored balls, which add up to 27 points . " Xiao Luo calmly answered .

What a great insight you have!

At the moment, Fu Jiawei, who has always had self-restraint, couldn't help scolding a dirty word in his heart . Then he gave a look of schadenfreude and smiled, "Now it's only 22 points . "

Because during this talk, Ye Yingying has already scored the yellow ball and the green ball into the hole, and then the brown ball into the hole .

"There are still 18 points!" Fu Jiawei glanced at Xiao Luo out of the corner of his eye .

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"Thud ~" Another ball entered the hole .

Fu Jiawei smiled playfully on his face and raised his voice: "Only 13 points!"

Xiao Luo said nothing, he's still was slowly drinking red wine .

"Ha ha . . . pretending to be forced and committing crimes, you will soon learn to bark like dogs . "

Chu Tue in the distance was so happy that Xiao Luo was finally able to make a fool of himself .

"I hope Xiao Luo won't get angry when he knows you are behind it . " Bai Xeiwen shook her head, she didn't sound good .

"How dare he?"

Chu Yue raised her chin haughtily . "This young lady didn't beat him or scold him, just let him learn to bark like a dog . What can he be angry with?"

"Queen Chu, boys care about their dignity!" Bai Xeiwen turned over her eyes, speechless .

"Oh, I know . He joined my team . As the captain, I will give him a horse's back so that he won't have to push his nose and face against me all day long . " Chu Yue said, irritated .

Bai Xeiwen stopped talking .


Ye Yingying frowned slightly, because she did not pinch the position very well for the ball, and the position of the white ball was very awkward .

She is confident of hitting another ball into the hole, but at the same time, after hitting the ball, the white ball has a 90% probability of entering another bottom hole . Once the white ball enters the hole, Xiao Luo can get six points without doing anything .

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This is not what she wants!

What she wants is a crushing victory, not to mention that six points are already very close . Even one point, she doesn't want Xiao Luo to get it .

So Ye Yingying chose to defend and hit a light shot . The white ball lightly grazed the edge of the powder ball, touched the short edge at a sharp angle and then rebounded . It just stopped near the black ball . The three balls were almost in the same straight line . It can be said that the black ball completely blocked the powder ball and the white ball could not directly touch the powder ball .

"Good shot!"

Some of the onlookers couldn't help praising it . It was definitely a good shot and a very tight defense .

Then, all looked at Xiao Luo .

Will this guy work miracles or will he end up with zero?

A lot of people have expectations . after all, Xiao Luo looks very calm without any sense of panic . The total score is 13 points for the powder ball and black ball . If both goals are scored, Xiao Luo wins .

Of course, more people don't expect anything from Xiao Luo . Are you kidding me? There are nine slide bars for 10 shots . Such a guy can score goals? The result is no suspense, okay .

"It's your turn!"

Ye Yingying turned around and rushed Xiao Luo coldly let out a cry .

Xiao Luo did not agree . He put down his glass and smiled at Fu Jiawei nearby . "Look, I still have a chance . "

"Yes, yes, this Xiao brother still have a chance to win, black and powder, a total of 13 points, more than ten, he he . . . "

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Fu Jiawei couldn't help laughing and thought to himself: This is really a wonderful work . Even at this point, he still thinks there is a chance to win? It is no wonder that he didn't have any eye strength . He still don't know what made Queen Yue angry .

Xiao Luo walked a circle around the ball table, his eyebrows almost screwed together .

"The white ball only touches the edge of the table once and cannot touch the pink ball at all . It needs to bounce at least twice . However, if you bounce twice and hit the powder ball, don't say me, even the famous snooker master in the world, the probability of success is even less than 50% . Miss Ye is really good at set up . "

"It seems that you are not such an idiot either . Since you know very well that you can't score the goal, then you should throw in the towel . " Ye Yingying win, thus she satisfiedly smiled .

"Throw in the towel?"

Xiao Luo shook his head . "Why should I throw in the towel?"

Ye Yingying said coldly: "Do you think you are better than snooker masters, a white ball in such a position?"

"How do you know if you don't try?" Xiao Luo waved his hands dismissively .

Fang Shulan became impatient and shouted, "Why are you talking so much nonsense, just do it?"

"That is to say, he is not a man at all . "

"If you want to fight, fight quickly, if you want to throw in the towel, learn a few barks . "

"Besides learning to bark, you should also clean Yingying's shoes . "

A group of people followed suit .

Xiao Luo had an indifferent smile, he leaned over and his left hand holding the club aim, taking a deep breath of relief, he's slowly brewing .

"Brother Jia Wei, do you feel it?"

He suppressed a smile and answered: "What did you feel?"

"I feel I can score this goal . " Xiao Luo said in a serious way .

Can score?

Fu Jiawei was stunned . Then he couldn't help laughing . He even laughed in tears . He thought to himself: You can't even point the cue correctly . It's nearly 180 degrees from the pink ball . How can you even say that the ball can go in?

Brother, you are really wonderful!

His mouth was full of approval and he said: "I didn't feel it originally, but brother Xiao Luo said so now and I feel it . This ball can definitely be scored . "

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The onlookers burst into laughter, apparently amused by Xiao Luo's ignorant and funny remarks .

"Get in!"

At this moment, Xiao Luo shouted, eyes instantly become sharp, the club hard hit the white ball .

"Dong ~"

The stationary white ball turned into a white light and rushed out rapidly . It ran out of control on the flat tabletop, colliding with the edge of the table four times in a row, and finally hitting the powder ball with a "pa" .

The powder ball received a stream of energy and ran all the way to the bottom hole . In the incredible expressions of all the people, "thud" it went into the hole .

Clean! In one go!

All the noise came to a screeching halt .

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