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Chapter 33

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Xiao Luo ignored the sarcasm of the crowd, waved his cue and said to Ye Yingying, "Can I be skilled for three minutes? I haven't played for a long time . I'm rusty . "

Ye Yingying sneered: "Don't say three minutes, I can give you ten minutes or half an hour . "

"No, it only takes three minutes . By the way, you can tell me about snooker's scoring rules . "

Xiao Luo bent down to hit the ball, looking for the feeling of the ball, and the system has suggested that he has successfully exchanged a skill for snooker .

Watching him hit the ball nine times out of ten, Ye Yingying couldn't help laughing, but she slowly told Xiao Luo the scoring rules: "Every time one scores a red ball, one scores a yellow ball, two points, three points for a green ball, four points for a brown ball, five points for a blue ball, six points for a pink ball, and seven points for a black ball .

You must follow the sequence of "one red and one color", that is, you can hit the colored ball only after you have scored a red ball, and when all the red balls are played, you will hit the colored ball from low to high .

When playing a red ball, if the white ball does not touch any red ball, a penalty of four points will be imposed; if it touches the colored ball by mistake, a penalty will be imposed according to the score of the colored ball, but at least four points will be imposed . "

"The rules seem a bit complicated!" Xiao Luo scratched his head .

"As an international sport, snooker certainly has many restrictive rules, and it is precisely because of these rules that it has rich challenges and is fun . " Ye Yingying raised her head, her eyes carried thick contempt .

Xiao Luo nodded noncommittally: "Alright!"

"Is it three minutes? Have you got your hand back?" Fang Shulan then urged a sound .

With a wave of his hand, Xiao Luo said, "I'm more or less done . Let's start . Who will kick off first?"

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Ye Yingying conveniently took a cue from the cue bag .

"Ladies first . " Xiao Luo made a gesture of please .

Idiot, wait and learn to bark like a dog!

Ye Yingying snorted lightly and did not say anything to Xiao Luo . She walked to the service point, leaned over, left-handed the pole, right-handed the tail of the pole, her upper body looked straight forward, and looked in the direction of the club .

The right hand holding the lever is still in place, her feet stood in attention, her left foot takes a small step to the left side, the dimension is equal to her shoulder, hee right foot tip rotates naturally to the right outside, the rotation angle is about 70 degrees, as she stands firmly .

Then, her chin is aligned with the central axis of the club, and her eyes are kept horizontal and forward looking, so that her nose, mouth and chin enter the same vertical plane as the club and her right arm . A unique cold temperament spreads out .

The expert will know if there is one at hand!

One don't need to look at Ye Yingying's batting effect as it's clearly amazing . From this batting posture, people can be sure that Ye Yingying is an experienced snooker player . Otherwise, there will never be such a proud and cold temperament, which is in sharp contrast to Xiao Luo's stiff and unfamiliar movements . It is simply a difference between heaven and earth .

"Dong ~"

As soon as Ye Yingying's cue hits the ball, the white ball rolls towards the red ball which is gathered into a triangle with a soft impact .

This is obviously a light shot, the purpose is to defend, a master dueler usually starts like this, it depends on who first reveals a flaw that will be taken advantage of . Ye Yingying did this out of habit, after all, she can be considered a snooker master .

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The white ball slowly rolled to the short side of the table just behind the brown ball after slightly scattering some red balls . It was impeccable in defense and took offense in defense . As long as Xiao Luo did hit the red ball or hit the colored ball, she could exchange the ball rights and score, killing two birds with one stone .


Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends applauded .

The others also nodded and their eyes were filled with admiration . From this ball, it can be seen that Ye Yingying grasped the trajectory of the white ball very well . This technique is a little like that of an international snooker master . As a hobby, it is really commendable that her technique can be practiced so well .

"Brother Xiao Luo, it's your turn, don't touch the colored ball!" Jia Wei squint laughed .

"Don't worry, I am not that dumb!"

Xiao Luo skillfully grinds the leather head of the club to increase the friction force of the leather head .

Chu Yue in the distance couldn't help but look down at it . She said sarcastically, "This is pretense, this is forced offense, and he's still playing cool with smart powder and thick skin . Does he really not know to face it?"

Bai Xeiwen didn't talk, anyway, she felt Chu Yue contradict Xiao Luo too much .


Ye Yingying got out of the way, she retreated to one side, like Fang Shulan, her hands crossed on her chest, she coldly looked at Xiao Luo .

"A girl is a girl . She doesn't have the strength to hit the ball . Let me break all the red balls!" Xiao Luo leaned over and was ready to hit the ball .

The people around him can't help but laugh at this sentence . This is the difference between laymen and professionals . They don't know anything . They even think that girls and can't make much effort . He really don't know how to play snooker at all .

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"Then you can hit the red ball hard!"

"Yes, yes, quickly scatter the red ball . Let's see your strength . "

"Be careful not to slide again oh, ha ha . . . "

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends smiled at this idiot and spoke with a smile .

They laughed, and Xiao Luo laughed too, and then the club gave a hard hit .

"Dong ~"

The white ball rushed out like a roaring beast in a flash, hitting the long side, and then ran unstoppably towards the pile of red balls gathered together . Just listening to the "Hua" sound, 15 red balls scattered around, no rules to speak of, but not one got into the hole, but there are a lot of red balls that stay not far from the holes .

Xiao Luo frowned: "I thought I could get into one . I didn't expect such bad luck!"

Bad luck?

Obviously, you are stupid and forced . Do you really think snooker is the same as Black Eight, and you can score a goal by bumping into it?

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends scoffed and thought Xiao Luo was too funny .

"Xiao Luo, you can throw in the towel!"

Ye Yingying stepped forward with a confident smile on her mouth .

"Miss Ye is very confident, but although I have scattered all the red balls, you are not particularly good at this one, are you?" Xiao Luo disagreed .

Ye Yingying glanced at the black ball and saw a series of white balls surrounded by red balls nearby . She smiled and said, "Then open your eyes and look at it carefully to see if I can play it . "

Finished saying that, she even didn't take much aim at the white ball before striking out .

The white ball hit a nearby red ball, and the red ball rolled towards a bottom hole, hitting another red ball that was parked near the bottom hole into it . It was a very beautiful move to hit a cow across the mountain!


When Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends applauded, Xiao Luo also applauded loudly: "Yes, Miss Ye's strength is not bad . "

Not bad?

Idiot, force playing snooker and don't know anything, but is still incredibly shameless, just die here!

Ye Yingying really wanted to lambaste him, but the accomplishment she developed from childhood made her not scold him, she only glanced at Xiao Luo scornfully and continued to hit the ball .

"Thud ~"

The blue ball was hit into the hole, Ye Yingying suddenly got six points .

Looking at the distribution of the red balls on the eyeball table, the smile on her face became more exuberant, because she felt that she could finish the shot (clearing the table) and Xiao Luo could not score a single point .

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