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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:44 AM
Chapter 32

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Xiao Luo felt helpless in his heart . This was clearly another trick played by Chu Yue . His mouth could not help but draw a sly smile and answered, "I have only played American Black Eight, not snooker!"

Fu Jiawei said with a smile: "It's strange that you haven't played snooker, I mean, it's a kind of high-class thing!"

With no expression on his face, he pointed not far from the dance floor: "Are you interested in playing? I happen to have a snooker table here?"

Looking in the direction pointed out by Fu Jiawei, a windtight building with a little like a huge white swan came into view . Inside the building, there was a snooker table with 15 red balls and 6 colored balls . There were holes at the four corners and the center of the two long sides of the table . The green table was as smooth as a mirror .

Xiao Luo laughed: "I can play!"

He doesn't mind giving these people a lesson and earning some points .

Ye Yingying stood up and said, "Xiao Luo, I will play with you . "

"I'm in favor of having beautiful women to play with . "

Xiao Luo nodded, then slowly said, "But it's not very interesting to just play . How about some stakes?"

Ye Yingying was stunned . Then she took out a bank card from her pocket: "Well, there are 50,000 in this card . I don't want you to score more than me . As long as you can score ten points, you can take this card . "

"Miss Ye, are you sure? I'm not bad at playing black eight . Will it be too cheap for me if I win only by taking ten points? "

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Xiao Luo's smile on his face is very bright . He can not only enjoy good food but also win money . For a guy who has little money on him, happiness comes too suddenly .

Silly, stupid, can American black eight be the same as snooker?

Ye Yingying's face flashed a mocking smile, mocking Xiao Luo's ignorance .

Although American black eight and snooker are both billiards, they are very different . First, the American black eight is about 2 . 5 meters long and 1 . 2 meters wide, while snooker's table size is 3569mm×1778mm, the latter is much larger than the former, and the difficulty is not of the same level at all .

Secondly, snooker is very particular about defense, possession of the ball and strategy . For those who have never played snooker, there is no such concept in their mind . It is just like a guy who has never touched basketball suddenly playing basketball and his brain will be blank .

"If you think I'm taking advantage of you, then think so . But if you lose, you have to give something . That's fair . " Ye Yingying scoffed .

Xiao Luo waved his hands: "I am not like miss Ye who has deep pockets, I don't carry fifty thousand!"

"I don't want any money . Besides, I'm Miss Ye, do you think I'll be short of money?"

Xiao Luo's expression became ponderous: "What does Miss Ye mean?"

"If you lose, you just have to learn a few barks in front of everyone, and then wipe my shoes clean . " Ye Yingying lifted her high heels .

As soon as this remark was made, all the guests present understood what was going on . This Ye Yingying was clearly trying to humiliate Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo's eyes grew colder and colder . He did not expect Ye Yingying, this girl's heart, to be so vicious: "This game is related to my dignity as a man, not necessarily smaller than Miss Ye's 50,000 yuan . "

"Then I add this!"

Ye Yingying threw caution to the wind and took off the watch she was wearing . "This is a Swiss Omega galaxy watch, worth at least 50,000 . "

"Yes . . . But!"

Xiao Luo pretended to hesitate, in fact, in his heart he was smiling, this money bags automatically delivered themselves into his door .

"Aren't you a man, show a little courage and energy . Can you stop being a mother-in-law?" Fang Shulan's hands crossed on her chest .

"That is to say, if you want to play, you have to decide quickly . If you don't want to play, you have to admit that you are unintelligent . "

"People are afraid of losing . After all, they have never played snooker of such a high grade . "

"Yes, If I lose, I have to bark like a dog . I can't afford to lose my face . "

Fu Jiawei's face was filled with a triumphant smile . When this was done, Chu Yue might have a favorable impression on him . When he thought about the days when he had a goddess, he felt very happy .

In the distance, Bai Xeiwen said in fear while trembling, "Queen Chu, do you think Xiao Luo will promise to gamble with Ye Yingying?"

"Hum, if he does not agree, then I will directly carry out the most vicious plan in history!" Chu Yue pie mouth, she was determined to make a fool of Xiao Luo .

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The most vicious in history? !

Bai Xeiwen couldn't help shuddering, she felt deeply for Xiao Luo as she was pinched in sweat .

At this moment, Xiao Luo twisted his neck and asked, "Miss Ye, what is your bank card password?"


Some people in the place were stunned and did not know what Xiao Luo was doing .

Ye Yingying also don't understand .

Xiao Luo spread out his hands and then said, "How can I withdraw the money from this card without a password?"

Hiss . . .

When this was said, the crowd gasped, thinking: this guy is too arrogant, is he so confident to defeat her?

However, Fu Jiawei just showed a disdained smile and muttered to himself: "Games and snooker are yingying's two hobbies . Even uncle Da, who has played in international snooker competitions, recognizes Yingying's skills . If you can't compete with her in snooker, you can't win even if you have three heads and six arms . "

Ye Yingying smiled angrily and then sank into a low voice: "The passwords are six ones . If you have the ability, win first . "


Xiao Luo stepped toward the snooker table .

The guests who had been drinking and eating snacks at first saw such a colorful snooker competition and all moved to watch it together .

Xiao Luo picked out a club and weighed it in his hand a few times: "I haven't played for a long time . I'll look for the handle first . "

He Said, bending down, holding the cue and hitting the white ball hard, his action is very unfamiliar and stiff, and this shot is up to expectations, the slide bar, the force on the cue, almost all acts on the edge of the white ball was done wrong, causing the white ball to slip out to only a short distance .

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying's friends burst into laughter .

"You can't even hit a ball!"

"To think you were just bragging that you're playing American black eight good . It seems that it is all bragging and forcing . "

"No, I've never seen such an idiot before . Is he out of his mind, so arrogant, and I don't know how he can survive?"

Chu Yue was excited in the distance: "This guy is going to learn Wang Cai's cry soon, haha . . . "

Bai Xeiwen is very puzzled: "Xiao Luo, what's going on, don't promise . " On second thought, there was some consolation, "But it's all right, so as not to let Chu Yue use the most vicious plan in history . "

Since Chu Yue said it was the most vicious plan in history, it is by no means exaggerated . It must be ten times as vicious as this .

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