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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:45 AM
Chapter 31

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"Master Chu, it seems that we are not so good to Xiao Luo, are we?" Bai Xeiwen asked .

"I just want him to make a fool out of himself . What's not so good about it?"

Chu Yue angrily took a glass of fruit juice from the fruit bowl served by the waiter and drank it . "I was very angry when I saw his smelly fart and wanted to kick him to the horizon . "

Alas . . . . . .

Bai Xeiwen took a deep breath and shook her head, looking at this situation, letting Chu Yue to terminate their plan is obviously unlikely .

After a moment's silence, she suddenly realized that her best friend cared so much about a boy for the first time, and she could not help but tease: "You care so much about Xiao Luo, and be careful hehehe . . . "

Upon hearing this, Chu Yue almost choked on her juice . She pointed to Xiao Luo and said, "You think this this young lady will like him? Apart from being handsome, him playing games is OK . But, what is he worth to me like?"

"This can be said to be certain . It is often played in TV plays . You and Xiao Luo are now very much like the initial state of the male and female protagonists in TV plays . They are quarrelling and quarrelling . They fight with each other and fight their feelings out . " Bai Xeiwen xi xi laughs .

"Nonsense, even if all the boys in the world are dead, I won't like this self-righteous pretender and criminal . " Chu Yue said in a cocky way .

Bai Xeiwen deliberately stimulated Chu Yue before turning away: "No one can say clearly about the future . "

"Smelly Xeiwen, you deliberately want to anger me, right, do you want to taste the taste of home punishment?" Chu Yue's long fingers grabbed out thin air, and her white jade face wore a little demonic smile .

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Bai Xeiwen felt a tingle all over her body, holding each other in both hands and putting them on her chest, pretending to look delicate and touching . She said delicately, "Queen Chu, I accidentally said something wrong . For the sake of my sincere attitude, please forgive this younger one this time . " Then she quickly diverted Chu Yue's attention . "Look, Xiao Luo is about to start dancing . "

The diversion was successful and Chu Yue immediately turned her eyes to the dance floor .

At this moment, Xiao Luo was remembering some of Fang Shulan's actions, his body slowly moved up, but his limbs were stiff, making his dance look very uncomfortable, even funny .

"What is this dance? How come I have never seen it! "

"It's called disorderly dancing . He just doesn't understand blind chickens and jumping about and dancing . "

"Yes, yes, dancing, ha, ha, ha . . . "

There was a roar of derision all around . Everyone present looked at Xiao Luo on the dance floor like a clown .

Fu Jiawei's smile on his face is even more serious . There are flashes of contempt and disdain in his eyes from time to time . Such people are indeed unworthy to be friends with them, and it is difficult to get on the stage of elegance .

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying looked at each other, squinting and laughing . In their eyes, this Xiao Luo from the countryside has only such a humble value as pleasing them with funny performances .

At that moment, Xiao Luo's action suddenly changed into a mechanical dance, Michael? Jackson's signature move, the space walk, made his whole person feel free from the earth's gravity and move in space, flowing smoothly, they were shocked!

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"Hey, what's happened?"

Everyone's mouth is wide open, one moment it's a disorderly pendulum shake dance, the next moment it was immediately reversed, his dancing skills suddenly became no bounds .

The smiles on the faces of Fu Jiawei, Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying instantly solidified .

In the distance Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen couldn't believe Xiao Luo's skill .

Xiao Luo suddenly became extreme, twisting his body he seems to break through the shackles of his body, it was nothing but a soulful dancing .

What is this, skill?"

A boy who was preparing to eat some snacks was knocked back and forth on the dance floor at will, changing the posture of the human body forward and backward at will, and Xiao Luo, who made a series of limbs that violated human actions, was immediately stunned . The cakes in his hand fell to the ground without knowing it .

Xiao Luo's body turned over quickly, making several stunning moves in the air, and then smashing it at the food table .

Just when everyone thought he was going to knock down the food table, Xiao Luo gave a firm push, and his whole body actually gave people a feeling of staying in mid-air, with his feet a little on the corner of the table, he made a 360-degree turn back and stood still .

With a sigh of relief, Xiao Luo picked up a glass of red wine on the food table, and took a gulp .

Quiet, the whole dance scene was deathly quiet!

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Everyone looked at Xiao Luo gawking, like petrochemical in situ generally motionless, in their minds, only Xiao Luo's dance surfaced .

"Pa . . . Pa . . . "

A boy clapped his hands slowly for Xiao Luo . The single applause immediately resonated with everyone . The next second there was thunderous applause and cheers . These guests expressed their approval of Xiao Luo's dance .

Fang Shulan, however, had the feeling of sourness . From a professional and objective point of view, Xiao Luo's dance was really very good . Whether it was a space dance step or a variety of whirls and somersaults, his movements were quite in place and very enjoyable . He danced better than her .

"Queen Chu, it seems that your plan failed . Xiao Luo not only did not make a fool of himself, but also won everyone's appreciation . " Bai Xeiwen said in a joyful way .

Chu Yue blinked her almond eyes, only then did she return to her absolute being from her shock . She could not help gnashing her teeth and said, "Accident, this is purely an accident . How can that guy know how to dance!"

"I think it's better to forget it . I said he was your nemesis and you couldn't beat him . " Bai Xeiwen repeated her point .

"No, I must make a fool of him, otherwise he will think I am easy to bully . " Chu Yue shook her fist, determined to go all the way .

Bai Xeiwen sighed, "How can you make a fool of him after all your plans have failed?"

"It's not just one plan . I prepared three plans for him . " Chu Yue hummed .

"Three Plans?"

Bai Xeiwen got a fright, then shook her head, in a helpless way, "Queen Chu, must you hate Xiao Luo so much!"

She really felt wronged for Xiao Luo . Is it not that she accidentally contradicted her Queen Chu several times in words? She really means it .

Xiao Luo glanced at Fang Shulan and smiled thoughtfully: "Miss Fang, am I good at dancing?"

"Not bad, very good!"

Fang Shulan replied with this remark, but in her heart she scolded him: Son of a bitch, he clearly made a mockery of me .

Xiao Luo gently hummed, he did not speak again, he vaguely felt as if he had been targeted, otherwise how could these self-respecting rich kids kindly come up to teach him to dance .

Speaking of, he also thought of Chu Yue .

Turning his head, he looked at Chu Yue . His eyebrows puckered up . He sighed in his heart: "This big lady is really difficult to serve . This two million won't be easy!"

Fu Jiawei came up at this moment, and this brother patted Xiao Luo's shoulder: "Brother Xiao Luo is so low-key, obviously he can dance so well, but he said he can't dance, so I asked Shu Lan to teach you . Now it seems that you taught Shu Lan instead . "

"It is better to be low-key, am I right?" Xiao Luo ha ha laughed .

This sentence is of great significance . Fu Jiawei couldn't help being shocked . His expression became unnatural . Then he changed into a friendly smile again: "Yes, yes, brother Xiao Luo is absolutely right . by the way, can you play snooker?"

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