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Chapter 30

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After some exchange, Xiao Luo had a general understanding of Fu Jiawei and his party . They were both rich children like Chu Yue and the other college students . They were not only in Hua Ye, but also from Huazhong University, which was separated from Hua Ye by an artificial lake .

When Xiao Luo said he came from an ordinary peasant family, Fu Jiawei, Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying soon lost interest in him . Their enthusiasm suddenly dropped to a freezing point, pulling Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen to drink and chat with their other friends .

Attending this party, there's nothing but rich young people, so at this time he really couldn't wander and talk to these people .

Xiao Luo then fell comfortable by himself, there's one-way, to eat .

Without supper, his stomach had protested at the moment . He sat down at a table full of desserts and fruits, and let go of his stomach to eat . Needless to say, the taste was good, and he could not stop eating .

In the distance, Chu Yue and Fu Jiawei are looking his way .

"Princess, why did you pull such a person into our team? You can see how rude and uncivilized he is in eating . With him in our team, our overall image will be lowered . " Ye Yingying complained, her eyes full of disgust for Xiao Luo .

"We are all members of the same circle . He is a poor boy who is not qualified to make friends with us . If others know about him, they will definitely laugh at us . " Fang Shulan also echoed .

As the owner, Fu Jiawei did not make any comments, but only quietly looked at Chu Yue . Before Chu Yue, he dare not show his attitude, he would never evaluate the friends brought by Chu Yue, although he also felt that this Xiao Luo was not qualified to come here .

Bai Xeiwen defended Xiao Luo, "What's wrong with his eating, I think it's very good . Also, my family's financial conditions are not so comfortable either . According to what you say, shouldn't I be here? "

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"Bai Xeiwen, you are the best friend of Queen Yue . How can you be like him?" Ye Yingying said .

"That is, he is him and you are you . How can he compare with you? You see him eating and devouring like a prisoner just released from prison . He has no education at all . " Fang Shulan coldly added .

For the sake of Chu Yue, Bai Xeiwen didn't want to say much, and needlessly affect the feelings between everyone . Just that, the children of ordinary families, she felt that the way these people treat Xiao Luo, is really a bit too much .

"I haven't heard of anything inside or outside the circle . I brought Xiao Luo here . Do you want to embarrass me by denigrating him so much?"

Chu Yue spoke at this time . Although she is a child of a wealthy family, she is very disgusted with the culture in this kind of circle . Otherwise, she would not have had a good relationship with Bai Xeiwen .

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying were very embarrassed . They looked at each other with a wry smile . They did not expect Chu Yue's reaction to be so big that they were accused for a poor boy .

Fu Jiawei laughed and broke the embarrassing atmosphere: "Queen Yue is right . Everyone is a student, and everyone in and out of the circle is just jn the end fooling around . Ying Ying and Shu Lan, if you say that again about Xiao Luo, I will have to criticize you with a few words . "

"We said the wrong thing, Queen Yue . Don't be angry . "

"Yes, yes, we will not say so again, what we said was not true . "

Ye Yingying and Fang Shulan changed their faces very quickly . It is not worthwhile to be on bad terms with Chu Yue for a poor boy .

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"I'm not angry with you . Also, I'm sorry too . "

Chu Yue glanced angrily at Xiao Luo . "The purpose of bringing him here this time is to let you know him, and the other is to let you teach him a lesson for me so as not to make him so arrogant in front of me . "


Fu Jiawei, Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying looked at each other and immediately showed great interest .

Chu Yue beckoned to them, four people together, quietly discussing the strategy to make a fool of Xiao Luo .

Bai Xeiwen helplessly sighed and casted her sympathetic eyes at Xiao Luo .


The music slowly sounded, and the beautiful men and women who attended the dance put down their glasses and went to the dance floor hand in hand for ballroom dancing . The so-called ballroom dance, that is, a man and a woman, supporting their waist and back, gently shaking their body, face to face, like a couple in deep feeling as they were slowly rotating .

"These people are really carefree and elegant!"

Xiao Luo gulped down a glass of red wine, then picked up a piece of cream cake and scooped it up with a spoon and sent it to his mouth . "All right, you do yours, I eat mine, let's each have fun, he he . . . "

He is not interested in dancing, plus he is more interested in continuing eating this delicious foods here .

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"Brother Xiao Luo, why don't you go and dance?" At this moment, Fu Jiawei came along, smiling .


"Ha ha . . . it doesn't matter, no one is born knowing everything, how about I let Shulan teach you?" Fu Jiawei waved to Fang Shulan .

All of this were naturally discussed in advance, in order to make a fool of Xiao Luo, and as per Chu Yue's wish .

Fu Jiawei added: "Shu Lan is a master of street dance . "

"Sorry, I really won't . "

Xiao Luo refused, there are so many delicious foods here he has yet to eat, so why fart dance .

"It doesn't matter . I said we will be good brothers in the future . Don't be so stiff . Besides, Shulan is not an outsider . She belongs to our team . There is nothing to be embarrassed about . " Fu Jiawei laughed .

Fang Shulan glanced at Xiao Luo and cried, "It's a man who initiates not the girl . Don't be my mother-in-law . "

Unlike before her thoughts on Xiao Luo now as someone from the same circle . Her attitude towards Xiao Luo was very friendly and polite . Now that she know that he has no background and nothing but a poor boy from the countryside . She has nothing to be polite about . This seems fishy .

But the problem is that he is a male chauvinist, thus he can no longer allow them to trample on his dignity .

With a snort, he put down half of the cake and clapped the residue on his hands . He got up and started walking towards the dance floor .

At the same time, the system prompt tone sounded in his mind: "Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring Dancing skill, deducted 500 points!"

"The fish has taken the bait . "

The smile on Fu Jiawei's face was even more exuberant . He quietly made a gesture of OK towards Chu Yue in the distance, and then motioned the sound engineer to play explosive music .

When Fang Shulan danced on the empty dance floor, she had a strong sense of rhythm and vividness belonging to boys . Her street dance was very entertaining and eye-shaking . Coupled with the dynamic and explosive music, she seemed to incarnate herself into a generation of dancers, gathering all the glory in one body, attracting many guests inside and outside the dance floor to exclaim and warmly applaud .

"It's your turn!"

When a set of street dances came down, Fang Shulan gasped and nodded to Xiao Luo . "No, it doesn't matter, as long as you dance the rhythm and passion, it's street dancing . "

"So simple?" Xiao Luo pondered a smile .

"It's as simple as that . " Fang Shulan nodded .

In her heart she's sneering at him: if it is so simple, then everyone here can dance the same way as her . If you wave your arms and legs like a clown, you should not be here unless you want ot be ridiculed .

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