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Chapter 29

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At seven o'clock in the evening, Xiao Luo put on a white T-shirt and a pair of casual black trousers and arrived at the school gate in Hua Ye on time .

Just because he was on time, it could not make Chu Yue punctual . He waited there for half an hour more before Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen
appeared .

He completely ignored Chu Yue's third-series BMW, and said with great displeasure: "You are late!"

"We are going to a party, we naturally need to dress up well . Doesn't it take time to dress up? Besides, can't you wait for half an hour longer? You are too stingy big man . " Chu Yue justified . Her hair was as black as paint, her skin was like jade, her oval face, her small and straight nose were exquisite, yet her mouth was eating a lollipop . She was unspeakably beautiful and moving minus the lollipop .

"Half an hour is 30 minutes, 30 minutes is 1800 seconds, the world's highest jump rope record is seven times a second, according to this calculation, in 1800 seconds, he can finish 12,600 jump ropes, a cook skilled in cooking, can also make a table of good food by this time already .

A stock market frolic, with one thousand eight hundred seconds is enough to make him reverse dry kun, setting off a storm in the stock market . For me, the one thousand eight hundred seconds, can let me and my new roommates promote a lot of feelings and bond together, I also can review today's class notes, and then after that watch a wonderful NBA game .

I have so many things to do, but because you are not on time, I wasted 1,800 seconds in vain . During this period, I only did one thing, that is, standing here like a log doing meaningless waiting . "

After hearing Xiao Luo's remarks, Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were completely stunned . Aren't they only half an hour late? Moreover, it is normal for girls to be late . What the hell is going on here, Xiao Luo, who has said so many things, has stunned them, as if they had made a huge mistake .

After hearing Xiao Luo's banter, Chu Yue quickly pulled out 200 yuan from her bag: "Stop, I'll give you the money and buy the 30 minutes you wasted . Oh, no, 1,800 seconds . Is that all?"

"That's more like it!"

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Xiao Luo was not polite to her either, he stretched out his hand and put the two hundred dollars into his pocket, and then opened the door and got into the back seat .

Chu Yue was stunned for a moment, she didn't expect Xiao Luo to be incredibly welcome and take her money . Although it's only two hundred yuan, but in her mind, she is very not happy . She felt giving Xiao Luo a hard knock .

Bai Xeiwen couldn't help laughing, revealing her two cute little tiger teeth, and her eyes narrowed into crescent shapes: "Xiao Luo, you are really interesting!"

"As long as there is no problem with your brain, you won't reject the money especially when you're in need of it!" Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, as he rightfully answered .

"Bumpkin, did you lose money?"

Chu Yue was quite indignant . Then she started the car, looked at the rearview mirror in the car and added, "Don't turn around and move around while sitting on the seat . My car is a real leather seat . If you scratch it, you can't afford it . "

"Your car is a third-series BMW . The official selling price is 256,000 yuan . 300,000 yuan should be the actual price . If you spread it out evenly, your leather seat will cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan . Although I am not very rich, I can still afford to pay for it . " Xiao Luo said in an unhurried way .

"You . . . "

Chu Yue felt her heart pumping hard, with this guy, she felt that sooner or later she die out of heart disease .

On one side Bai Xeiwen sighed in her heart: "Chu Yue master really met her bane this time!"

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In her memory, Chu Yue has never suffered a loss in words, but since she met Xiao Luo, she has always been angry with Xiao Luo and has no words to say . Thinking of this, she couldn't help sympathetically looking at her good friend .

Chu Yue gnashed her teeth and said, "Speak as much as you want, wait and see if you can speak later this evening!"

The car was quiet all the way to a luxurious villa .

Out of the car, Xiao Luo looked at the front square wide villa, he can't help but sigh that money is really good .

"What are you looking at? You can't afford to live in a villa like this . It costs more than 10 million . " Chu Yue's timely verbal attack ensued into his ears .

"It turned out to be a 10 million villa!"

Xiao Luo said with a serious face, "How do you feel that the trees are smaller and the garden area is also very small?"

"The trees here are planted in strict accordance with the feng shui pattern . Do you understand it or not? Don't talk about it if you don't understand it . " Chu Yue was irritated, she felt Xiao Luo is really a real bumpkin .

Xiao Luo didn't talk, he was just a bodyguard after all, although he is in undercover, it still can't change the fact that he is a bodyguard . Don't always provoke each other or else it might end unhappy .

"Queen Chu is coming . Come, come in . There are many people waiting inside!"

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At this moment, a boy dressed in a slim suit and is very well dressed came out and looked at Xiao Luo . "This Xiao Luo brother . Queen Yue is going to pull you into our team . Welcome . "

"Fu Jiawei, one of my team members, he's also the owner of this villa . " Chu Yue said .

Xiao Luo greeted Fu Jiawei politely: "Hello!"

"Don't be stiff . Since we are members of the same team, then we are teammates and brothers . Come on in . " Fu Jiawei is very enthusiastic .

Xiao Luo nodded, along with Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen the three people entered together into the villa .

The so-called Party is actually a party where these rich kids have so much money to spend and invite friends around them to eat and drink . The dance was held on the grass beside the villa swimming pool, where many beautiful men and women had gathered .

"Queen Chu, Bai Xeiwen!"

Accompanied by two excited voices, the two girls put down their glasses and ran up, blowing a gust of fragrant wind .

Xiao Luo carefully looked at the two people, their appearance is very beautiful, they are tall, and although they are behind compared to Chu Yue and lack the pure temperament of Bai Xeiwen, these two are enough to make men rise up countless desire, looking at them they are certainly stunners in their own right .

"How did you get drunk?" Chu Yue smelled alcohol, she wrinkled her nose in a dissatisfied way .

"Don't worry, you can't get drunk with such a little amount . Even if you are drunk, you can spend the night here at Jiawei . Anyway, there are many empty rooms in his house . Am I right, Jiawei?" One of the girls said .

Fu Jiawei nodded hastily: "I don't have much else here, but there are plenty of empty rooms!"

"You can just listen to Joseph . "

The girl lightly chastised, then noticed Xiao Luo, "Hey, Queen Yue, is he Xiao Luo?"

Chu Yue nodded, "Hm . "

"Hello, my name is Fang Shulan, and I am a member of the Moon Princess Gaming Team . Nice to meet you!" The girl held out her hand .

"My name is Ye Yingying, and I am also a member of the Moon Princess Gaming Team . " Another girl also introduced herself .


Xiao Luo shook hands with them one by one .

"I heard that you have invented a new way for dragon turtles to be put out . You were able to go to the enemy highground in a 1V5 in ten minutes . Please do give us a chance to have a look . " Fang Shulan said in an expectant way .

"Yes, there will be a chance . " Xiao Luo only smiled slightly .

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