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Chapter 278

Luo village is located in a mountainous area . The temperature difference between day and night was very large . The cold temperature could make people shiver, especially when it was still drizzling .

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Xiao Luo had internal force to protect his body, thus he wasn’t in such a mess . After calling his father and reporting his location, Zhang Dashan called to say he also got home safely .

“Are your parents very proud of you when they see you driving a Land Rover back?” Xiao Luo quipped .

“Oh please, don’t mention it . The roads in the countryside are so f*cked up . Before, the car was washed clean . But by the time I got home, it was covered in mud . I felt so sorry for my car . ” Zhang Dashan complained .

Xiao Luo couldn’t help joking, “Then you can wash it another day . Anyway, the water in the houses doesn’t need payment, so use it casually . ”

“You’re talking nonsense . By the way, have you got home yet?”

“Sort of . ”

“Arriving is arriving, not arriving is not arriving, so did you arrive yet?” Zhang Dashan asked roughly .

Xiao Luo smiled, “I didn’t get home yet, but I already got to the village, I am currently standing on the side of the road . ”

“WTF? There’s a heavy rain here, and it should be raining there, too . You don’t have your umbrella with you, do you? ”

“This can be guessed by you . ”

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“Guess your sister, can we stop following this fashion? Do you think you are an old bacon that rain can’t affect?” Zhang Dashan scolded .

Xiao Luo said in a low voice, “Do you think I want to, the driver left me here, I can only wait for my father to drive a tricycle to pick me up . ”

“What the sh*t, which fool threw you there . With your temperament, you would’ve already given him a beating . ” Zhang Dashan did not understand .

“Forget it!” Xiao Luo opened his eyes and said nothing .

At this time, the roar of a motor was approaching closer, a dazzling light also shone .

“It seems to be my father . I’ll hang up . I’ll talk to you next time . ”

“Come on, remember to say hello to Uncle Xiao for me . ”

Finished saying that, he hung up the phone .

An old three-wheeled motorcycle stopped in front of Xiao Luo, welded with electric welding . It was covered with iron sheets to shield from the wind and rain . The driver was a man of about 50 years old . Under the light of the three-wheeled motorcycle, one could clearly see the wrinkles on the man’s face and the white hair on his head . He was covered with a black leather coat that’s worn out, and his palms were rough .


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Xiao Luo cried out to the man, this man who had suffered in time was his father .

Xiao Zhiyuan gave him a look and said, “Didn’t you tell me when you got to the city that you met with that kid Qui and came back in his car? Why did he leave you here in the rain?”

“He had something urgent and left first . ” Xiao Luo explained .

“What fart of an urgent matter, even if it is urgent, can’t he at least send you to the door of the farm? How far is it?”

Xiao Zhiyuan was very indignant . “I think that little rabbit thinks he is capable and despises you who grew up wearing the same underpants . ”

While speaking, he silently helped Xiao Luo put his luggage onto the tricycle .

The father and son, together quickly loaded the things onto the tricycle .

Then they took the same seat and turned around and headed for the farm .

The road leading to the farm was really bad . There were big pits everywhere . Cars with lower chassis will definitely suffer a lot . Only SUV’s could go through them without any pressure . Three-wheeled motorcycles had poor shock absorption effects . Sitting on them was rickety and bumpy .

“Dad, you didn’t spend the million I transferred to you last time?” Asked Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Zhiyuan managed to control the tricycle and said, “That’s your money . I’ve saved it for you on a regular basis . ”

“But I transferred it to you, hoping that you can repay the debts and then build a farm . For example, this road can be paved with concrete, which will make it easier for vehicles to enter and leave . ”

Xiao Luo really didn’t expect his father to not touch a cent . He told his father and mother already that he was now the boss of a company, money was not lacking .

“The farm is the cause I will strive for, for the rest of my life . Construction, investment and production are all my responsibilities . I cannot put my responsibilities on you . ” Xiao Zhiyuan said .

“Dad, I honor you and mother with the money . I don’t want you to work so hard . I still remember you told me your old dream was to take a walk in the park and play chess with others when you are retire . I can help you realize them now . ” Xiao Luo’s mood was a little difficult to control .

Xiao Zhiyuan gave him a look and said cheerfully, “Let’s talk about this in a few years . Your mother and I are not that old yet . Giving up our old age so early will make people laugh . ” After a while, he went on to say, “Buddha fights for a cup of incense and the people can breathe a sigh of relief . I have to make those who used to make talk down on my career regret it . ”

Xiao Luo knew what his father meant . When he went home to set up the farm, many people, whether from the same village or relatives and friends, did not like it . They felt that there would be no future in this field . They talked and ridiculed his father behind his back . Therefore, he must build the farm well so that those people can have a look at it and fight for breath .

“Your mother used to be in poor health . She felt dizzy and tired at regular intervals . Since she started the farm and worked on it every day, her body has been visibly getting better day by day . She not only has a good appetite, but also does not suffer from spinal diseases for many years . Just as an old saying goes, life is a hard life . If she sits and lies all day doing nothing, her body would be prone to various problems and her life would not be long . ”

Xiao Zhiyuan said with a smile, he was very optimistic .

Xiao Luo shook his head and sighed softly, “You always have your reasons . ”

He really wanted to persuade his father to give up the farm and stop working hard, but he knew his father’s temper and stopped .

The farm is located between the two mountains . The terrain was gradually increasing, but it was very open, like a canyon .

At the beginning, this was a wasteland with piles of weeds . In order to make the farm run normally, his father and mother put all their savings into it, borrowed money from two aunts, and finally took the farm as collateral and borrowed 200,000 yuan from the bank .

His father fully understood the difficulty of starting a business .

In the depths of the farm, a two-story house stands alone at the foot of the mountain . When the tricycle came in, dogs barked . However, the dogs could recognize the sound of his father’s tricycle, so they stopped barking and came up to meet him with their ears twitching and wagging their tails . They looked very gentle .

There were three dogs, although they hadn’t seen Xiao Luo for a year, but they still remembered Xiao Luo . They were excited and sent out bursts of excited barks .

“Son, you are back!”

A woman in plain clothes was rubbing her hands as she ran out .


Xiao Luo jumped off the tricycle and walked closer .

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