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Chapter 279

“Son, you’ve lost weight . You haven’t eaten yet right? Go in and have a hot meal . I’ll keep it for you . ” Hua Heying kept looking up and down at her son Xiao Luo, her eyes full of love .

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Xiao Luo looked at his mother . Compared to last year, the woman who gave birth to him had gotten much older and had more freckles on her face . He still remembered his impression of his mother when he was a child . She was a woman as beautiful as a flower . Whether before or now, he felt that his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world .

“Why are your clothes wet?”

Hua Heying touched Xiao Lou’s clothes and stared at Xiao ZhiYuan with questioning eyes .

Xiao Zhiyuan angrily said, “Xiao Qiu, that son of a b*tch, left him alone on the road and left first . He couldn’t get to the village or the store, and there was no place to take shelter . Xiao Luo could only wait in the rain . ”


Hearing this, Hua Heying became furious, “It was too much for that short wax gourd to leave my son in the rain . When I see him later, I have to tell him off . ”

“Mom, this is the end of the story . His son keeps crying and it’s not easy to drive on this part of our farm . If he does send me here and bumps his car, I’ll be very sorry . ” Xiao Luo didn’t want his family to worry about it . There was no need .

“You are too kind-hearted . You still speak for that dwarf wax gourd . Forget it . Don’t talk about him . Take a hot bath and change into dry clothes before eating . ” Hua Heying was worried about Xiao Luo’s body, so she quickly grabbed clean towels and buckets, heated the water, and asked Xiao Luo to take a bath .

“Okay . ”

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Xiao Luo’s heart felt warm, his family was always the best .

One advantage of the countryside was that the water source, a pure natural mountain stream, could also be used for drinking water . When the water pipe connected with the stream, there would be a continuous flow of natural water to the house .

After he came out from the shower, Hua Heying had already taken the food out of the heater pan and placed it on the dining table in the hall .

There was no shortage of chicken, duck, fish and all kinds of vegetables . They were specially prepared for Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo ate three bowls of rice in one breath . The food made by his mother was very fragrant and sweet .

“Don’t eat meat all the time . Eat more vegetables . Eating more vegetables is good for your health . ” Xiao ZhiYuan sat with a straight face .

“My son eats whatever he likes . Why do you talk so much?”

Hua Heying defended her son, reprimanded Xiao Zhiyuan, and then beamed at Xiao Luo . “Don’t listen to him, son . Eat more meat . We have raised all these by ourselves . The meat quality is much better than the outside . ”

Xiao Luo nodded, gulping up food one after another .

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Xiao Zhiyuan raised his eyebrows and didn’t continue this topic . Instead of being further scolded by Hua Heying, he changed the subject, “Xiao Luo, are you really the boss of a company in Jiang City now?”

“Yes, the company specializes in the development, production and sales of bread, cakes, mid-autumn moon cakes, Chinese cakes and other foods . ” Xiao Luo looked up and answered .

“My son can do it . Look, Zhiyuan, I will say that my son must have great promise . ” Hua Heying smiled from ear to ear .

Although Xiao Zhiyuan was delighted in his heart and proud of Xiao Luo, he would not show it . He still said to Xiao Luo with a straight face and earnest heart, “Don’t be proud, it’s easier to conquer the world than to conquer yourself . You can become the boss of a company so quickly . You should meet noble people, and you can’t forget their good future . ”


Xiao Luo smiled, then buried his head to continue eating food .

“By the way, where is Ruyi now?” Xiao ZhiYuan suddenly asked .

Hua Heying pricked up her ears . In the beginning, Xiao Ruyi was too rebellious and would quarrel loudly with her mother . Their mother-child relationship was not very harmonious . Now that she was married, the relationship was much better . After all, she was her own child . No matter what she did wrong before, she could not stop caring .

“She has a good relationship with Tang Ren . She works hard in the hospital, has grown more mature and more sensible, and will not behave like before . ” Xiao Luo said .

Xiao Zhiyuan was relieved: “That’s good!”

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Hua Heying also laughed: “As long as she is well, as parents, we can be at ease . ”

“Mom, don’t worry any more . Everyone needs to grow and change . Ruyi has grown up now . I met her once before I came back . She bought clothes and shoes for you, dad, grandpa and grandma and told me to bring them back . ” Xiao Luo pointed to a pile of things in the hall .

Hua Heying was moved and wiped her tears . Then she walked over and looked at it roughly, “It costs a lot of money to buy so many things . I have to tell her about this . She is not allowed to spend money like this in the future . She has a family and should save some money . How can she be so extravagant?”

At this point, she took out her mobile phone to get through Xiao Ruyi’s phone and started the chat between a mother and daughter .



Satisfied with the foods and drinks, Xiao Luo rode Xiao Zhiyuan’s three-wheeled motorcycle back home .

Although Luo Village was located in a remote mountainous area, people from Luo Village went south to seek gold 20 years ago . Over the years, they had earned some money and built new houses . Every family had a new house . If no new house had been built, they would only be laughed at by others and would not be able to lift their heads .

Xiao Luo admired his father and mother very much . Ten years ago, they built a two-story house using their few thousand dollars a month to slowly mold it into their home . The first floor was very common, but the second floor was decorated with fine decoration . His elderly grandparents lived in the house .

It was almost eleven o’clock in the evening now . The village was quiet with occasional barks from a distance . Without the noise of the city, the night here was quiet and made people not accustomed to it .

Grandma and Grandpa knew that he would come back today . They did not go to bed even though it was already more than 9 o’clock . They had been watching TV on the first floor, waiting for Xiao Luo to arrive home .

Hearing some sounds, the two elders immediately turned on the lights in the hall on the first floor and opened the door .

“Grandpa, Grandma!”

“Xiao Luo, you are back!”

The speaker’s hair was naturally curled and her eyes were smiling kindly . She held Xiao Luo’s hand tightly with her rough hands . “It’s raining outside . Hurry and come in . ”

At the first sight of them, Xiao Luo’s biggest feeling was that they were getting older . The years left more and more marks on their faces and their hair had become completely grey .

Grandma poured two cups of hot tea, one for Xiao Luo and one for Xiao Zhiyuan . Then she asked Xiao Luo; how he lost so much weight, did he not eat outside? She asked if he was tired from his work .

Grandpa was relatively quiet, his temperament was like this, not talkative . Xiao ZhiYuan probably inherited this, and Xiao Luo, from Xiao ZhiYuan, also inherited this trait .

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