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Chapter 277

Xiao Qiu’s car was a Chevrolet Cruze with an official retail price of about 130,000 yuan . When Xiao Luo saw the car, he had information about it in his mind . This was related to the knowledge he spent 100 points during car selection with Dashan . As long as it was a car on the market, he could recall its price, body parameters, dynamic performance, safety technology, etc .

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Because the car had a baby who was being nursed, the air inside the car was filled with a faint smell of milk .

“Xiao Luo, are you still a product engineer at Huahai Group in River City?” Xiao Qiu drove and started to chat .

Xiao Luo shook his head, “Not there anymore, I resigned . ”

“Then you changed jobs . ”

Xiao Qiu looked at Xiao Luo from the inside rearview mirror with a smile on his face . “It is said that if you jump to another company after working in Huahai Group for about three years, your salary will quadruple . Is your monthly salary already over ten thousand?”

Xiao Luo did not answer the question, but only smiled back, he then turned the topic, “Is your wife holding a boy or a girl?”

“Of course, he inherited it from me . His name is Xiao Zile . When he grows up, he would go to school at his grandparents’ side on the other side of the island . ” Xiao Qiu said .

“According to our custom, giving birth to a boy means a banquet, doesn’t it? Have you done it already?” Asked Xiao Luo .

Xiao Qiu quipped, “When you get back, rest for about a day . You can catch up with your family first . Oh, the Red packets can’t be small . ”

“Rest assured, red envelopes will never be short of fun!” Xiao Luo said in a joking tone .

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“Can’t pack too little, otherwise I won’t promise, ha, ha, ha …” Xiao Qiu laughed .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, he did not reply .

“That’s right . ”

Xiao Qiu suddenly withdrew his iPhone from his pocket, “I can’t use my phone while driving . Put your number in it . You didn’t tell me when your contact information was changed . You didn’t treat me like a brother . ”

Xiao Luo was slightly stunned, because he remembered very clearly that it was Xiao Qiu that changed his number and didn’t tell him, so when Xiao Qiu said it this way, he felt strange .

But he did not bother, without saying a word, he picked up Xiao Qiu’s mobile phone, added his contact information to the address book, and then used Xiao Qiu’s mobile phone to dial his own number, also storing Xiao Qiu’s contact information for himself .

“Done . ”

After that, he handed the iPhone back to Xiao Qiu .

Xiao Qiu took back his phone and said, “Xiao Luo, what brand is your mobile phone?”

“It’s not a brand . It’s made in China . ” Xiao Luo said .

[China namba wan!]

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“Domestic products are very rubbish . The more you use them, the shorter the battery life . After using them for half a year, you will have to charge them at least twice a day . ”

Xiao Qiu expressed great opinions on domestic mobile phones . “When you have the money, switch to an iPhone . The interface is first-class and its speed is the top tier . Although the price is a little higher, it is worth it . ”

Xiao Luo said with a smile, “Forget it, I still support domestic products . ”

“It’s good to have patriotic feelings, but it’s better to buy close-fitting items like mobile phones . After all, they are a symbol of identity . Domestic machines are all representatives of a hanging thread . As you earn more than 10,000 yuan a month now, you should have a mobile phone that depicts your personal style . ” Xiao Qiu said one thing after another .

Xiao Luo responded with a smile but did not speak .



From Zhoukou City to the capital, it took two hours by car, but it took more time to return to Luo village from the capital, because the road from the capital to Luo village was not easy, and it even turned into a dirt road in the end .

Xiao Qiu’s wife, Li Honglian, didn’t say a word during the whole process . Oh, no, to be precise, she didn’t speak to Xiao Luo . She talked and laughed with Xiao Qiu .

From her eyes, Xiao Luo saw a trace of contempt, especially when he answered Xiao Qiu’s question and said that he had neither bought a car nor a house outside, and even did not talk about a girlfriend, the contempt in her eyes became more and more obvious .

Of course, Xiao Luo didn’t care . For him, Li Honglian was a stranger, Xiao Qiu was also gradually becoming a stranger . . He couldn’t find the same feeling when they were still children . Maybe it was him, maybe it was Xiao Qiu, but anyway, the relationship between the two looked close but actually, it was already a fact that they have become strangers . .

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At 9 o’clock in the evening, he finally returned to Luo Village, where he grew up .

At this time, Xiao Qiu’s son suddenly began to cry . It was useless for Li Honglian to coax him .

“Xiao Luo, would you like to go home first or go to your father’s farm first?” Xiao Qiu asked .

Xiao Luo thought for a moment and said, “Go to my father’s farm first . ”

His parents contracted a deserted field seven years ago when they came back from working abroad . They set up a farm with farming as the main part and planting as the auxiliary . His parents lived and ate on the farm for seven years . It would take him ten minutes from the place where the villagers lived to get there .

“I can’t be with you on your way to the farm . ”

Xiao Qiu showed an embarrassed expression . “You see, my son is crying so hard . There must be something wrong with him . I have to go back early and ask someone to see what’s going on . If you go back to your grandparents’ house first, it’s good, but you have to go to the farm first . Besides, the road on your father’s farm is too bad . My car is not an SUV and it is easy to bump into the chassis . ”

“Then I’ll get off here, I’ll call my dad to pick me up . ” Xiao Luo already knew what he meant and said it himself .

“I’m sorry Xiao Luo, not that I don’t want to send you, but it’s really my son …” Xiao Qiu apologised .

“I understand, don’t take it to heart . ”

Xiao Luo comforted him, then pushed open the door and went down .

“Well, by the way, don’t forget the trunk . ” Xiao Qiu opened the trunk again .

Xiao Luo didn’t speak, walked over and brought out his things in the trunk, but left a pack of gifts .

Closing the trunk, he walked to Xiao Qiu’s position, and knocked on the window: “Wax gourd, I left you a bag, just a thank you for sending me back!”

Xiao Qiu opened the window in a tiny slit for fear of a drizzle coming in . A complicated look flashed on his face . Then he smiled and said, “Thanks brother, we’ll go now . ”

After saying that, he rolled up the window and drove the car away, the red tail lights gradually disappeared from Xiao Lou’s field of vision . .

As soon as the car left, Xiao Luo’s sight was dark, but his adaptability was strong . Yi Jin Jing combined with the Mercenary King’s constitution, made him that way . After his eyes slowly adapted to the night, he could see everything around him, it felt like wearing sunglasses in broad daylight .

The drizzle was falling silently . The ground was bogged down and the drizzle turned into thick fog, which filled the mountains .

Familiar mountains, familiar countryside, and familiar farmland …

Xiao Luo greedily breathed in the fresh air here .

He didn’t blame Xiao Qiu for leaving him here alone . After all, helping people required mutual affection and helping was not a duty . Xiao Qiu was already helping him by bringing him back from the city to Luo village without receiving a cent . Besides, in his eyes, Xiao Qiu was only a brother and friend from primary and junior high school . Now, he was basically a stranger . What more could he pray for from a stranger?

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