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Chapter 275

Xiao Luo casually ate breakfast …

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In the face of Chai Zhiying’s query, Zhang Dashan raised his head and smiled, “How could we dare to fool you? You said just now, we can’t afford the consequences . We have little courage, so we took the money . We will definitely keep our mouths shut . We want to have breakfast now . If there’s nothing more, you should go . Goddess Su is definitely waiting for you below . ”

He picked up a small steamed bun, and stuffed it in his mouth .

Chai Zhiying grinded her teeth, she felt these two guys were becoming stranger by the second, quite abnormal .

“I don’t believe you . ”

“Since you don’t believe us, take the money back . ”

Zhang Dashan did not hesitate to take the card out of his pocket and threw it at her .

Chai Zhiying was stunned silly on the spot, ‘This was eight million ah, are these two guys’ brain pumping? You just threw it away at random?’

However, she quickly recovered and put the card back on the table . She said coldly, “This money belongs to you, but you can’t speak of this matter . If there is leaked information about Beibei, I’ll make sure you run into trouble!”

She left with a malicious remark . At the same time, she took out her mobile phone and made a phone call to ask the other party to check the information of a person named Xiao Luo who lived in a common village . Welp, she would definitely find information on Xiao Luo . As a member of NSA, everyone was given the identity of an ordinary person, and Xiao Luo’s ordinary identity was an employee of Luo Fang .

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“Motherf*cker, that woman absolutely lacks the nourishment of men . ” Zhang Dashan excitedly said .

Xiao Luo jokingly smiled, “Why don’t you moisten her?”

“Moisten sh*t, she looks more like a man than a woman . I can’t stand her naked in front of me . ” Zhang Dashan said boringly .

Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders and did not answer . His eyes saw the wonton and fried dough sticks specially bought for Su Bei on the table . An inexplicable emotion sprang up from the bottom of his heart and not letting go . Although he stayed with Su Bei for only one night, he seemed to have lived with her for a long time . Without the little girl shouting father in his ear, he was not used to it .

“Holy, I can’t believe it’s Su Goddess . Also, couldn’t you let that little girl eat something before she left?”

Zhang Dashan lost his appetite, he was also not used to it . The petite and lovely Su Bei left and the whole rental house felt a little empty . This was a strange feeling . She stayed only one night but left an indelible impression in his heart .

Su Bei’s smile, even crying and noise, were deeply imprinted in their minds and could not be forgotten .

“What are you worried about? Miss Su will take good care of her . ”

Xiao Luo’s words were meant to comfort both Zhang Dashan and himself . He changed the subject, “These days, get rid of the company’s affairs . It’s time to go home . The Chinese New Year will begin in about 20 days . ”


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Zhang Dashan nodded . “By the way, will you go to the annual meeting?”

Xiao Luo shook his head: “No, you have full control over the headquarters . You have to solidify your status . If I appear too many times, it will not be good for you . In the annual meeting, appropriate bonuses and benefits will be given to outstanding employees to mobilize their enthusiasm for work . Li Zimeng, Luo Qi and Lin Chong should have special awards . Of course, this is only a suggestion . The final decision rests with you . ”

The three people have been very supportive of his work since he took over Luo fang . He remembered all these, and he will never be stingy with the awards .

“Come on, the boss of Luo fang will always be you, and this elder brother is the second . Bah, bah … Wrong, not the second, but the second in command of the company, so you will reward whoever you say you reward . ” Zhang Dashan shouted loudly .

“。 . . . . 。” Xiao Luo did not argue .



Taking advantage of Zhang Dashan’s opportunity to handle company affairs, Xiao Luo got free time .

He went to the people’s hospital in Guangming district to see his sister . Although the year was approaching, the hospital was always in such a busy state . After all, people who would be ill or meet with accidents would always exist .

On the top floor of the hospital, Xiao Luo and Xiao Ruyi in white overalls stood facing the wind .

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“Elder brother, are you going back soon?” Xiao Ruyi asked .

Xiao Luo nodded, “I’ll go back with Zhang Dashan in a few days . What about you, when will you go home with Tang Ren?”

“It may take years for our nurses to take a rest . The hospital can’t have no nurses for a day, and Tang Ren’s second-in-command will have to work until years later . ”

“To tell the truth, I didn’t agree with you when you married Tang Ren . Although Tang Ren’s family is in the same province with us, it is still inconvenient for you to go back to your family . If you marry in your hometown or neighboring town, you can often come back . However, Tang Ren is a good man and he is very kind to you . That is enough . ” Xiao Luo with some regret said .

Xiao Ruyi’s rosebud mouth laughed like a flower .

“Don’t be cheeky all day long . Take the time to join Tang Ren . Then, I’ll be promoted to be an uncle . ” Xiao Luo reprimanded in the tone of elders .

Xiao Ruyi’s face turned red, she blushed and said, “Elder brother, this kind of thing can’t be rushed . It comes when it comes . Let’s just let nature take its course . ”

“You can continue to do it . It’s been almost a year since you got married, but your stomach hasn’t moved . The younger you are, the better you can recover after giving birth to a child . ” Xiao Luo said .

“Oh brother, don’t worry about these things . You should find me a sister-in-law . By the way, Su Li, the national goddess, is very good . She held a concert in our River City a few days ago . Some of my colleagues have been to the scene and took many photos of her . They are not different from the photos posted on the internet . She is a great beauty . ”

“You have too much respect for me . ” Xiao Luo said .

Xiao Ruyi’s defiantly remarked, “My brother is so outstanding, what’s wrong with finding a national goddess to be his wife?” Then she smiled, “Elder brother, if you can really marry her back home, it is definitely a matter for Guang Zong to honor her ancestors . We will all smoke from the grave of our great grandfather . ”

Xiao Luo’s face extended with a black line: “Eight letters for you, nonsense, nonsense!”

Xiao Ruyi stuck out her tongue and made a face .

“Well, I won’t disturb you at work . Go home with Tang Ren and meet our grandparents when you have time . ” Xiao Luo said with a long sigh of relief .

Xiao Ruyi nodded, “Well, I will definitely go back and do my filial duty when I have time . ”

“That’s the first thing to do . Oh, say hello to Tang Ren for me . Also, there are 4 million in this card and the password is six ones . When you married Tang Ren, I didn’t send any gifts . I won’t be in River City starting next year . If you have any difficulties living with Tang Ren, you must ask me . I am your brother and will never make fun of you . ”

Xiao Luo shoved a bank card into Xiao Ruyi’s hand .

Moved by tears, Xiao Ruyi instantly blushed, “Brother, you are the best brother in the world!”

She tightly embraced Xiao Luo, thinking of her brother not being here next year, there was a strange sadness inside her, tears burst down like a broken dam .

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