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Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Are You Kidding Me?

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Su Li, holding a marker pen, meticulously signed her name on the items given by Zhang Dashan and the policewoman . Her signature was very beautiful . The pen was gracefully gliding across with every stroke full of artistic flavor,

“Thank you Su Goddess, thank you Su Goddess!”

Zhang Dashan was so excited that he looked at his signed items with Su Li’s name on them as if he were looking at a pile of rare treasures, his eyes shining .

The policewoman also carefully put away the notebook with Su Li’s autograph .

After these things were done, Su Li picked up Su Bei and was ready to leave . There was not a word left to say .

Although Su Bei was only three years old, her mind was more mature than that of ordinary little girls . She eagerly looked at Xiao Luo . When she finally realized that she was leaving, she burst into tears . A pair of snow-white arms stretched out towards him and asked for a hug .

“Dad, dad …”

Her cry was very sad, tears flowed like rain filling her small face .

Su Li stopped, turned her head and looked at Xiao Luo with complicated eyes . Her eyebrows puckered up in distress . She was quite sure who Su Bei’s father was and it was by no means the guy in front of her . Moreover, when facing strangers, Su Bei would only be timid . How could she be so dependent on one person? What was with this Xiao Luo?

“Su Bei, I repeat, he is not your father . ” Su Li’s delicate face showed a trace of anger .

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“He is Beibei’s father . He is the father that Beibei saw in her dream . Didn’t you say that father was in this city? Beibei found him . Why do you say he is not?” Although Su Bei was small, she argued with Su Li in a tender voice .

Su Li felt that she was really going to collapse . She said that to coax her into coming to River City . The purpose was to persuade Su Bei to listen and come with her obediently . But who knew this outrageous thing would happen . Her assistant lost Su Bei, and Su Bei was saved, but she recognized a strange man as her father . If these things were said, she was afraid no one would believe it .

Xiao Luo walked over with a smile, stretched out his finger and wiped Su Bei’s small nose, comforting her, “Beibei, you go back with your mother first, I’ll come to you when I have time . ”


Su Bei stopped crying at once, teary-eyed .

“Well, I won’t lie to you . ” Xiao Luo showed a sincere smile .

“Then let’s pinkie promise . ”

Su Bei stretched out her snow-white little hand and choked .

Pinkie promise?

Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head, he also stretched out his hand and gently hooked his little pinkie with her little pinkie .

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“No change is allowed on the hook, no change is allowed on the dog . ”

Su Bei murmured, this seemed to be childish from an adults’ point of view, but in her eyes, this was an agreement that must be abided by . It seemed that as long as the pinkie was hooked, the agreement would surely come true .

Therefore, after pulling the hook, she smiled through the tears: “Dad, take me to the amusement park next time . ”

“Why don’t you ask your mother to take you?” Xiao Luo softly asked .

Su Bei answered in a low voice: “She is too busy . I usually stay with Aunt Luo . ”

Xiao Luo embarrassingly smiled .

Hearing this, Su Li felt a little sad . Although Su Bei was not her own, she always treated Su Bei as her own daughter . She had too much work to do . She really didn’t have time to play with Su Bei . Even after she came here, she begged her to go out and look for her father . She also asked her assistant Luo Ping to take her out and deal with it at will, but she didn’t expect this to happen .



Su Li left with Su Bei and the policewoman . Before she left, Su Li gave Xiao Luo an extra look . Though the man was slightly surprised when he first saw her, he was calm as water right after . She could see that it was not fake, but a natural temperament, as if he had seen through life .

How could you be so calm?

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She couldn’t understand this .

The female agent did not leave, she had to deal with one thing, that was to ask Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan to shut their mouths about this incident, after all, an actress’ popularity would fall through gossip . If people knew Su Li had a daughter, the whole China would boil up . Su Li would likely lose millions of fans overnight . This was not being an alarmist, but this was a painful lesson of history . As a manager, she must deal with such potential threats for Su Li .

“Snapping ~”

A bank card was placed on the table .

The female agent was supercilious and raised her head haughtily and said to Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan, “Let me introduce myself . My name is Chai Zhiying, and I am Su Li’s agent . We are very grateful to you for saving Beibei . There are eight million in this card and the code is six ones . You can get four million each if you divide it equally, which is enough for you to live a prosperous life in any city . ”

“We seem to have said that we don’t need money?”

Zhang Dashan jokingly said . He did not have a good impression of Chai Zhiying . She was vitriolic as if she were superior .

Xiao Luo took a sip of tea and asked lightly, “Is this what miss Su want?”

“No, that’s what I want . ”

Chai Zhiying crossed her hands . “In addition, this is not a reward for saving Beibei . As for what it means, I think you should know clearly . ”

“We don’t know . If there is anything, just say it . Don’t hide it . ” Zhang Dashan said angrily .

Chai Zhiying coldly hummed, she matter of fact said, “I want you to shut up, don’t tell anyone about Su Li’s daughter . ”

Zhang Dashan smiled speechlessly and said: “We never thought of telling others about Su Goddess’ daughter in the first place . You are gilding the lily . ”

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, he did not speak, and continued to drink hot tea .

“Whatever you say, take the money, remember, don’t talk nonsense, otherwise you can’t afford the consequences, I promise!” Chai Zhiying threatened .

Coercion and inducements, which were her common methods, have removed many potential threats and kept Su Li’s record of gossip clean .

“All right, I know, you go now . ”

Xiao Luo directly issued a marching order, this self-righteous woman made him quite disgusted .

“We accept the money, you rest assured, we will never talk about it, ha ha …” Zhang Dashan smiled as he took the card .

He had the same attitude as Xiao Luo in this respect .

Chai Zhiying paused . Although the other party received the money, and also made it clear that they would not talk disorderly . However, she always felt that it was not so . It seemed too easy . Yes, it was too easy . They did not seem to accept the money and fulfill their promises, but rather made fun of her .

“Are you kidding me?” Her face darkened .

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