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Chapter 276

As soon as the annual meeting of Luo fang was over, Xiao Luo returned to his rental village house, packed up his luggage, and set foot on the journey home with Zhang Dashan .

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Both of them were from the western province and belonged to the same city . They belonged to two counties . The two counties were more than 100 kilometers away . When they were in college, they would visit each other’s home often . Their families were very familiar with each other .

“How long will this traffic last?”

The car was stuck on the highway, and Zhang Dashan was so angry that he said, “I can walk faster than this!”

“The peak time of returning home and the population migration are expected . ” Xiao Luo lowered his seat and said calmly, lying down comfortably .

“Lao Xiao, I am not taking any chances . If I had known that the highway was blocked like constipation, I would never have driven this to satisfy my vanity . We should’ve taken the plane . ” Zhang Dashan was impatient . How could he endure such a long and seemingly endless waiting?

Xiao Luo was too lazy to mind him, he comfortably closed his eyes resting to regain energy .

After waiting for four or five hours, it finally started to move .

While cursing, Zhang Dashan started driving and got off the highway at the next toll station, choosing to take the national highway .

Facts have proven that his choice was correct . The back section of the highway was blocked for at least a dozen kilometers and was flooded . As he ran leisurely on the national highway, he could not help but cast sympathetic eyes at those poor guys stuck on the viaduct .

“Lao Xiao, you look at those guys, stuck like silly dogs, ha, ha, ha …”

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On the surface it was sympathy, but in fact it was schadenfreude . Zhang Dashan laughed and felt very happy .

Turning his head to look, he found Xiao Luo asleep, he immediately felt suffocated . He raised his big hand and gave Xiao Luo’s thigh a hard slap . “How dare you sleep on your own?! I have you know, I’ve been driving for six hours . I’ve been tired for a long time now . ”

Xiao Luo stretched himself and told him to pull over to switch .

In order to get back home as soon as possible, Xiao Luo pressed on the gas pedal and let the Land Rover roar and speed up . The national highway was not suitable for high speeds . Many sections of the highway were pitted . When passing through several large pits in a row without braking, Zhang Dashan immediately called a stop . He felt pain . This was his car . Although it was able to travel on rugged terrains, it was not meant for such driving methods .

“I won’t feel distressed if it’s your car but, it’s mine . Believe it or not, I’ll kill you . This is just cruel of you . ” Zhang Dashan swore .

Xiao Luo indifferently shrugged .

After the journey, Zhang Dashan did not dare to leave the car to Xiao Luo . The next afternoon, they finally returned to the city of Zhoukou in the western province .

Xiao Luo was troubled, he didn’t have his own car to drive home after parting ways with Dashan .

They would go back to their respective homes and find their mothers . They agreed to meet again in the following year .


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Even if you took the shuttle bus, the bus station was too crowded, and the environment in the bus was not so good . Xiao Luo opened the APP on his mobile phone to see if there was a ride share available . After looking, there was one indeed, so he quickly made a reservation .

About 20 minutes later, a white Chevrolet stopped in front of him . He looked at the license plate of the car, which was the one scheduled on the mobile phone .

When the window was down, the driver and Xiao Luo froze at the same time .

“Wax Gourd!”

“Xiao Luo!”

The two men shouted out each other’s names in unison . The driver was a young man of the same age, wearing a plaid shirt, with short clean hair, thick eyebrows, long face, and a very characteristic feature-a short neck, he almost had no neck in fact .

The young man’s name is Xiao Qiu, from the same county . Xiao Luo and Xiao Qiu played together until they grew up . He was short, so to speak . Because of his short neck, everyone gave him the nickname “Wax gourd” .

While they were from primary school to junior high school, their relationship was very good . They got separated from each other when they entered different senior high schools . However, they often kept in touch . When they got to the university, the number of calls became less and less . It was not that Xiao Luo did not contact him, but Xiao Qiu entered society first and had to work hard . Each call would end quickly because he had no time to do things .

After graduating from university, the two never contacted each other again . He tried to contact Xiao Qiu, but the other’s cell phone number was changed, and Xiao Lou did not know the new number . Last year when he went home for the Spring Festival, Xiao Qiu also teased him loudly in front of the public . What he had said was still fresh as if it was yesterday .

“What if I didn’t go to college? I’m a part-time worker . With a monthly salary of 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, I can’t afford to buy a house or a car . But, it’s better to go through social training earlier . Working experience is better than any diploma . ”

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Seemingly to promote the theory that book smart was useless, it was actually true for him because Xiao Qiu at that time had already bought a car, and Xiao Luo, as a peer, was completely incomparable .

Xiao Luo thought Xiao Qiu was a friend whom he could make deep acquaintance with his heart, but last year’s incident showed him that his childhood friend had changed, and the friendship between them had long been diluted by the long river of time .

When Xiao Qiu saw it was Xiao Luo, for a brief moment, he had on an unnatural look, but it soon disappeared and he replaced it with a warm smile, “So it was you . What a coincidence . Have you just come back from other places?”

“Yes . ”

Xiao Luo squeezed out a smile, he nodded and answered, although the relationship between the two was very delicate, but the external relationship still needed to be respected .

Looking at the front seat, there was a woman with a beautiful face and a 3-4 month old child in her arms .

“This is my wife Li Honglian, wife, this is Xiao Luo . We grew up together, and our friendship is quite good . ” Xiao Qiu generously said .


Li Honglian politely greeted Xiao Luo .

“Hello . ”

Xiao Luo nodded, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, because Li Honglian’s accent was very hard to understand .

Xiao Qiu answered his question and said with a smile: “My wife is from Baodao . That’s the accent . It’s good to get used to it . ”

“I see . ” Xiao Luo understood .

“Stop standing there and get in the car . You have bought so many things for your family . You’re really filial . Put them in the trunk . ” Xiao Qiu said, bending over to open the trunk switch .

Xiao Luo found pieces of health care products in the trunk .

“Can you fit it in?” Xiao Qiu asked .

“It should be possible to tidy up . ”

Xiao Luo organized the original debris in the trunk neatly, and finally load all his luggage in and closed the trunk .

Then he opened the door and sat in the rear seat .

Xiao Qiu never got off the car, whistling all the way to amuse his son, and then asking Xiao Luo if he was done with everything .

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