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Published at 1st of June 2020 12:51:09 PM
Chapter 273

Chapter 273: National Goddess .

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Because he misunderstood Zhang Dashan, Xiao Luo had to go downstairs to buy breakfast .

It was the same breakfast shop that he used to patron; wonton, steamed stuffed bun, fried dough sticks, soybean milk … all Chinese traditional breakfast .

When he returned to the rented house, he found three guests; one was the policewoman from yesterday, one was a strange woman in her thirties, and the other one, Xiao Luo’s heart trembled slightly .

National Goddess, Su Li!

She was wearing a white folded gauze dress, leaning on a black sofa chair with a fresh face . Her black hair, which was held high, was meticulous . Her skin color was like snow, and her delicate and beautiful face revealed a combination of aloofness and indifference . At the same time, she was so beautiful that she made people tremble .


The little girl who snuggled up beside her was like a little elf when she saw Xiao Luo . She extended her hands out toward Xiao Luo, with a sweet smile on her face looking pure and lovely .

Zhang Dashan took the breakfast from Xiao Luo’s hand and was so surprised that he was incoherent: “Lao… Lao Xi, Lao Xiao . We won the grand prize . This little girl’s mother is Su Li, the national goddess!”


Xiao Luo froze, although he guessed it at the moment he saw Su Li, but now that it was confirmed, it was still shocking that the national goddess Su Li would have a three-year-old daughter, this was really too incredible .

At this time, Su Li approached him, bringing with her a faint fragrance .

She bowed her head and scolded the little girl, “Su Bei, who let you shout at other people as dads?”

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Su Bei raised her head and said stubbornly, “He is Beibei’s father . ”

“He is not . ” Su Li’s negated .

“He is . ”

“I said he isn’t, he isn’t!”

Su Li had her full chest heave up and down .

Su Bei didn’t say a word again, but she bit her lip in grievance and tears brimmed in her eyes, because her mother had never reprimanded her so harshly .

Xiao Luo felt a little distressed, he touched her head and comforted her: “Su Bei is good, don’t cry . You must be hungry, come and eat a steamed stuffed bun . ”

He stretched out his hand and took a hot small steamed bun from Zhang Dashan’s hand and handed it to Su Bei’s mouth .

“Who told you to feed BeiBei this kind of food?”

The woman in her thirties quickly ran up and shouted aloud .

She has a melon-shaped face, although her appearance was not amazing, but her facial features were well-proportioned . Her short black hair was polished and combed neatly behind her head . She was wearing a black business suit .

There were photos of Su Li’s agent on the Internet . It was this person!

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She drew Su Bei behind her and angrily denounced Xiao Luo again, “The surrounding environment here is extremely dirty, piles of domestic garbage can be seen everywhere . The hygienic quality of steamed stuffed buns bought here is definitely not up to standard . How can they be fed to Beibei? In case Beibei’s stomach is damaged, will you bear the responsibility?”

“We eat steamed buns here every day, but we have never eaten anything bad . ” Zhang Dashan explained .

“That’s you . Children’s immunity is relatively low . Don’t you know?” The female agent said with righteousness .

Zhang Dashan was speechless and gave a wag of his hand, which meant ‘You are right and reasonable . I don’t want to argue with you . ’

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, he just put the small steamed bun in his hand into his mouth to eat .

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, the policewoman smiled and said, “Miss Su, this is Xiao Luo . Yesterday, he and his friend saved your daughter from the traffickers . ”

Su Li’s beautiful shining almond eyes looked up and down at Xiao Luo, “Thank you!”

Leaning slightly, she did not break her cold temperament, but she was still very appropriate .

Getting a thank from the National Goddess, it was like a dream . Zhang Dashan felt embarrassed and touched the back of his head . He smiled and said, “You’re welcome . You’re welcome . This is what we should do, right, Lao Xiao?”

He also gave Xiao Luo a pat on the shoulder .

Xiao Luo gave this guy a look and then said softly to Su Li, “Your daughter is very cute and we get along very well . ”

Su Li didn’t say much and said directly, “I want to take her away now . ”

“Well, go ahead!” Xiao Luo said with a smile .

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“You saved her, I will give you a sum of money in return . ”

“I got along well with her, the money for appreciation is unnecessary . ”

Xiao Luo replied that he didn’t want the money . Su Bei was very cute and very congenial to him, that was more than enough .

“Are you sure?”

Su Li looked at this shabby rented house . The people living here must be very poor . They shouldn’t refuse money if they were in this situation .

“Su Goddess, seeing you this close in real life is already a huge reward, so we don’t need any extra money . If you really want to thank us, Su Goddess, can give me a few autographs, he he …” Zhang Dashan found it difficult to restrain his inner excitement .

The female agent couldn’t help but let out a disdainful, “Cut” .

“Is it that simple?” Su Li raised her fine eyebrows, feeling very surprised .

Zhang Dashan joked: “This is not simple . If you sell Goddess Su’s autographs, it will definitely be a large sum of money . ”

“Hum, the poor are greedy!”

The female agent sneered, “I thought you really didn’t want to be repaid . It seems I was naive . ”

“Sh*t, can’t you hear that I’m kidding? If I really got Su Li’s autograph, I’ll only treasure it forever . In addition, my mother is also a fan of Su Li’s and I can just take it back to her as a New Year’s gift . ” Zhang Dashan argued in anger .

“Is it? Ha ha … ”

The female agent gave two impassive sneers, the meaning of which was self-evident .

‘Ha ha your mother!’

Zhang Dashan almost retorted with this sentence, but the National Goddess Su Li was here, so he abruptly held it back and endured .

“Chai Jie, they are Su Bei’s benefactor!” Su Li stressed in a heavy tone .

Only after this, agent Chai closed her mouth .

Su Li looked at Zhang Dashan, her face was cold, but her eyes were soft, “Do you have a pen?”

Zhang Dashan paused, then nodded excitedly: “Yes, yes!”

Saying so, he hurriedly ran into the room, came out with a black marker pen in his hand, at the same time also held a lot of things out, new shoes, new clothes, new pants and basketball .

“Goddess Su, help me sign your name on these things . Thank you . ” Zhang Dashan laughed .

It was difficult for him to keep calm in front of Goddess Su .

Su Li didn’t speak, she took the marker and began to sign each item .

At this moment, the policewoman could not restrain her inner desire to pursue the goddess too . She looked admiringly and said, “Miss Su, please sign one for me . ”

She took out a notepad from her arms, which she hurriedly brought when she learned that the little girl’s, saved by Xiao Luo, mother was Su Li . She had been waiting for a chance to get Su Li’s signature . In this way, she would have something to flaunt when chatting with friends after work, since many of her friends were Su Li’s fans .

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