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Chapter 272

After chatting with Tang Wantian for a while, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan left together . At this reunion, only Tang Wantian and Hu reminded them of the friendship they had in college . As for the others, Xiao Luo could only laugh it off . Even if they meet later, they would never be friends .

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It was almost ten o’clock when they returned, and the little girl who had fallen asleep on Xiao Lou’s lap woke up after some turbulence .

“Dad, where is this?”

The little girl asked while rubbing her sleepy eyes .

Zhang Dashan said with a smile, “This is where your father lives . ”

“It’s so dark here . ”

The little girl was a little nervous, she clung tightly on Xiao Lou’s back .

Zhang Dashan opened his mouth and changed the subject . “Were the dishes delicious tonight, little girl?”

“Delicious . ” The little girl relished .

Zhang Dashan laughed, “You and my brother have the same tastes . You don’t eat vegetarian dishes, but you like meat dishes . Ha, ha, ha …”

“My mother said that I am growing up, so I need to eat more meat . ” The little girl said .

“Did your mother tell you not to shout about your father?” Zhang Dashan deliberately asked .

The little girl was asked, but she didn’t know how to answer .

Zhang Dashan pointed to Xiao Luo: “Little girl, to be honest with you, he is really not your father . ”

“You’re lying, he is Beibei’s father!” The little girl argued .

“Why do you think he is your father?”

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“Because he looks just like the father Beibei saw in her dream . ” The little girl’s words were very immature, but she spoke very seriously .

Hearing this, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were both stunned, the father in the dream? What kind of situation was this? Was this little girl a child without a father, and her cognition of the image of a father was only an illusion in her dreams?
This made Xiao Luo feel some distress, the little girl dreamed of seeing her dad who actually looked like him, this was too unrealistic?

“Lao Xiao, I finally believe in fate now . ”

Zhang Dashan patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and said earnestly, “If it is not fate between you and my girl, then I don’t know how to explain it . ”

Xiao Luo agreed deeply that it was really hard to explain why a girl he had never met, dreamed of a father who looked exactly like himself .



Back on the top floor of the rented house, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan had to face a very serious task, that was to bathe the little girl .

Both of them were new hands and had no experience in caring for children . They got all tangled up in the bathroom, especially washing hair . Clearly the little girl had promised not to open her eyes and kept them closed, but she could not help opening them in the process of having her hair washed . As a result, shampoo flowed into her eyes and the strong stinging pain made the little girl burst into tears .

Xiao Luo hurriedly gave her clear water to rinse her eyes, and kept coaxing her, slowly, the little girl quieted down .

“I don’t want Dashan brother to wash!”

The little girl did not blame Xiao Luo, but instead blamed all the responsibility on Zhang Dashan .

Looking at her face of abandonment, Zhang Dashan was very hurt .

It was not very easy to give the little girl a good bath . There was no suitable pajama for her, Xiao Luo temporarily contributed his shirt . The white shirt on the little girl was like a long skirt mopping the floor, though it was not ugly, it also had a lasting appeal .

“Please help her dry her hair quickly . It’s cold now . If she catches a cold, you’ll be guilty . ” Zhang Dashan reminded Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo quickened his pace and looked at him gloomily: “You are sitting on the sofa drinking, stretching your legs and watching TV as a commander?”

It means ‘if you can do it too, don’t let me do everything by myself . ’

“Oh please, the little girl abandoned me . I’m too lazy to stick cold farts on my hot face . ” Zhang Dashan retorted .

Xiao Luo, “Even if the little girl is angry, you’re really going to act like this?”

While bickering with Zhang Dashan, he also took out the hair dryer from the drawer and sat on the stool, letting the little girl stand between his legs, blowing her hair meticulously .

“Dad, is Dashan brother angry?” The little girl looked up, she asked .

Xiao Luo smiled, “He is not angry, he’s just sulking, ignore him . ”


The little girl cleverly nodded . Her two white hands were on Xiao Luo’s lap . With her head low, she quietly let Xiao Luo blow dry her hair . She seemed to enjoy the process .

“Sh*t, though I envy Lao Xiao, but is my brother also a lolicon?”

Looking at Xiao Luo drying the hair of the little girl, Zhang Dashan could not help but frown and muttered to himself .



Before going to bed, the little girl begged Xiao Luo to tell her a story .

Xiao Luo had no choice but to tell her a story he learned in primary school, ‘Crow Drinking Water . ’

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“Dad, crows are so smart . ” The little girl’s eyes were full of surprise .

Xiao Luo touched her hair, smiled and said, “Yes, so you should use your head and think hard like this crow when you meet with anything . ”

“Un, Beibei will . ” The little girl cleverly nodded .

“Well, it’s time to go to bed . ”

Xiao Luo turned off the light and slept beside the little girl .

The little girl hugged his arm sideways and said, “Good night, dad . ”

“Good night!”

Xiao Luo turned his head and, with the help of the slight moonlight shining through the window, he could clearly see the little girl who had her eyes closed and was about to fall asleep . Under the moonlight, her petite body was covered with a soft radiance, as holy as a fairy .

Recalling their encounter with this little girl today, it was really unreal like a dream!

Who would believe that a little girl who he had never met before, after seeing him, would think of him as her father and relied on him so much?

At this thought, Xiao Luo burst into laughter, this night, he clearly became a dad . However, he was not complaining at all, as if the little girl named BeiBei was born with a kind of magic that let people like and take care of her .



“Dad, I want to pee!”

The next day, just before a fish-belly grey appeared in the east, Xiao Luo was woken up by the little girl .

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a pretty face like a jade carving . The little girl was nudging him .

After a pause, Xiao Luo got up and took her to the bathroom .

Then he came out of the bathroom and saw Zhang Dashan lying on the sofa with a big fart and snoring . There were many folded paper towels on the ground, which seemed to have sticky liquid on them .

Xiao Luo’s eyebrows immediately wrinkled, he kicked Zhang Dashan without a second thought .

“Ow ~”

Zhang Dashan woke up with a pig-killing scream .

When he got up and found out that it was Xiao Luo, he immediately shouted angrily, “Your sister, why did you kick me?”

Xiao Luo pointed to the paper towels on the ground, “Can you explain to me what happened to these paper towels?”

“Explain your sister . I had a cold and runny nose yesterday . They were used to wipe my nose . You don’t think I hit the plane¹, do you?” Zhang Dashan shouted .

Uh . .

It was Xiao Luo’s turn to be embarrassed . He really thought that Zhang Dashan was flying² in his place and threw the paper towels all over the floor .

Seeing this expression of his, Zhang Dashan knew he was right and immediately became furious, “Damn, go down and buy breakfast to appease this boss’ injured heart, or else this will never end!”

Finished saying that, he continued to lie down and fell fast asleep .

He just found a grandiose excuse to make Xiao Luo go down and buy breakfast .

1)Doing that happy thing with your hands .

2) Same thing 🙂

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