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Chapter 271

Xiao Luo turned out to be the boss of Luo Fang? !

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The people couldn’t help gasping . This was too unbelievable . To think that they were still working for others, living a monotonous life of clocking in and out of work every day . Sometimes they would feel overwhelmed by the work . They wanted to change this life very much, but they couldn’t do anything about it . They felt like loaches struggling in the mud and couldn’t see any hope of success in the future .

They were miserable, depressed and embarrassed …

But at this moment, one of their classmates, a guy who has never been very expressive and inarticulate, turned out to be the boss of a company three years later . Even Chu YunXiong, a big business tycoon, would give him face . How could this be accepted?

Tang Wantian did not say a word, and hurried downstairs . She wanted to write a news article about the boss of Luo Fang, “3000 waterinfo” . Now the other party was downstairs, and also her old classmate . She wanted to get to the front of Xiao Luo immediately .

Qin Guiyue’s face turned red . She said before that her boyfriend’s annual salary was 300,000 yuan . But it was completely dwarfed by Xiao Luo’s . She was like a frog in a well . She was arrogant and crazy, but in the end she has been proven to be extremely conceited .

She shouted and scolded, “What if he succeeded? This only shows that he is lucky, but it will never change the fact that he is a love rat . He played with Mengqi’s feelings and cheated with other women . He is a complete jerk! ”

She just wanted to find the bad side of Xiao Luo and magnify it .

She didn’t control the people’s thoughts this time . Xiao Luo succeeded and was more successful than all of them . How could they deserve to criticize a successful person?


Zhao Mengqi couldn’t help it any longer . With red eyes she rushed at Qin Guiyue and shouted, “Xiao Luo didn’t play with my feelings . I broke up with him because I couldn’t stand the temptation of money and abandoned him cruelly . He wasn’t a love rat or an *sshole . When I was ill and underwent surgery, he didn’t hate my abandonment and even paid my expensive medical expenses . Do you know that this result was all my fault?”

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Her last sound was like a roar, mixed with endless pain and regret .

Zhao Mengqi wept bitterly . She had been enduring it silently, but Qin Guiyue had been forcing her to tell the truth, forcing her to reveal her ugly side to the public . She really couldn’t bear to see Xiao Luo be misunderstood anymore .

The truth of the breakup turned out to be this way? !

They all gaped and looked aghast . They never thought that such a subversive reversal would happen .

Qin Guiyue was stunned . She looked at Zhao Mengqi with stupefied eyes and smiled with some horror: “Mengqi, you … you’re lying to me, aren’t you? Do you think of your old feelings and deliberately speak for Xiao Luo?”

If what Zhao Mengqi said was true, what did she do tonight? It would be ignorant bullsh*tting .

She kept saying that she was Zhao Mengqi’s good sister, but this night she has been tearing off the fig leaf of her good sister . Earlier, while she was blaming Xiao Luo, all her words were like a dagger, but they didn’t hit Xiao Luo, instead they struck deeply the heart of her good sister . Otherwise Zhao Mengqi wouldn’t cry and shed tears to tell the truth and completely destroy her image in everyone’s mind .

Zhao Mengqi looked at her with resentment in her eyes: “When you used some extremely harsh words to describe Xiao Luo, he didn’t even care about your desire, not because he was arrogant, but because you were not in his eyes . ”

She shook her head, tears streaming down her face, and said, “I know him . He left because he was disappointed with us . He may have had a little expectation before he came . He hoped to see the sincere friendship between us classmates, not us who talked and looked at people with colored glasses . ”

These words penetrated deeply into the souls of all people .

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Everyone had a lot of feelings . Yes, everyone had changed after three years in society . In fact, before coming, no one expected to see the sincere friendship between classmates, the pressure of work and the infighting among colleagues . They all thought that the reunion might be the only pure land in the world, but this pure land was polluted by themselves .

What was supposed to be a party full of laughter and happy memories of the good times in college turned into a show-off meeting to show off one’s career, object, salary, etc .

Were you happy with this party?

No, I was not happy at all, on the contrary, I was very tired, because I suddenly found out that I don’t seem to be able to make friends with my old classmates . I didn’t have any communication in my heart . I only wanted to make profits .

“Society is a big dye vat . For three years, people will change and people will become real . If Xiao Luo still thinks that everyone should be as simple as when he was in college, then he is a fool . If we don’t change, how can we stand and survive in society? So there is nothing wrong with us . He has his own problem . ” Guo Qinghe spoke at this moment, Xiao Luo’s success, let him completely stand on the opposite of Xiao Luo .

The crowd remained mute .

At the bottom of Maple Leaf Hotel .

Xiao Luo and Chu YunXiong talked a lot, starting from their first meeting, and speaking of the upcoming departure, both felt a lot .

For Xiao Luo, without Chu Yunxiong, he would not have succeeded so quickly . For Chu YunXiong, without Xiao Luo, his most precious baby daughter Chu Yue could’ve died . He was very grateful to Xiao Luo, this gratitude could not be measured by money .

In the end, Chu YunXiong even personally talked about the relationship for his daughter . As a father, how could he not know what Chu Yue’s thoughts are? Moreover, he could not say how much he appreciated Xiao Luo, and it was enough for Xiao Luo to be his son-in-law .

Xiao Luo declined because Chu Yue was still young and in a blind period of love . It was more of a hero’s worship and infatuation . Although Chu Yue was truly beautiful, it was by no means his favorite dish .

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Of course, the chat between the two ended happily, looking up and laughing as if they had forgotten the turn of the year .

When Xiao Luo was about to leave, Tang Wantian came running .

“3000 waterinfo, I find you very bitter!”

Tang Wantian ran out of breath, panting .

Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan glanced at one another, their eyes showed the color of surprise .

“Tang belle, are you drunk?” Zhang Dashan deliberately changed the subject .

“Zhang Dashan, don’t be careless . I have already known through Sina Corporation that the mobile phone number used to register for ‘3000 waterinfo’ is Xiao Luo’s University number . That is to say, ‘3000 waterinfo’ is Xiao Luo . ” Tang Wantian was angry .

When things came to light, one should not hide them .

Xiao Luo had to smile and said, “Wantian, for the sake of us being classmates, can you help me keep it a secret?”

“Yes, yes, don’t expose Lao Xiao on the Internet, or Lao Xiao will be very troubled . What he hates most is becoming a public figure . ” Zhang Dashan said .

Tang Wantian gave the two men a blank look: “Do you think I would sell my old classmate for profit?”

“No, ha ha … not at all!”

“What else, otherwise I wouldn’t have come down to find you . ”

Tang Wantian cried foul for herself, but then she smiled, “Of course, you two guys are getting along so well now . Maybe I can also get along, I’ll come to you later . Don’t mention that you don’t recognize me when I lift my pants . ”

Xiao Luo’s face was embarrassed, and he thought to himself: What does it mean to refuse to recognize people when lifting their pants?

“Can, can you be a little reserved, are you really a man-woman?” Zhang Dashan joked .

“This elder sister is a man-woman, not satisfied, how bout a one-on-one?” Tang Wantian raised her head and grunted softly, raising her fist at the same time .

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