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Chapter 270

Everyone’s brain was drawing a blank at this time, they couldn’t imagine the relationship between Xiao Luo and Chu YunXiong . Exactly what kind of status could Xiao Lou have for a high above person, someone at the top of the business pyramid, to give him face . This was incredible, shocking .

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The faces of those who had lectured Xiao Luo before turned red and white because they suddenly realized that they seemed to have done something very stupid .

Guo Qinghe’s face was not natural either . As the monitor of the class, it was hard for him to accept that other students in the class were better than him in the society, which was very damaging to his self-esteem .

He asked eagerly: “Excuse me, what is the relationship between our classmate and boss Chu?”

As soon as this question came out, all the people pricked up their ears and listened carefully to the beautiful waitress’s next answer .

The pretty waitress shook her head with an apologetic smile and said, “I’m sorry sir, I’m not sure about this . ” However, adhering to the principle that customers are always right, she provided a clue, “Mr . Xiao is talking to boss Chu below . As his classmates, you can ask him personally . ”

Hearing this, a big guy (classmate) immediately got up and ran out of the room after exchanging a few glances, went to the corridor of the hotel and looked below .

He saw a Land Rover and a Rolls Royce parked next to each other on the spacious garden-like empty flat of the hotel, and beside the two cars, a young handsome and cold young man was having a good talk with a middle-aged man with half white hair and wearing a suit .

There was no doubt that it was Xiao Luo and Chu YunXiong!

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As for Zhang Dashan, he was playing with the little girl named Beibei . In addition, Chu YunXiong’s two solemn bodyguards were on guard all the time .

“Xiao Luo is actually laughing with people like Chu Yunxiong . I … am I right?”

“Chu Yunxiong’s Rolls Royce was ordered at a cost of over 30 million yuan . The Land Rover is a Chuangshi Extended Range Rover . The price is about 1 . 7 million yuan . With all the formalities, it will cost 2 million yuan . ”

“Oh my god, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan ended up so well? I can’t believe they have the money to buy luxury cars!”

Everyone could accept the success of strangers, the success of people who were better than themselves, and the success of people who were much older than themselves, but they absolutely could not accept the success of people who were mediocre and taciturn, who didn’t even serve as class cadres in college . This was too shocking .

The people who had just lectured Xiao Luo all felt their faces burning and unspeakably hot .

Guo Qinghe after the initial shock, turned into silent anger . His hands couldn’t help but clench into a fist . How could Xiao Luo turned out better than him? How could he be better than him?

“What did I just say? Xiao Luo has always been low-key and humble . He didn’t necessarily did badly . ” Hu added salt to the wound .

Qin Guiyue gnashed her teeth . She was the one who could not accept Xiao Luo’s success . She cried coldly, “What does this mean? Talking to Chu YunXiong means he is very successful? Does having a Land Rover mean he is rich? What a joke! ”

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“Can’t you?” Hu asked .

“Of course not . ”

Qin Guiyue responded rightfully, “We can’t hear anything about their talk . Perhaps, he is reporting to the boss . What’s strange about a 2 million Land Rover? My boyfriend can still buy it on installment . Besides, this one is not necessarily owned by Xiao Luo . It is not certain that it was borrowed intentionally in front of his classmates . ”

They all nodded in agreement, they really couldn’t accept the fact that Xiao Luo, who was in River City for three years, could purchase a luxury car, and would become a successful person that was equal to Chu YunXiong .

“If the land rover underneath is really his, there can only be one explanation . Xiao Luo has been fed with soft food and has been kept by a rich woman . ” A boy spoke out his inner guess .

Gee, it seemed that this was really the case, it would also explain what happened to that little girl named Beibei .

They agreed with this view very much .

“In order to cling to a rich woman, he abandoned Mengqi, Guiyue is right . Xiao Lou is a love rat . ”

“The love rat has his own woman . Although he looks good now, he actually went to hell . ”

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“Yes, how long will he be able to enjoy himself?”

At this moment, Xiao Luo seems to have become a public enemy . For no reason, other than the fact that they couldn’t accept Xiao Luo’s achievements . More like they won’t believe it, as if Xiao Luo should live worse than them . To them, it must be a shortcut, this kind of psychology was difficult to explain, but it was common .

“I’m afraid you will be disappointed . ”

Tang Wantian, who had not spoken for a long time, smiled and spoke, then recited a cell phone number and asked, “Are you familiar with this cell phone number?”

Hu frowned and said, “Isn’t this the number Xiao Luo used in university?”

They didn’t know why Tang Wantian suddenly quoted Xiao Luo’s university number .

“Mengqi, you should have the most impression of the number used by Xiao Luo in University . Is that it?” Tang Wantian looked at Zhao Mengqi .

Zhao Mengqi nodded and answered truthfully: “It’s his . ”

“Wantian, what is going on?” Guo Qinghe frowned and looked dignified .

Tang Wantian smiled with profound meaning: “This number is the mobile phone number used for the registration of Weibo account ID ‘3000 waterinfo’ . It was only after my colleague used his connections with an executive in Sina corporation that he succeeded in getting it . ”

With this, everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes, gaping at Tang Wantian .

‘3000 waterinfo’ registered phone number was Xiao Luo’s, what did this mean?

This showed that a few days ago there was a heated verbal battle on the Internet, forcing the front-line host Jia Zhengyi to leave the show and hold a press conference to apologize . The ID ‘3,000 waterinfo’ was Xiao Luo, who was also the behind-the-scenes boss of Luo Fang, the top company in River City .

God, how was that possible? !

Xiao Luo, he was the boss of Luo Fang!

All the people only felt a suffocating shock, saying Xiao Luo was on the list of a rich woman is bullsh*t . Everyone suddenly felt that they had become a buffoon, feeling ashamed .

“3000 waterinfo is Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo is 3000 waterinfo!?”

Guo Qinghe looked at Xiao Luo talking with Chu YunXiong below . He couldn’t say what was running through his mind right now . He has always felt that he was standing above everyone, only to find that, in the end, the usually relatively silent Xiao Luo actually stood at a level that he would need to look up to . This huge gap made him feel dejected, shame and anger .

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