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Chapter 265

As a secretary in college, Tang wantian still had some prestige . Qin Guiyue could not give Xiao Luo face, but she would definitely give Tang Wantian face, so she sat down with a pie hole .

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But Xiao Luo ignored Qin Guiyue from beginning to end and continued to peel melon seeds for the little girl . In his opinion, there was no need to explain anything . Anyway, after the party, he and Qin Guiyue will never have any reasons to mingle .


Guo Qinghe said with a smile: “Wantian is right . Everyone is happy to come to the party . Don’t say anything sad, Guiyue . I heard your boyfriend is the department manager of Haida Group?”


Diversify the topic to save the atmosphere from an embarrassing situation .


Speaking of her boyfriend, Qin Guiyue’s face beamed with joy: “Yes, monitor, he is the manager of the advertising department, with an annual salary of 300,000 . ”


When she said these words, her face was proud, as if her boyfriend’s annual salary of 300,000 is her own .


Annual salary of 300,000? !


The crowd was shocked . For those of them who have only graduated from college for three years, 300,000 was an unattainable sum .


“Oh my god, you are a big name on the list!” Hu joked .


When this was said, several women rushed to express their admiration, saying that Qin Guiyue’s life was too good to meet such an excellent man .


Qin Guiyue enjoyed it very much, she said with a smile: “Wherever he is, he is just like that . It’s nothing . Besides, the house price in this coastal area is too high to be true . He has to struggle for two years to buy a house with that salary . ”


“It’s only two years . We people may not be able to afford it even after ten years of struggle . ” A female classmate said in an envious and despite tone .


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Qin Guiyue was happy, she liked the feeling of being the center of attention .


While eating food and drinking wine, perhaps under the effect of alcohol, or perhaps stimulated by Qin guiyue’s words, the big guys all started talking about their own lives, some were proud and some were frustrated .


Some people hated that their boss was extremely harsh and always required overtime while the salary was pitifully low .


Some people also said that his fiancee was the daughter of an executive of a famous enterprise, and would soon open the door to marry Beaufort and climb to the top of his life .


But mostly was the life of not being satisfied, with liquor to relieve the sorrow .


Compared with them, Xiao Luo was quieter as he silently served the little girl food .


Just like him, the little girl likes eating meat very much . She shook her head when he would clamp vegetables for her, but when he clamped meat for her, whether it was beef, pork, mutton, etc . , she would always come to the net and eat with her mouth open . Soon she ate with her mouth full of oil and grease . She sat quietly beside Xiao Luo and didn’t make noises like other children .


Zhang Dashan originally wanted to say that he was now a senior executive of Luo Fang, but after seeing Qin Guiyue’s ostentatious public face, he dismissed his desire to say it and agreed with Xiao Luo’s previous statement, don’t turn the reunion into a show-off meeting .


Of course, this did not prevent him from asking others about their work .


“Lao Guo, what are you doing in Xia Hai?”


“I am busy all day long, not as colorful as you . ” Guo Qinghe took a sip of the cup and shook his head as he modestly laughed .


Hu immediately joked, “Monitor, when you came, you travelled first class . People like us can only dream of so, even travelling economy class is harsh . ”

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“I’ll tell you what, the monitor is a lecturer . He teaches entrepreneurship in Xia Hai and is a mentor to many entrepreneurs . He pays at least 50,000 yuan for a class . ” A girl who knew Guo Qinghe revealed .


Fifty thousand dollars per class?


Hearing this, all the people present swallowed a mouthful of saliva subconsciously and were deeply shocked . Most of them worked for their wages to death . It was extremely difficult to earn more than 10,000 yuan . But teaching a class for 50,000 yuan . When was money so good?


Guo Qinghe pretended to be angry and gave the girl who broke the news a blow . Then he smiled and said, “It can only be said that you are in the right industry . If you have any difficulties or feel that your present job is not suitable, you can come to Xia Hai to find me . I will certainly provide you with the help I can . ”


“That’s a good feeling . Lao Xiao will go to Xia Hai next year for development . Then you can take care of each other . ” Zhang Dashan said .


“Take care of each other? But one is a love rat, he doesn’t deserve to be taken care of by the monitor, dream on!”


Qin Guiyue disdained, with very small words, she muttered to herself .


“Qin Guiyue, Lao Xiao has a good temper, but you know my temper . If you are blind and babbling again, don’t blame me for turning against others!” Zhang Dashan put down his chopsticks .


He was a troublesome bad student in college and fights were a common occurrence for him . When he put on a scowl, how would Qin Guiyue dare to say anything more?


“All right, Dashan, don’t be angry . It’s not easy to get together with your classmates for three years . ” Guo Qinghe earnestly exhorted .


“I know it’s not easy to get together, but some people just like to say some smelly bullsh*t, which makes people uncomfortable . ” Zhang Dashan replied .


“Zhang Dashan, you …”

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Qin Guiyue was extremely angry, she glowered .


“All right, all right, let’s not say a word . Guiyue, you to . Now it’s a party, so don’t talk about it at this time, okay?” Guo Qinghe said .


Qin Guiyue made a signal with her lips, and angrily turned her head .


“Oh, what’s going on here? Come on, let’s go . ” Hu raised his glass and invited everyone to drink and clink together .


This proposal immediately received everyone’s support and response .


“You’re right . Come on, let’s go . All the unhappiness should go away . ”


They got up and touched each other with their glasses, then they all looked up and empty their glasses .


“Xiao Luo, will you really come to Xia Hai next year for development?” Guo Qinghe asked .


Xiao Luo nodded, “Yes . ”


“What industry are you going to enter?” Guo Qinghe enthusiastically asked .


“Baking industry . ” Xiao Luo truthfully replied .


Guo Qinghe said with a serious face, “Well, then you can come to me . My contacts in Xia Hai are not bad enough and should help you . ”


Xiao Luo smiled and said, “Thank you very much . ”


“Don’t be polite to me . We are all in the same class and should help each other . ” Guo Qinghe waved and said righteously .


“Monitor, I also want your help!” Hu pretended to be delicate and touching .


“Monitor, I want it too . ”


“We’re going to eat dirt soon, monitor, do you want more people?”


“I also want to fly first class!”


The crowd followed the heckling . Of course, only they knew whether it was true or not .


Guo Qinghe waved his hand and said confidently, “Well, as long as you come to Xia Hai, I promise to make you all big winners in life . ”


“Look, this is the tone of successful people, monitor, I propose a toast to you . ” Hu kissed ass .


“Monitor, we also propose a toast to you . ”


Others also rushed to propose a toast to Guo Qinghe .

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