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Chapter 264

Your chicken, chicken, was the largest among your friends?!

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“Poof ~”

When they heard Zhang Dashan’s last sentence, several guys who were drinking tea sprayed it all over the floor . The whole room seemed to be ignited by a bomb in an instant . The men burst out laughing . The girls were flushed and shy .

“Oh my god, the granddaddy is still the granddaddy . Lao Zhang, I will obey you . ”

“Indeed, he was both happy and angry, but his head was covered in green . ”

“Lao Zhang, this sentence should not be what your girlfriend said to you right? Ha ha ha … ”

The crowd joked in succession .

“Damn, I’m still single . Even if I want to be green, I can’t . ”

Zhang Dashan patted his chest and said, he looked at Hu, “By the way, Hu, do you have a girlfriend who loves watching TV series? Introduce me . ”

Hu glared superciliously and shouted, “Get out!”

“Ha, ha, ha …”

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Everyone burst into laughter again .

Xiao Luo was quietly sitting in his seat, peeling melon seeds for the little girl to eat .

“Dad, Dashan brother said a lot just now . Why did all the uncles and aunts laugh?” The little girl with a pair of watery eyes, was full of innocence .

“You will know when you grow up . ” Xiao Luo casually said .


The little girl seemed to understand a little bit, then said, “Dad, I’m thirsty . ”

Xiao Luo poured a cup of tea . Worried that the little girl would break the cup, he asked the waiter to bring a straw . He carried the cup, and the little girl drank tea through the straw . She was really thirsty and drank it with “plump plump” .

“This girl is so cute . ”

“Xiao Luo, she seems to have inherited your excellent genes . ”

“Yes, look at her eyes . They are big and watery . She is already a pretty girl at an early age . When she grows up, she will definitely be gorgeous . ”

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The crowd was attracted by the cute appearance of the little girl drinking, and all eyes were casted towards Xiao Luo at the moment .

Seeing that Xiao Luo was misunderstood as a father, Zhang Dashan was overjoyed and added: “Yes, yes, this little girl can definitely crush a lot of hearts when she grows up . Look at her eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth, they all look just like Lao Xiao . They are carved out of the same mold, she’s definitely his child . ”

In order to have fun, he said this on purpose, hoping that everyone would mistake her for Xiao Luo’s daughter .

Sure enough, Hu immediately rose to his feet and said, “What do you mean by mold? This is biological . All daughters take after their father . Look at Xiao Luo and her . They have a great father-daughter relationship . ”

“Hu, what you said is really right, ha ha ha …”

Zhang Dashan laughed uncontrollably . He knew best what was going on . It was just a little girl who they saved by accident . There could never be any blood relationship between her and him . Damn, as an onlooker, he was extremely happy .

Xiao Luo was speechless, he stared at Zhang Dashan, then gave a dry cough: “In fact, this little girl is not mine …”

He must make it clear as the misunderstanding should not get worse .

Just before he finished speaking, a woman sitting next to Zhao Mengqi stood up, glared at Xiao Luo and shouted, “Xiao Luo, are you worthy of Mengqi?”

This remark made the whole room to immediately quiet down .

The woman continued to voice questions: “Three years ago we all just graduated, you were in love with Mengqi, and now you have a daughter, your daughter is three years old, that is to say, you cheated on Mengqi three years ago, Xiao Luo, are you still a man? Do you have any responsibilities as a man?”

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Her name was Qin Guiyue, and she was Zhao Mengqi’s college roommate . The relationship between the two was very good during the college years . She was also one of the people who especially valued Xiao Luo and Zhao Mengqi . Since she saw Xiao Luo had brought his daughter to the party, she was furious for Zhao Mengqi and finally burst out at this moment .

“Qin Guiyue, do you understand why Lao Xiao and Zhao Mengqi broke up? Don’t say anything if you don’t understand . ” Zhang Dashan was the first to fight for Xiao Luo . Originally the atmosphere was harmonious, but it happened that there was such a voice sowing discord . It was really disappointing .

Qin Guiyue said: “This still needs to be understood? He even brought his daughter with him . Isn’t it obvious that Mengqi chose to break up because she must have found out that Xiao Luo had been deceiving her and playing with her feelings?

“What do you know? This little girl is not Lao Xiao’s daughter at all . ” Cried Zhang Dashan, his mood out of control .

As soon as this was said, everyone’s eyes were focused on him, and questioned in their hearts: [Didn’t you say it yourself just now, she looks exactly like Xiao Luo? How do you say it’s not Xiao Luo’s daughter now?]

Qin Guiyue was slightly stunned and immediately sneered: “Zhang Dashan, you and Xiao Luo have a good relationship . We all know that you can lie with your eyes open in order not to give Xiao Luo the title of love rat (1) . ”

“I’m not lying, that little girl is really not Xiao Luo’s daughter, we picked her up on our way here . ”

Just now he was just having fun . He was constantly urging and deepening the misunderstanding . But as a result, Qin Guiyue grasped this point and said something . The matter became even worse than being damned .

“Pick her up?”

Qin Guiyue had a mocking smile on her face, “How could a little girl who had been picked up be so dependent on Xiao Luo? Zhang Dashan, do you think we are fools?”

“A thief loves grass, believe it or not!”

Zhang Dashan was so angry that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas were born . How could this be explained? She was originally picked up . But why was she so dependent on Lao Xiao? This was a question to ask God!

Qin Guiyue glared directly at Xiao Luo and shouted: “Xiao Luo, do you honestly say in front of us all that Mengqi broke up with you because you are a shameless love rat?”

“Guiyue . ”

Zhao Mengqi pulled her and motioned her to stop .

“Mengqi, what are you afraid of? Everyone is here now, just to let everyone see clearly what kind of man this is . Don’t let other girls in the same class be cheated by his stinky skin and eat his big losses!”

“Things aren’t what you think, so don’t get involved . ” Zhao Mengqi said weakly .

She did not dare to let everyone know, otherwise she would be too ashamed to stay here .

“Mengqi, you are just too honest . You shouldn’t spoil a love rat like Xiao Luo . If I were you, I would definitely make him pay a painful price . ” Qin Guiyue said righteously .

“Guiyue, have you finished? Everyone is happily getting together to party . It is good for Xiao Luo and Mengqi to settle their affairs privately . You don’t meddle here, okay?” Tang Wantian frowned and loudly scolded .

Love Rat: Refers to a man who treats his partner in a cruel way, especially by having sexual relationships with other people .

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