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Chapter 266

The minimum remuneration of 50,000 yuan for a class meant that at least 600,000 yuan a year based on one class per month . The public greatly admired Guo Qinghe . After all, he was the monitor of the class . During his college years, he showed great abilities . He had worked as a micro-trader, played with stocks and bought a joint-stock car in his senior year .

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Everyone has become accustomed to looking up at Guo Qinghe, so there was no imbalance in their hearts . It seemed that Guo Qinghe should be like this . This was only natural . If Guo Qinghe did not mix well, it was abnormal .


“Tang belle, you don’t seem to be in high spirits . You haven’t said a few words since you sat down . Are you worried?” Zhang Dashan shifted the topic to Tang Wantian .




“Yes, Wantian, you are the league secretary in the class and the second in command . What are you doing now?” Others followed suit .


Tang Wantian sighed: “I am an author who writes news articles specially . I have to hand in a news article on time every week . It is very hard . ”


“News stories? Can’t it be news pushed by mobile phone browsers and chat software? ” A girl asked .


Tang wantian nodded and took a sip of juice: “Well, that’s the kind of news . ”


“The first two pictures are all made up, so you are what everyone calls a little piece of work . ” Hu said in surprise .


Tang Wantian rolled her eyes, but there were ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings: “Ah Shui, are you asking for a fight? What do you mean ‘the first two pictures’ ? The whole process depends on editing . Your sister, I, are not so low . The news I write is true, without any falsehood . ”


“What news have you been writing recently?” Zhang Dashan joked .


Tang Wantian thought for a moment, but did not conceal it . She answered truthfully, “The news about Luo Fang’s boss, ‘3000 waterinfo’ . ”

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Upon hearing this, Zhang Dashan almost gushed out the beer he had drunk and thought to himself: What a coincidence this sh*t is .


Subconsciously, he looked at Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo’s expression also changed slightly, but soon calmed down . He continued to take turns feeding the little girl and eating .


Zhao Mengqi knew everything, but she also knew that Xiao Luo didn’t like to be the focus, so she would not talk at random .


“Speaking of ‘3,000 waterinfo’, I feel satisfied . ”


“Yes, yes, the war of words was overwhelming, and Jia Zhengyi’s army of millions of fans was simply scolded out of temper . ”


“This is not the most important thing . The most important thing is that Jia Zhengyi was finally forced to hold a press conference to publicly apologize to Luo Fang and beg the forgiveness of the masses . It is said that he has also paid 30 million in compensation for this . The topic is really popular and the process has more ups and downs than TV shows . ”


When the topic was about ‘3,000 waterinfo’, everyone was delighted to discuss the cyber war of the other day . The atmosphere of the whole room was instantly elevated .


“Wantian, do you have ‘3000 waterinfo”s photos? He is my idol . I have already paid attention to his microblog . If you can write news about him, I will make a commitment immediately . ” Hu said nonsense .


The room booed .


“Ah Shui, you have to be skin-deep . You and Wantian are not the most adorable in height . Standing with Wantian, you’ll feel like a local sun on the list of gods . ” Someone laughed .

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Tang Wantian also touched Hu’s head like comforting a child, squinting and laughing: “Be good . Sister will buy you candy later . ”


“Sister, I want sugar, too . ”


Hearing the word sugar, the little girl couldn’t help crying .


Everyone laughed at her innocent and lovely expression .


Only a black line on Hu’s face stretched down, unable to say how unhappy he was .






After a full meal, the group went to sing in karaoke in the balcony .


The singing equipment has an automatic scoring system . Once the singing is finished, it will automatically give a score, with 100 points being full marks and 60 points passing .


Qin Guiyue first started singing Shui Mu Nianhua’s “Life Has You” . With the reverberation of the song, Zhao Mengqi lost control of her emotions, her vision blurred as she burst into tears . This song reminded her of her past with Xiao Luo . The scenes were so clear and it touched her soul .


The crowd urged one after another, Qin Guiyue mercilessly stared at Xiao Luo, thinking it was Xiao Luo who hurt her, otherwise Zhao Mengqi wouldn’t cry so sadly .


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“I suggest that in a singing competition, everyone should choose one of the best songs, and when the score is finished, the one with the highest score wins . what do you think?” Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Guo Qinghe quickly proposed a singing competition .


“This is good, but the winner has to be rewarded, otherwise there will be no passion . ” Zhang Dashan added .


Guo Qinghe pondered for a moment, then lifted his glasses and said: “In this way, if we each gather 200, there will be a 2,400 prize pool, with the first prize being 1,200, the second prize being 800 and the third prize being 400 . ”


“Monitor, if you want me to pay 200 dollars, just say so . There’s no need to have a singing contest . ” Hu directly put two hundred dollars on the table .


Everyone laughed hysterically, because everyone knew that Hu’s tone was not so…good .


“Ah Shui, don’t be so frustrated . If this scoring system doesn’t recognize your voice well, then you will definitely be the first one . ” Zhang Dashan patted him on the shoulder and said something somewhat ironic beside him .


“Motherf*cker, you will always be like this . It’s like if you don’t strike me, I will die . Go away!” Hu was extremely angry .


When the prize money had been collected, the singing began immediately .


Everyone urged Hu to be the first to sing, not for other reasons, but just to have some fun .


Hu also seemed to like to give everyone a lot of fun . He chose the song “Love When You Die” . After he sang, everyone had their ears covered .


Xiao Luo helped the little girl cover her ears, and as a result, he suffered . This guy really should not be complimented in his singing . None of the notes were right, he just sang loudly with his eyes closed . It was ugly and made people laugh uncontrollably .


Despite singing so hard, everyone burst into laughter as soon as the final score came out .


“Motherf*cker, a fierce operation like a tiger, it’s a whopping 11 points, ha ha ha ……” Zhang Dashan laughed so hard he held his belly .


Hu again revealed the expression of pouting after being greatly wronged .


As a result, everyone laughed even more joyfully, and some even cried out of laughter .


Then came Qin Guiyue, who belongs to the maba type . She chose an English song “It’s Amazing” . She sang very well and her spoken English was quite good . She made people crazy . After singing, she scored 98 points .


“I’ll go, it’s decided . The first place must be Guiyue . ”


“How can you forget that this is just a machine scoring? Not a human scoring, I thought there would be a fluke . ”


All the people were surprised into disgrace . Ninety-eight points, this was a great score .


“I don’t have a very good voice today . If I were normal, I could sing this song with full marks . ” Qin Guiyue lamented while boasting . She frequented discos and nightclubs, and was very confident in singing this song .


Everyone was startled . Hu shouted directly and protested: “Monitor, I feel that I have been hurt by tons of injuries . Send 1,200 yuan to Guiyue quickly . I don’t want to be hurt any more . ”


“Ha, ha, ha, ha …”


Looking at his injustice, people couldn’t help laughing again .

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