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Chapter 262

The head was full of soft black curly hair, with big watery eyes like the moon, a clean and graceful little nose like jade, slightly round cheeks, and skin that was so delicate that it could be broken by a gentle blow, white like frost and snow . The little girl was like a little fairy, carved in powder and jade . She was unspeakably pure and beautiful .

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Xiao Luo hasn’t said anything yet .

Zhang Dashan relented first and said: “Forget it . Take her with you . The tears of such a lovely girl are too heartbreaking . It won’t be long anyway . Her family will surely come to pick her up tomorrow . ”

Xiao Luo hesitated, in his heart, he didn’t want such trouble, but seeing her cry, he felt upset . His head felt like something was drilling it, he was very afflicted .

Do you have a Loli complex?

The policewoman had to guess like this, the devil police was sad because a little girl cried, who would believe this!

“Dad, dad …”

The little girl cried like a fish out of water, tearful, her mouth constantly shouting .

Xiao Luo sighed in his heart, took the little girl’s snow-white hands, and gently comforted her by saying, “Don’t cry . You will be with me while your family comes to find you . ”

“Well, Beibei will certainly be very obedient!” The little girl cleverly nodded, her tears finally stopped .

Xiao Luo smiled, raised his head and asked the policewoman, “Do you have any tissue paper with you?”

“Yes . ”

The policewoman busily took out a pack of paper tissue from her pocket and handed it to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo opened and took out a piece, and gently wiped away the tears on the little girl’s face: “What’s your full name?”

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“Beibei . ” The little girl replied .

Xiao Luo helplessly smiled, Beibei must be her nickname, he asked for the full name, surname and first name, but obviously the little girl couldn’t understand, so he dismissed the idea of continuing to ask .

“Dad, what’s your name?”

The little girl opened her big charming eyes and asked with pure curiosity .

The police on the scene were stunned, she didn’t even know Xiao Luo’s name, it seemed that the little girl was not Xiao Lou’s daughter, but why was she so dependent on Xiao Luo? Was it because Xiao Luo saved her?

Everyone was puzzled .

“Your father’s name is Xiao Luo . As for me, you can just call me Dashan Brother . ” Zhang Dashan came over and said with a smile .

“Shame on you?”

Xiao Luo turned his head and spurned him, a 30-year-old man asked a 3-or 4-year-old girl to call her brother . This was very brazen of him .

“Oh come on, what’s wrong with calling me brother? Everyone who isn’t married is called brother, do you know?” Zhang Dashan argued for himself .

Xiao Luo gave him a look: “Absurd and heretical . ”

“Nonsense, heresy your sister!”

Zhang Dashan went on the rampage with anger and blew hot air from his nostrils like an angry bull .

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Seeing the two bickering, all the policemen present could not help but chuckle aloud, in their hearts: it seemed that the demon policeman, Xiao Luo, was not so cold!



More than ten minutes later, Xiao Luo, Zhang Dashan and the little girl named “Bei Bei” arrived at the Maple Leaf Hotel, the location where the party was being held .

As a well-known hotel in River City, it integrated catering, leisure, entertainment and housing . There are many branches in River City . Each branch was located in a prime location with very prosperous surroundings . One could tell the type of patrons it catered to from various medium and high-grade cars in its parking lot .

Xiao Luo also knew that Maple Leaf Hotel was an asset of Chongshan Pavilion, that was to say, the real boss behind the scenes was Chu Yunxiong .

“It seems that we are late . It seems that we have to punish ourselves . ” Zhang Dashan looked at the time .

“If you want to drive, only allow yourself a few drinks . Don’t be checked for drunk driving . ” Xiao Luo warned .

Zhang Dashan motioned with his hand: “What’s there to be afraid of? Now all the policemen in River City who know you piss themselves in a word . Even if you give them 100 more courage, they will not dare check . ”

“If you really want to get away with your drink and drive, do something about it yourself, I won’t help you . ” Xiao Luo cleared up the relationship between the two .

“Damn, I’m your brother . ” Zhang Dashan cursed .

At this moment, the little girl pulled the skirt of Xiao Luo and said, “Dad, I want to pee . ”

“You go up first, I’ll take her to pee . ”

Xiao Luo said to Zhang Dashan, then took the little girl to the bathroom .

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“It’s in room 508, don’t get lost . ” Zhang Dashan shouted .

Xiao Luo didn’t look back and just waved, signaling that he got it .

When he arrived at the door of the restroom, Xiao Luo felt complicated . On the left was men, and on the right was women . Was it convenient for him to take the little girl to the men’s or women’s toilet?

Looking down at the little girl, he sighed in his heart: “You really have given me a difficult problem!”

The little girl lifted her head and looked at him innocently with big watery eyes . She didn’t know what he was thinking now .

Xiao Luo thought for a moment and finally made up his mind to take the little girl to the men’s toilet . If he went to the women’s toilet, it was inevitable that he would be treated as a pervert .

But the little girl didn’t want to .

“Mom said to go to places marked with skirts to urinate . ”

The little girl pointed to the head of the lady’s sign outside the toilet door and pulled Xiao Luo toward the ladies’ toilet . “This way . ”

Xiao Luo was in distress and forced to explain: “Little girl, when you go to pee with your mother, you enter that door, and when you are with me, it is this door . ”

“Is that so?”

The little girl frowned, thinking .

“Xiao Luo!”

At this moment, a woman with a hot figure called out to him . Her long wavy golden hair was shining brightly under the light . Her was wearing a yellow mini skirt that showed off her loong legs, which are covered with flesh-colored stockings . The outfit completely showed off her perfect figure .

“Tang Wantian . ”

Xiao Luo blurted out the woman’s name . When Guo Qinghe proposed the party, she was the first to jump out and support it . She was a very active person in college . The class’ league secretary was responsible for the league branch affairs, thus she showed strong communication ability .

“I haven’t seen you for three years, Xiao Luo, you’ve become more handsome . ”

Tang Wantian greeted him with a bright smile, “By the way, what are you doing now … hey, who is this little girl? Is she your daughter?”

“Hello, sister . My name is Beibei and I am father’s daughter . ”

The little girl volunteered to introduce herself . At the same time, she held Xiao Lou’s hand tightly .

Tang wantian was elated, and the smile on her face became more abundant . She stretched out her hand and touched the little girl’s face: “How lovely . Xiao Luo, you can quietly give birth to a child . Did Beibei take the name of Mengqi?”

Obviously, she thought the little girl was the daughter of Xiao Luo and Zhao Mengqi .

Xiao Luo responded with a helpless smile, he didn’t know how to answer, feeling more and more complex .

“Dad, I’m going to pee . ” The little girl looked up and said with delicate and soft eyes .

Xiao Luo was really afraid of her wetting her pants, so he said to Tang wantian, “This little girl is not what you think . It is more complicated . Please do me a favor and take her to the ladies’ toilet . ”

Seeing Xiao Luo’s embarrassed face, Tang Wantian immediately understood and chuckled: “It’s a small matter . It’s on me . ” Then she held out her hand to the little girl . “Little girl, your name is Beibei, isn’t it? Let’s go, sister will take you to the toilet . ”

The little girl looked at Xiao Luo, after seeing the signal in Xiao Luo’s eyes, her white hands held Tang Wantian .

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