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Chapter 261

A little while later, the police arrived and the four men were handcuffed . If they had known that Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were not the ones they should have provoked, they would have endured at that time, but it was hard to get money… By the time they realized, everything was too late and retribution had come .

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“We don’t have time to give a statement . By the way, this little girl was kidnapped by them . Please help her find her family . ” Zhang Dashan refused the police’s invitation and pointed to the little girl standing beside Xiao Luo .




Within River City’s police force, basically, none who didn’t know who Xiao Luo was . The “name” was like a certain belief, it instilled fear in them . So, how could they dare to force Xiao Luo and his companion to the station to give a statement .


A policewoman walked to Xiao Luo’s side . After nodding and greeting Xiao Luo, she bent down and waved to the little girl, revealing a friendly smile . “Little sister, can I take you to your parents?”


The little girl hugged Xiao Lou’s thigh, shook her head hard at her, and finally hid behind Xiao Luo, watching the policewoman warily .


Xiao Luo had a wry smile, lowering his head to persuade her: “They are the police, the police are good people, they will take you to find your parents, go with her . ”


“You are Beibei’s father . ”


The little girl looked up and said earnestly with her big eyes shining like black gems .




The Policewoman and other policemen’s eyes suddenly pondered, the demon police Xiao Luo has a daughter? Why didn’t they know?


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By this time, Xiao Luo had to explain clearly: “I am not your father . ”


“You are Beibei’s father . ”


The little girl said with a very positive tone, a young child’s voice was particularly sweet .


“Little girl, you really mistook him for another . He may just look like your father, but he is definitely not your father . He’s not even married with a wife . ” Zhang Dashan echoed aloud . What was this?


The little girl looked at him timidly and didn’t respond to his words, but her little hand still clung to Xiao Lou’s thigh . Her little face, like a porcelain doll, was tightly attached to Xiao Lou’s thigh . Her small mouth was pouting so adoring .


If it weren’t for the “devil” police Xiao Luo in front of her, the policewoman would not be able to restrain her inner love and went up to touch the little girl’s head . The little girl was so cute that she couldn’t help but want to hold her in her arms and love her well .


Xiao Luo didn’t argue with the little girl any more and said to the policewoman in front of him, “Take her away . ”


It meant that whether they needed to coax or force, in short, this little girl needed to be taken away by them . It was none of his business .


At the behest of Xiao Luo, the policewoman came up and used a deceptively coaxing voice to say: “Little sister, do you want to eat cotton candy, sister will take you to eat big and sweet cotton candy?”


The little girl moved slightly, but when she thought of Xiao Luo, she shook her head .


The policewoman took out her cell phone: “Do you want to see Logger Vick and Xiong Da Xiong Er? Sister has them here . ”


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Saying so, she directly opened the bear video, broadcasting to the little girl .


The little girl was moved, most children were not resistant to cartoons, she came out from behind Xiao Luo, took the phone from the policewoman’s hand, stood with her head buried, and looked up with relish .


“Very good, right?” The policewoman further enhanced the little girl’s trust .


The little girl nodded her head and stared at the cell phone and answered, “Nice!”


“How about you come with elder sister? There are still many good cartoons there . ” The policewoman laughed .


“Blam,” the little girl immediately snapped awake from her absorption with the cartoons . After watching the policewoman warily, she hugged Xiao Lou’s thigh again: “Beibei don’t want to separate from dad!”


Uh? !


The policewoman was stunned . Obviously, her deception failed .


There was no choice but to use force . She took the little girl’s hand and said, “Little sister, he is not your father . I will take you to your real father and mother . ”


The little girl cried loudly: “I won’t go, my father is here, he is my father, waahhhh …”


With this cry, afraid of hurting her, the policewoman didn’t dare to pull hard, loosening her hold on the little girl’s hand .


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The little girl immediately held Xiao Luo’s thighs again, hiding behind Xiao Luo .


“What the, what is this? Lao Xiao, you tell me . Did your woman really give birth to this little girl? ”


It was the first time that Zhang Dashan had met such a thing since he was born . They accidentally saved a little girl . But, the little girl recognized Lao Xiao directly as her father . Wasn’t this a plot in novels?


Xiao Luo gave him a look and said, “Don’t talk nonsense . ”


This little girl was at least three years old . If she was his, then she should’ve been born when he just graduated from college . But at that time, he was in love with Zhao Mengqi . How could he have sex with another woman and father a daughter?


But seeing the little girl crying sadly, Xiao Luo didn’t want to take responsibility, he was distressed . Although this feeling was not very strong, it was very clear .


He squatted down, stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on the little girl’s face, then touched her head: “Don’t cry, if you cry again, you will look bad* . ”


“Beibei had a hard time finding dad . Beibei don’t want to leave you!” The little girl’s eyes were red and her long eyelashes were stained with tears . The sky was full of pity .


Xiao Luo gave a dry smile: “Your name is Beibei?”




The little girl nodded like a chicken pecking rice .


“Why do you call me dad?”


Xiao Luo was also curious about this point . “Do I look like your father?”


The little girl shook her head: “You are Beibei’s father . ”


Xiao Luo was speechless . He found that he could not communicate with the little girl at all . How could he be her father? It was impossible, he’s 200 percent sure .


The policewoman timidly suggested at this moment: “Xiao … Xiao Luo, why don’t you do this? She is so dependent on you, let her follow you first . When her family reports to find her, I will bring her family to find you . Do you think this is possible?”


In fact, she also thought that if the little girl was taken away and she kept crying and making noises, it could turn into a big problem .


“It is your police’s responsibility to help her find her family . What does it have to do with me?” Xiao Luo said lightly .


“This …”


The policewoman smiled awkwardly and did not dare to say much . She was afraid of Xiao Luo, the devil police, from the bottom of her heart .


At this moment, the little girl’s tears gushed out again, streaming down her face and crying with her mouth tightened: “Daddy, it was very hard for BeiBei to find you . Why don’t you want Beibei? Waahhh … ”


Seeing her cry, Xiao Luo couldn’t say what he was feeling in his heart, even his eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled up .

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