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Chapter 263

Soon, the little girl came out and headed for Xiao Luo, holding Xiao Lou’s hand tightly and standing next to him

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“Xiao Luo, your daughter is very close to you . It seems that you, as a father, love her very much . ” Tang Wantian was somewhat envious ofhim .

Xiao Luo still didn’t know what to say, he just shrugged and smiled .

“Let’s go, go up first, everyone must be waiting . ” Tang Wantian turned the topic aside .

Xiao Luo nodded .

They took the elevator and soon arrived on the 5th floor, a water led them to room 508 .

As soon as they opened the door, they saw a huge round table and a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling . Red carpet covered the floor . You could tell the pattern was quite antique and resplendent . Every decoration was better than the last one, making people feel like they have entered a palace .

Around the round table were all the past students who came for the party .

“What the, Lao Xiao . What happened to you and Tang Meimei? Bringing a little girl . You look like a couple who came to the party . ” Zhang Dashan had already drunk a little wine and opened his mouth .

“Xiao Luo and Wantian, you have come so late, you must be punished with three drinks . ”

Sitting at the table, a handsome and gentle-looking young man stood up and said with a smile on his face, this person was the monitor Guo Qinghe, wearing a pair of glasses and a formal suit . The word “successful person” would come to mind to anyone who looked at him .

“Three cups is too few, it’s at least five cups, ha ha …”

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“That is, five cups, not less . ”

“Xiao Luo and Wantian have never been drunk or vomited at a university party, which shows that their capacity for liquor is very unusual . If I were to say that there are fewer than five cups, I would have to blow the bottle directly to my mouth . ”

The others followed the heckling, and the atmosphere in the whole room suddenly became lively .

“You scoundrels are still in bad shape after three years . Good . After eating first and rowing with you then, I think you still dare to do this . ” Tang Wantian snatched up her sleeves and looked like a man more than a woman .

A few guys who were booing got a fright, if Tang Wantian forced them to drink, they would be dead .

Therefore, the target of the battle was transferred to Xiao Luo .

“Xiao Luo, you… what is this? Why did you bring such a lovely little girl? ”

“Yes, she’s so cute, I really want to hold her in my arms . It is a rare feeling . ”

“I am still a single dog . I have reserved this little girl . She will be my future wife . None of you are allowed to rob me . ”

Several men and women left their seats and walked up to the little girl . They pinched her face and touched her nose . Their love for the little girl was shown all around the table .

The little girl was holding Xiao Luo’s thighs, timidly hiding behind Xiao Luo .

Zhao Mengqi was dressed very beautifully today . She wore a long waist dress and light makeup . She had suffered a lot of injuries and was troubled by illness . Her appearance was not as brilliant and gorgeous as before, but she was also a middle-class beauty .

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She sat motionless in her seat . From the moment Xiao Luo had entered the room until now, her eyes had been on Xiao Luo with unspeakable obscurity, regret, and shame . This excellent man once belonged to her, but now, they had become strangers, the thought of this made her heartbroken . She very anxiously wanted to go back in time, back to the past . Unconsciously, her eyes turned slightly red .

“Ah Shui, if you want to marry this little girl, then you have to call Xiao Luo father now . ” Tang Wantian quipped .

Calling Xiao Luo “Father” ? !

All the people in the room were stunned .

The real name of the guy called “Ah shui” was Hu . He was short and not very good-looking, but he had a flexible mind . He pointed to the little girl hiding behind Xiao Luo with only half of her face exposed . He asked Tang Wantian in surprise: “Do you mean that she is Xiao Lou’s daughter?”

Tang Wantian looked at Zhao Mengqi, and wondered, “Yes, isn’t Mengqi here, didn’t she tell you?”

The crowd looked at each other, their faces all looking embarrassed .

Hu made two quick laughs and whispered in her ear: “Just now Lao Zhang said that Mengqi and Xiao Luo had already separated, and this matter was also confirmed by Mengqi . ”

“What? Xiao Luo and Mengqi … ”

Tang Wantian was surprised . Xiao Luo and Zhao Mengqi was a pair that everyone liked . At the graduation reception, the two also promised to get married to each other, and then live happily for the rest of their lives . How did they split up? She realized her mistake and stopped at once . Then she looked at Xiao Luo and asked with her eyes .

Xiao Luo smiled calmly: “Fate is hard to figure out . Many things cannot be forced by personal will . ”

In a word, he explained why they broke up . It was also to show that he had more respect for his former lover .

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Zhao Mengqi felt guilty and grateful . How could she not know that Xiao Luo was taking care of her face? What a good man this was . Why did she abandon him when she was covered with lard?

“That’s right . Come on, let’s sit down and chat . Waiter, you can serve . ”

Guo Qinghe played the roundhouse . He didn’t want to make the atmosphere of the reunion awkward
Zhang Dashan echoed, “Yes, yes, today at the old classmates’ meeting, some unpleasant things will not be talked about . Let’s talk more happily . ” He looked at Hu and said, “Ah shui, you are humorous . Come on, let’s listen to a joke . Everyone should be happy . ”

“This is a poor remark . You are the granddaddy of our class . Who can compare with Lao Zhang?” Hu wagged his hand, candidly admitting defeat .

“That’s right, Lao Zhang, you come first . We like listening to your jokes the best . ”

“I still remember what you said about the gnome male-**, it is really a classic, and I still remember it clearly . ”

“Yes, you chase me, if you chase me, I will let you… gnome male-**, ha ha ha …… ”

When they thought back to their time in college, everyone was happy and laughing .

Guo Qinghe, too, was overjoyed . “Dashan, everyone is praising you . Let’s hear one first . ”

“Tell one?”

Zhang Dashan has long been stirring, unable to control his desire to tell jokes .


Both men and women warmly applauded and booed .

“Then I’ll tell one . ”

Zhang Dashan got up with a dry cough and spoke in a bright voice . “It’s about a couple . [The wife likes watching TV series very much . One day she said to her husband: Husband, over the years, you have been watching TV series with me . I know you must have been patient with me . I shouldn’t be so selfish . I won’t watch TV series today . Whatever you want, give me a chance to make you happy .

Upon hearing this, the husband said: You know that it is really boring that I have been watching with you every day for so many years . You finally found your conscience today . I see that you are watching a lot of costume dramas . The ministers and the emperor are all very literal, right? Well, I don’t want you to do anything, but I’ll test you something .

Husband, what do you want to test me?

The Husband said: You just say one word . This word will make me very happy, but it will also make me very angry . ]

Can you guess what his wife said?”

“Lao Zhang, don’t sell your jokes . If we can guess your jokes, will you still be the granddaddy of jokes in our class?” Hu Pingdao retorted .

“That is to say, what did she say to make her husband happy and angry at the same time?” There were girls that asked so urgently .

Zhang Dashan took a sip of tea and said slowly, “His wife said: Husband, your chicken🐔 is the biggest among your friends . ”

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