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Chapter 257

Jia Zhengyi did have a lot of fans, but in the face of national goddess Su Li’s fans and other stars’, his fans had no ability to fight back at all . For example, the person whose ID “Legend of Cloud” spoke and tried attacking Su Li . But as a result, tens of thousands of people denounced him . Finally, the microblog official blocked the account permanently .

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The support for Jia Zhengyi’s voice was overwhelmed and there was no room for survival under the impact of the netizen army .

Some people also disclosed that the ID called “Legend of Cloud” was actually Jia Zhengyi’s trumpet, which was specially used by Jia Zhengyi to stir up heat for himself . All posts and comments were immediately followed, and there were also high-tech netizens who pulled out the same IP as Jia Zhengyi’s authenticated account and “Legend of Cloud . ”

As soon as this material was exposed, the microblog space followers stormed Jia Zhengyi’s homepage to criticize him . The torrent of abuse surged like a tidal wave . Jia Zhengyi also started to fight back like Xiao Luo, but his fighting capacity was not as good as Xiao Luo’s . He was shocked out of his mind by the netizens’ abuse several times .

“You rubbish, all of you are just keyboard players who abuse on the Internet to eat and shit . Go back to your mother’s womb!”

Angry from embarrassment, Jia Zhengyi sent out a sentence and completely ignored the consequences .

Jia Zhengyi’s image collapsed instantly, and many fans who liked to watch his program unfollowed him .

“Teacher Jia, you have let me down too much . As a public figure, are you really insulting others like this?”

“I’m very disappointed . I didn’t think the host I liked for so long would be so incompetent and blind . ”

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“I’m sorry, I can’t accept such a teacher, Jia!”

The whole screen was filled with messages expressing their utter disappointment with Jia Zhengyi . At the same time, Jia Zhengyi’s number of micro blog followers dropped sharply, dropping more than 2 million fans in a few hours .

Batches of netizens went to the microblog of Xia Hai TV station where Jia Zhengyi’s program is located and stormed the comments area there with their burning anger .

“This is your Xia Hai TV host? It seems that your TV station has very low requirements on the quality of the host, garbage and waste . ”

“It’s really sad for your TV station to have a host like Jia Zhengyi . ”

“It is strongly recommended to expel Jia Zhengyi!”

“I will never watch your TV programs again . Birds of a feather flock together . People fall into groups . People like Jia Zhengyi are not good birds in your TV station . ”

“Let’s boycott Jia Zhengyi and Xia Hai TV!”

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The star who denounced Jia Zhengyi before also issued another article …

“When you make bad comments on other people’s affairs due to insufficient reasons, please ask yourself, are you really right in commenting on some behavior of others? People sure showed their ugly faces! ”

“Don’t hang out if you have a bad personality . The TV stations behind you are all involved . It’s time for you to reflect . ”

“3,000 waterinfo’s return stroke is very powerful and admirable, while someone’s return stroke is only spitting excrement and making people feel disgusted!”

Faced with the pressure of public opinion, the owner of Xia Hai TV who was sleeping well at home, after learning about the incident, immediately called Jia Zhengyi and ordered him to delete all the corrupt images in a furious tone, otherwise he would be banned .

Jia Zhengyi was so ashamed that he wanted to vomit blood . He posted Xu Guansong’s long essay in order to make himself more relevant . But he had never thought that one “3,000 waterinfo” would cause such a big stir . Under the pressure of the owner, he had to delete the abusive words of netizens and even removed Xu Guansong’s forwarded long essay .

In the end, he used his face to apologize, and slowly calmed the netizens’ anger .

However, some screenshots of his improper speech were still kept . Then many netizens who came to watch the ‘movie’ after admiring the screenshots also knew what had happened . In great anger, Jia Zhengyi ran to his microblog home page again to see messages calling him incompetent and unworthy to be the host, causing a series of hereaftereffects with sufficient stamina . Jia Zhengyi was forced to disable commenting .

“Ha, ha, ha … it’s really a pleasure . This brain-dead Jia Zhengyi is now in silence . You dare to offend Lao Xiao? Retribution comes quickly . ”

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Zhang Dashan’s heart heaved a sigh of relief . He saw that Jia Zhengyi had deleted his status, issued a long apology, and finally deleted his comments . This was far more pleasant and relaxing than finding and hitting him .

“Is Xiao Ge gonna finish him off? By the way, Xiao Ge is going to Xia Hai City next year anyway, we can find an opportunity to bring him down completely then . ” Feng Ge suggested .

“Yes, yes, this proposal is good . Let this bastard know why roses are red . ” Zhang Dashan echoed .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: “Don’t wait until next year, when Xu Guansong’s trial results come out, you immediately ask Zhang Yong to send a lawyer’s letter to Xia Hai TV, accusing Jia Zhengyi of damaging our company’s reputation, demanding him to compensate for the losses and apologize . ”

There was no overnight revenge, nor was there any gentleman’s revenge after ten years, since Jia Zhengyi provoked him, he naturally had to be prepared to bear his anger .

Of course, he still wanted to thank Jia Zhengyi . The system points have now reached more than 2 million . When it came to what ability was needed in the future, there was no need to worry about insufficient points any more .

However, he knew that the main reason for such a good result was that female star Su Li paid more attention and praised him .

In his heart, he couldn’t help but like this star . In fact, he still knew something about Su Li . Singing and acting were her strong points . A youth school play has made her popular all over the country . Because the role she portrayed was so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . She could make the audience happy because of her smile and sad because of her cry . As soon as the school play was released, it was screened on all major network platforms and TV stations . The ratings of other TV plays on the same period stumped .

A head of black soft bright long hair, a white corset skirt wrapped in lithe and graceful curve, like gentle waves, she sat on a stool on the balcony, holding a book in her hand, the morning sun just spilled on her face, letting her delicate face spread seductive ruddy luster .

Su Li!

Looking at a photo on Weibo, Xiao Luo read the name silently in his heart .

He doesn’t know whether Su Li paid attention to and praised him because she had a problem with Jia Zhengyi or because she really felt that he was right . After all, the entertainment circle was really chaotic with changing tides . People who got in, wanted to come out and people outside, wanted to go in . But most of the time, people who wanted to make some achievements from within would become white bones under the pyramid and would never climb to the top of the pyramid .

“Lao Xiao, Lao Guo said that in four days, students from Guang Province will get together . ” Zhang Dashan suddenly said .

Lao Guo? Guo Qinghe?

Xiao Luo was stunned, Guo Qinghe was the class monitor from their university . The class monitor took the lead in talking about getting together . He could not directly say that he was not interested . After all, Guo Qinghe did not help him less when he was in university, such as fighting for subsidies for poor families .

“Where do we get together?”

“We haven’t decided yet . It should be in River city . After all, most of our class are developing in neighboring cities . River city is the center . It is the most reasonable choice to gather here . Lao Guo is in Xia Hai . It should be no problem and sacrifice for her to get here . ” Zhang Dashan said .

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