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Chapter 256

Obviously, when Jia Zhengyi’s comment came out, it was clear who would win and who would lose the war .

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In Chu Yunxiong’s heart: “This… Xiao Luo, really surprise me!”

He really didn’t expect Xiao Luo to directly compete with Jia Zhengyi . The verbal battle was so simple and rough that people could not help exclaiming happily .

Ge Zhongtian was in distress: “I am not as eloquent as I thought I was . ”

“The ability to defeat a talk show host is a talent . ”

Chu Yunxiong was relishing the thought . Xiao Luo, this young man, gave him too many surprises . He also just learned that Xiao Luo was vouched for by the NSA’s top commander . His future achievements are destined to be extraordinary .



Gu Qianxue, who has been paying close attention to the microblog scold war, could not help laughing out loud with a wide smile when she knew that “3000 waterinfo” was Xiao Luo . Unexpectedly, Xiao Luo still had such a side . Her smile made her entire person to become more stunningly beautiful, like a fairy falling to the earth; white, flawless and lovely .

Gu Qianlin, on the other hand, spurned: “What a vulgar person!”

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“Xiao Luo is only fighting back at those who abused him . This is not vulgar . ” Gu QianXue retorted .

“The whole article is full of dirty words . What is not vulgar in this?”

“That’s because they abused Xiao Luo first . ”

Gu Qianlin pursed her lips: “Qian Xue, I won’t argue with you . I’ll wait three days for the hearing of vice president of Luo Fang . Don’t forget our bet . ”

Gu Qianxue carefully thought for a moment, then nodded: “I didn’t forget . ”



[I have seen a real great god today, 3,000 waterinfo, please accept my praise . My respect for you is like a torrent of water . ]

“Hot Apple” netizen commented: [3,000 waterinfo is really too domineering . In ancient times, there were quarrels and confucianism . Today, there are 10,000 enemies . What an absolute idol!]

“Crying silly child” left a message: [La, La, La, I swear and scold a new realm . No one is against me . I will fight for millions . I will wrest justice and the dog’s head off . ]

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Even after the scolding war ended, many people would still leave a message to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo’s “3000 waterinfo” account has attracted more than 100,000 followers, and his system points has reached a horrifying 600,000 points .

“Holy, you incredibly won, Lao Xiao, you’re really… ah, ha, ha, ha …”

Zhang Dashan laughed excitedly, then he handed Xiao Luo his cell phone and said, “Even our chat group of college classmates exploded and were discussing you . ”

“They know it’s me?” Xiao Luo was rather embarrassed . He didn’t like this kind of attention .

“Of course they don’t know . You have secretly registered a micro-blog account, even I, myself, just found out about it . ”

Zhang Dashan took back his cell phone and looked up Xiao Luo’s homepage . After looking at it, he immediately widened his eyes . “Motherf*cker, you have more than 100,000 fans after making such a scene . I have only 500,000!”


Xiao Luo was speechless . He didn’t need to pay attention to this kind of stuff . He only needed points . Fortunately, he didn’t have any posting records or photos on his micro-blog account . If he uploaded his photos before, it would be really a big event .

However, when Luo Qi and Li Zimeng learned from Zhang Dashan that “3,000 waterinfo” was Xiao Luo, both women were shocked .

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“Big boss’ cold image collapsed in an instant in there . However, Big boss is too likable . He can scold well, and put Jia Zhengyi to nowhere, I love you so much, hee hee …” Luo Qi expressed her admiration to Xiao Luo from afar .

Just when Xiao Luo thought things were going to calm down, Zhang Dashan suddenly stood up, looked at the phone like a ghost and cried out, “My God (3x)!”

Saying ‘My God’ three times showed how excited his heart is .

“Elder brother Zhang, what’s the matter?” Feng Ge asked out of curiosity .

Xiao Luo didn’t have a good feeling: “What’s with the uproar?”

However, Zhang Dashan did not care . He ran to Xiao Luo with his mobile phone and said in a very shocking tone: “National Goddess Su Li has paid attention to you and praised you for replying to Jia Zhengyi’s comments . ”

What? !

Su Goddess paid attention to Xiao Ge and praised him?

Upon hearing this, the five people quickly picked up their mobile phones and clicked on Xiao Luo’s homepage to check . A few months ago, they were bumpkins, but now they are skilled in the information age . Naturally, they know what kind of star Su Li is . She’s a superstar who earns up to 50 million yuan in a movie . Being paid attention to and praised by such stars is simply unthinkable . At least they dare not think at this level .

Xiao Luo looked at a cartoon rabbit profile among his fans . He just followed the cartoon head and went in to check Su Li’s homepage . Before looking, he was prepared in his heart but was still startled by the number of Su Li’s fans .

70 million fans!

Each of her posts has been shared 3 million times, and there were more than 200,000 comments . Even a casual “good night” was quite frightening .

However, Su Li’s attention and praise were like a pebble thrown into a calm lake, stirring up ripples .

More and more stars were paying more attention to Xiao Luo and praising his comments on fighting back against Jia Zhengyi . There were also actresses who have been offended by Jia Zhengyi’s poisonous tongue before . They have personally issued articles denouncing him: “Someone should know that they are self-righteous, so when they make a talk show, they have high confidence . They lead a war on the Internet without knowing the truth of the matter, and just start to spit on people . ”

Another actress surnamed Li came forward: “If you insult people, they will insult you back . It’s time for someone to think and reflect . ”

Similarly, there were many male stars who stood up and accused Jia Zhengyi . Some of them have even sent out extremely satirical cartoons . The main character of the cartoon was a man called “false justice” . A clear-sighted person could see that he was talking about Jia Zhengyi .

Jia Zhengyi suddenly became the target of public criticism, with Su Li and all the stars taking part in the war, almost half of the country’s people were mobilized .

Xiao Luo’s account finally attracted a horrifying 4 million people . One must know that this account has not been verified [like Instagram and Twitter], let alone the account of a celebrity artist . In a few hours, 4 million people paid attention to it, which is faster than a rocket .

“I’m a grass-eater, my account has only attracted 500,000 people’s attention . This is the result of my hard work for so long . But, you have 4 million fans’ attention in less than 4 hours . This is too crazy for me…” Zhang Dashan’s psych was extremely affected, he wished Xiao Lou’s account was his own .

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