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Chapter 258

Xiao Luo was somewhat conflicted about the reunion . Because he knew that the people who really wanted to get together and get in touch with each other were in the minority, and under the guise of the reunion, people will boast that they were doing well, or wanted to see if anyone of their classmates had long been eroded by the big vat of society .

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There used to be a very real survey on the Internet . People who would take the initiative to propose a reunion were usually students who have made certain achievements in society .


But Xiao Luo also didn’t think much, it was okay anyway . If it was a get together, then it was a get together .


His college classmates were now chatting enthusiastically . They were all discussing the party with monitor Guo Qinghe as the organizer . They have started discussions within the group to determine the specific time and place of the party, as well as the number of people attending .


There were a total of 34 people in the class, half of whom worked in Guangdong Province . After the final confirmation, there were 10 people, and the place and time were also confirmed . Four days later, at eight o’clock in the evening, they met at the Maple Leaf Hotel in River city, together with Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan, there was a total of 12 people .


“Zhao Mengqi will also attend . Will you be alright?” Zhang Dashan asked .


“Why not?”


Xiao Luo asked, he already moved on from Zhao Mengqi . He had only one kind of relationship with her now, that of a college classmate .


“That’s good . Now, I’m not afraid you’ll feel embarrassed . ” Zhang Dashan patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile .


“You think too much . ”

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Xiao Luo shook his head, helplessly smiling .






Xu Guansong’s trial, the result was not suspenseful, in front of absolute evidence, Xu Guansong was sentenced to ten years in prison . At the same time, he was also ordered to send a long article to apologize to Luo Fang . When Zhang Dashan visited the prison, this guy cried with snot and tears, just like an old teenager .


“Before I came, I thought I would be very comfortable and happy to see your fate, but now that I’m here, I feel pity . Believe it or not, Lao Xiao and I have never wanted to delve into your responsibility, after all, you are one of the company’s originals and have made great contributions .


Even if people make a big mistake, we can’t just abandon them . Humans will inevitably make mistakes . But it’s good to be able to correct them . However, If one continues to make the same mistake again, even God can’t save you . ”


Across the tempered glass, Zhang Dashan looked at the other side and watched him weep bitterly . Xu Guansong, who was out of control, was filled with regret .


Xu Guansong bowed his head in despair . He really regretted sending that long article . He blamed himself: “I’m sorry for Mr . Xiao, I’m sorry for the company . I really didn’t expect to cause so much public opinion on the Internet …”


“Alas… ”

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Zhang Dashan sighed softly, “All right, I should go now . You should reform yourself well and try to get out as soon as possible . By the way, you don’t have to worry about your wife and children . During your imprisonment, the company will give them some money every month so that they can survive . ”


Xu Guansong teared up again . He did something bad to the company, but the company still helped him raise his wife and children . He really didn’t know what good deeds he had done in his last life to allow him to meet such a good company .


He knelt on the ground with a “thud” and kowtowed to Zhang Dashan: “Thank you, Mr . Zhang, thank you!”


His voice trembled with sobs .


“Don’t thank me, it was Lao Xiao’s order . If you want to thank someone, thank him!” Zhang Dashan turned and left .


Xu Guansong still knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly, repeating “Thank you, Mr . Xiao, thank you, Mr . Zhang” .






As for Jia Zhengyi, he sent someone to River city by plane overnight and came to Luo Fang’s headquarters . The person sent over looked sombered and asked for Luo Fang’s boss .

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Xiao Luo naturally wouldn’t come forward, now all the operations of Luo Fang’s headquarters are handed over to Zhang Dashan, he immediately conveyed his message . He must never accept private negotiations, it must be settled with Jia Zhengyi in court; to compensate for the losses and apologize .


River city also had many netizens who took part in the scolding battle . When Xu Guansong was sentenced, the long article denouncing the black heart of Luo Fang’s senior management was proven to be a distortion of the truth, which meant that Jia Zhengyi was claiming justice for a criminal, and caused great waves on the internet again . Although Jia zhengyi turned off the comment function of his microblog, his fan base decreased sharply at a visible speed, and finally only 5 million remained .


Xia Hai TV also took the show “Lao Jia Talk Show” off the air, which was undoubtedly a fatal blow to Jia Zhengyi .


On the afternoon of the 4th, Jia Zhengyi held a press conference . Like Xu Guansong, his whole figure suddenly turned into an old teenager, with a full face of vicissitudes of life . He looked like a completely different person .


At the press conference, he kept apologizing; apologizing to Luo fang, apologizing to the fans, saying that he had let everyone down . He would accept all kinds of punishment, with both voice and emotion . His eyes turned red and his voice choked .


“Damn, I don’t have the heart to sue him now, he looks so poor . ”


Zhang Dashan was actually quite softhearted, but when it came time to be ruthless, he could definitely be very ruthless .


Xiao Luo sat on the sofa, drinking hot black wolfberry tea and watching TV with a straight face . After hearing Zhang Dashan’s remark, he turned his head and smiled gently: “How much should I pay or rather how much should I let him pay?”


Zhang Dashan took a long drink from the beer bottle he was holding, saying: “Of course, who let him provoke us Luo fang without reason, we should still let him pay some price, did he really think we Luo fang were made of mud? ”


Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, he didn’t speak again .


These days, he’s paid attention to Su Li’s works, such as songs and movies, intentionally or unintentionally . He found that both Su Li’s songs and movies were very much to his taste .


When Zhang Dashan found out about this, he could not help but burst out in a loud voice: “Lao Xiao, although you are the boss of a company, you are still far from a rich and powerful family . A woman like Su Goddess, just think about it and don’t put it into reality . ”


“What are you implying?” Xiao Luo gave him a look .


“Oh please, we are all men . Do I still not know what you’re thinking? I saw you didn’t pay attention to Su Goddess before . But, now you like listening to her songs and watching her movies . Do I dare to say that you think too much of her?”


“No, not at all . ” Xiao Luo shook his head .


“Bullshit, as a brother, I must tell you earnestly and clearly that Su Goddess is rich and powerful . Unless you reach the height of Chu Yunxiong or Ma Dada, you can’t expect her to value you . ” Zhang Dashan was merciless .


Xiao Luo was too lazy to talk nonsense with this guy . What was wrong with listening to Su Li’s songs and watching her movies? Did this mean that he was crazy about her?


What kind of logic?!

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