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Chapter 254

However, as calm as Xiao Luo was, he also got angry this time . He laughed scornfully and logged into his previously created microblog account ID of ‘3000 waterinfo’ . Under Jia Zhengyi’s comment, he replied: “Jia Zhengyi, have you personally come to Jiang city to investigate? Do you know who exactly is vice president Xu? Luo Fang’s current boss is a rich second generation, are you sure? Without investigation, as a public figure, don’t mislead the masses! ”

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If Jia Zhengyi was not as far away as Xia Hai City, with his temperament, he would definitely not argue about anything on this network . He would directly find the host of this bullsh*t talk show who poured dirty water on Luo Fang .

The comment was just posted and within five minutes, thousands of netizens responded immediately .

“Hey, where did a dog wash come out? Luo Fang gave you money and let you come out to help Luo Fang talk?”

“The ID was registered three years ago and has not published any news or comments . At this time, it was obvious the dog was hired by Luo Fang . ”

“Did your mother not teach you to use honorific titles to address your elders? ”

It was full of abusive replies . Weibo’s avatar was not mainstream . Even the name only included some strange symbols . Xiao Luo smiled lightly . He has long heard that the current network was full of keyboard players . Now he has finally realized from personal experience . None of them has made any clarification about the situation . They simply followed the trend and stood in line to abuse others for fun . This was really sad .

To tell the truth, his heart suddenly calmed down now, and he even wanted to laugh . He did not know what was wrong with this society . Did nine years of compulsory education all go to waste?

“Ding, congratulations to the host for getting 23,000 points!”

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At this time, the system prompt sounded in his mind .

Xiao Luo was slightly startled . His points were only a few thousand points . And this 23,000 points was a sudden increase . He soon understood what was going on . The 23,000 points must be the result of his reply to Jia Zhengyi’s statement and the criticism from netizens .

Was this all right? !

This greatly surprised him . He carefully recalled what the previous system said about the points earned: any surprise, curiosity, shock, anger, etc . caused by the host will be recognized and absorbed by the system, and then automatically converted into corresponding points according to their depth .

At this point, the phone rang a message prompt, someone replied to him again .

When he looked at it, he couldn’t help but be surprised . It was the talk show host Jia Zhengyi who answered him .

“As the vast number of netizens asked, who are you? For what purpose do you stand up and speak for Luo Fang? Didn’t you read the long article by Vice President Xu of Luo Fang? He made it very clear that the rich second-generation boss of Luo Fang, in order to have a grandiose excuse to dismiss him, directly slandered him for having an affair with his female colleagues, embezzled the company’s taxes, and as a veteran backbone who has devoted more than ten years to the company . If he was not disheartened, how could he send thousands of words of long letters to reprimand his old boss? ”

Xiao Luo immediately replied: “I’ll ask again, did you come to River City (Jiangcheng/Jiang city) to investigate?”

Jia Zhengyi’s high-flying attitude: Of course, the team behind me investigated and confirmed the authenticity of the long article published by Vice President Xu .

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“Since you’ve made an investigation, then you should know the current boss’ name of Luo Fang right? What’s his name then? What’s his family background to be worthy of the word “rich second generation?” Xiao Luo coldly replied .

As a result, Jia Zhengyi directly diverts the topic and asks, “Are you the rich second-generation boss of Luo Fang?” Otherwise, how can you support a garbage company so much?

“Garbage company? So do you think your talk show is very classy? As far as I know, what you like most about this program is the gossip of some stars . Even the clothes of stars can become the object of your complaint . Don’t you think this program is careless, boring and extremely painful?” Xiao Luo answered .

Jia Zhengyi replied with the two words most despised on the Internet: Ha ha …

“What, how did you get on with that son of a b*tch Jia Zhengyi?”

Zhang Dashan found Xiao Luo’s action at this time, from surprised to disgraced . While he was telling the five people to be calm, Xiao Luo incredibly logged into his micro blog account and openly debated with Jia Zhengyi .

Xiao Luo smiled but did not reply .

“Oh, you can still laugh, what is the situation?”

Zhang Dashan’s face was full of confusion, this was not in line with Xiao Luo’s style at all .

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The five also looked at each other, puzzled by Xiao Luo’s behavior .

“I find it interesting to argue with Jia Zhengyi . ”

Xiao Luo looked up and said, and then picked up the tea on the table and took a sip . Of course, he didn’t think it was very interesting to argue with Jia Zhengyi, but the integral value of the system was rising at an incredible speed . It was just over 20,000 points before . Now it has soared to 40,000 points . How could this not please him?

At this moment, there are thousands of replies to his dispute with Jia Zhengyi .

“Give me 3,000 watermelons, and I’ll give you a horse-drawn comparison, just like a fool and a bully . ”

“Mr . Jia’s talk show is the most interesting program I have ever seen . You should apologize to Mr . Jia immediately . ”

“This is definitely the ID of the rich second generation boss of the garbage Luo Fang . Everyone should scold Luo Fang . He is the real dog that washes the ground for Luo fang . ”

“Don’t insult an animal by saying he’s a dog . He is just a pile of smelly poop not an animal . ”

“I am relieved to see so many people scolding you . ”

Jia Zhengyi’s fans kept bombarding Xiao Luo, and even some people paid attention to Xiao Luo’s micro-blog account . They specially left a message saying: Know why they pay attention to you? Just to scold you!

“When everyone is scolding you, you should reflect on yourself @3000 waterinfo!”

Jia Zhengyi specially called Xiao Luo out, just like a wise man’s reply .

“Motherf*cker, I really want to chop down that bastard!”

Zhang Dashan gnashed his teeth with anger . He has watched the talk show before and was considered a fan of Jia Zhengyi . But now Jia Zhengyi was actually on Xu Guansong’s side and has not made any investigation before slandering their side . He was only trying to maintain his own heat by continuing the fight and online abuse of Luo Fang . This was despicable and selfish .

“It’s not worth getting angry about this . When the results of Xu Guansong’s sentence are published online, all the gossip will disappear . ” Xiao Luo said .

“Lao Xiao, what are you pretending to be calm? If you were really calm, you wouldn’t be angry with him . ”

“I argue with him for my own reasons . Don’t worry about it . Luo Fang’s reputation will not be affected . On the contrary, after this incident, I think not many people in the country will not know about our Luo Fang . ”

Xiao Luo smiled gently, it was really not a bad thing, Jia Zhengyi now seemed to be discrediting Luo Fang, but as long as Xu Guansong’s sentence results came out, all the wind will naturally turn to Luo Fang, this was a wave of free advertising .

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