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Published at 17th of May 2020 11:55:03 AM
Chapter 255

On Weibo, the abuse of Xiao Luo continued .

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Jia Zhengyi still had quite a number of fans, and this microblog scolding war has been spread and joined by more and more people under the reports of other media . Some of them were merely following the trend to vent insults . Others have read Xu Guansong’s long article, and started scolding when they saw the flood of sympathy has confirmed that Xu Guansong was excluded and suppressed by Luo Fang . Of course, some of them remained neutral .


“Why stop talking? Have you ran out of things to say?”


“Rubbish, you dare argue with Mr . Jia?”


“Each of us Jia fans can drown you by spitting . ”


Abuses were heard everywhere . Even if some of them were on Xiao Luo’s side and expressed their opinions, they were also egged on just like Xiao Luo .


(egged on is like throwing dirty water [curses, abuse etc . ])


“The dog that cleans its owners’ sh*t sure barks loudly!”


“Luo Fang seems to have lost a lot of money as they have invited so many dogs . ”


“Get out of Weibo, you brainwashed people . ”


Hostility was very heavy, and abusive language was quite harsh . Luo Fang was caught under so many criticisms, those who called for a rational view of the problem should not blindly follow the voice of the wind without being able to cope with it . They soon disappeared in the torrent of abuse .


Jia Zhengyi was very satisfied with the result . He did not need to be sure whether what Xu Guansong said in his long article was true or not . He only needed to be the center of public discussion, so that his fame would be maintained and his talk show would have more audiences . His mind even imagined his rise in appeal .

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“This is the public opinion . Whether you are the owner of Luo Fang or the one they’ve just hired, you should leave the microblog world . You are not welcome here @3000 waterinfo . ” Jia Zhengyi said earnestly .


Then immediately there were many people following the netizens and told Xiao Luo to get out of Weibo .


Although the score of the system was increasing rapidly, Xiao Luo was also angry and replied: “Jia Zhengyi, your justice is really fake . Time will prove all this . When the long article is proven to be distorting facts and slandering Luo Fang’s reputation at random, I hope you can withstand my anger . A public figure, without investigation, stirs up public opinion to denounce a company . I want you to compensate Luo Fang’s loss of reputation and expenses, which should make you feel more or less heartache . ”


The voices calling for a rational view of the problem resurfaced, apparently led by Xiao Luo, voicing support from below .


“Silly and forced, you finally admitted that you are the rich second-generation boss of Luo fang?” A netizen with an ID called “Legend of Cloud” scolded .


This ID called “Legend of Cloud” has appeared many times, focusing on insulting him .


Xiao Luo’s reply was light in the wind and light in the clouds: “Life is full of infinite vitality with you . There are you along the way, afraid of what lightning strikes; Only because of you, happiness and contentment abound . If there is no you, then who would feed the good pig food?”


As soon as this reply was sent, the comments below exploded .


“I lie in the gutter . He doesn’t have a dirty word in the whole sentence, but he can scold the other party . That’s great!”


“It turns out that 3,000 waterinfo is so cultured, I’m turning to dust!”


“Ha, ha, ha … swearing while not spitting dirty words, such big character . ”


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There were still many people who looked at this incident rationally, and now all of them have come out to support Xiao Luo .


Jia Zhengyi felt aggrieved for his fans: “Even if you feel a little inky, you think you are a scholar and a poet? Do you know that you are just a rich second generation who depends on their parents to eat and die? ”


“Support Jia Laoshi!”


“The second generation rich garbage boss, garbage Luo Fang . ”


“Close down quickly, Blackheart . ”


Jia Zhengyi’s fans have voiced their support .


Xiao Luo calmly replied to Jia Zhengyi: “Jia Zhengyi, when you are treated as a human being, will you try to act like one? Oh, I forgot, you are an incompletely evolved organism, an alien with gene mutation! ”


Jia Zhengyi was flushed with anger, and his fans were also crying with anger .


“3000 waterinfo, you motherf*cker!”


“Wasteful rich second generation, what qualifications do you have to scold Mr . Jia?”


“If I see you, I’ll kill you, believe it or not?”


Xiao Luo smiled calmly and did not stop . He responded to the abusive comments one by one . Of course, the response was not due to anger, but to gain systematic points .

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“Kindergarten-level senior high school students, you’re a congenital Mongolian frog head . ”


“Wanting to be a dog but your IQ is not enough!”


“I have never seen anything so disgusting . Have you got hemorrhoids in your mouth?”


Netizens who were concerned about this war of words were shocked . They never thought that the fighting capacity of “3,000 waterinfo” who just suddenly appeared was so strong . Others were quarrelsome and confusing . He was a million-man keyboard player that shocked people .


“Don’t talk to this stupid person, it will only lower everyone’s IQ!” The ID “Legend of cloud” made another comment .


Xiao Luo replied: “I know that you are a beast that can only spit ivory out of its mouth . Come and look at you . You are more shocking than Xifeng . You must die as soon as possible . What else do you want besides creating excrement?”


Thus, “Legend of cloud” despondently went offline .


After that, many netizens who insulted Xiao Luo also disappeared under Xiao Luo’s amazing responses .


“What fighting capacity is this? ‘3000 Waterinfo’ is too strong . ”


“He scolded away one after another, this is simply God-like . ”


“It is said that Luo Fang’s boss is a rich second-generation . But judging from this situation, even if he is a rich second-generation, he is full of ink in his stomach . ”


Support for the voice of Xiao Luo has mushroomed one by one, Xiao Luo’s account attracted the attention of fans and his followers quickly exceeded 20,000 .


Xiao Luo felt happy, at the same time he also couldn’t help but be excited, because the system points have already broken through fifty thousand, and the best part was that it was all earned in one night .


Yes, quite good!


He was very satisfied, his points reached the highest point in history .


“Wahhh, the dead can be said to live by you!”


Zhang Dashan looked at Xiao Luo’s progress during this verbal battle on Weibo and gave Xiao Luo a thumbs-up sign .


“Xiao Ge, I will be your brain powder in the future . ” Feng Ge laughed .


“We have all added it . ”


Xiao Wu echoed . They didn’t expect not only Xiao Ge’s skill was terrifying, even his swearing capacity was so fierce . It was too strong .


Then Jia Zhengyi became angry from embarrassment and replied irrationally: “Don’t comment in my Weibo post, you son of a b*tch, you have soiled my site . ”


Xiao Luo smiled and typed, “I want to see you talk, but why do you bury your face in your farts and stocks? Oh? I’m sorry, I don’t know if that is your face, then where are your farts and stocks? ”


Jia Zhengyi almost vomited blood . He was used to hearing people calling him “Teacher Jia” . He had never been humiliated like this before . He wanted to swear loudly, but he couldn’t ignore his image . Finally, he choked off old blood: “I don’t want to talk to unqualified people …”

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