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Chapter 253

Gu Qianxue, dressed in a snowy white nightgown, was sitting curled up on the sofa watching TV in a small district of River city . Gu Qianlin, who was nearby, was apparently in a mood .

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“Qian Xue, don’t be like a child, as I said, Xiao Luo is a devil, making friends with him will make you lose the ability to judge good and evil, so you must cut off all dealings with him and never see him again . ” Gu QianLin earnestly advised .

Gu Qianxue’s nimble eyes looked up at her with a trace of blame: “I am an adult and I can make decisions on many things myself . I know Xiao Luo . He is not the devil you say . He has justice in his heart, though his behavior is a bit extreme . ”

“A bit extreme?”

Gu Qianlin snorted lightly and shook her head . “He dared to shoot at us JC and killed more than 90 people through our JC’s hand, even if those 90 people were evil . ”

Gu QianXue didn’t talk, she just looked at her motionless .

Gu Qianlin continued to list out Xiao Lou’s crimes: “He directly cut a hospital director’s throat with a knife in front of me . It was extremely cruel . I dream of the bloody scene almost every day . He is a cold-blooded animal, which makes people feel scared from the bottom of their hearts . There was also that stormy night on the 25th .

He washed Long Sankui’s villa by himself . That night, more than 200 bodies lay in the villa compound . The blood flowed into the river . Long Sankui’s head was cut off . No matter what the big reason was, it could not change the fact that he was a murderer . Such a monster with blood on its hands, others were afraid and avoided it . Why did you lean against him? ”

How can Gu QianXue argue with GuQianLin, she couldn’t say a word, so she turned around and watched TV angrily .

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“Qian Xue, I am your elder sister, I will only do good for you and will never harm you!”

An elder sister was like a mother . When her parents were not around, Gu Qianlin had a strong desire to protect Gu Qianxue just like her mother . In her eyes, no matter how old Gu Qianxue was, she would still be just a child who needed guidance to the right path .

Gu Qianxue protested by covering her ears .

Gu QianLin helplessly shook her head, she didn’t continue, she knew that Gu QianXue now had to dilute everything she was told .

She habitually took out her mobile phone and opened the news center . When she saw the headline news about Luo Fang, she didn’t resist it . She put the mobile phone in front of Gu Qianxue and said to her: “Luo Fang is Xiao Luo’s company . The person who issued the long article denouncing Luo Fang was the former vice president of Luo Fang . The vice president has been working in the company for more than ten years . There was not only credibility but also hard work . But he was fired . Xiao Luo also used despicable means to slander him and his female colleagues in the company .

The theft of the company’s tax revenue was used as an excuse to expel him in a high-sounding manner . Even the front-line host, Mr . Jia Zhengyi, forwarded it . It also caused a huge stir on the Internet . The voices calling on Luo Fang became loud . Thus, it could be seen that Xiao Lou’s character was not what you think . ”

Gu Qianxue watched the news for a while, then shook her head and said, “Xiao Luo is not that kind of person, it must be the vice president who is distorting the truth!”

“Why do you always stand by Xiao Luo’s side? In your eyes, is he really so good? ”

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Gu QianLin was incomparably angry, exactly what had Xiao Luo done to her sister to turn her like this, letting her sister be dead set to support him .

Gu Qianxue thought for a moment, then nodded: “He is really good!”

She remembered the picture of Xiao Luo inviting her to eat hot pot . The two also had a chopstick fight at the hotpot restaurant . When she remembered it, she always felt it was so interesting and memorable .

“Time will prove everything, and all the negative comments against Xiao Luo will soon disperse . ” Gu Qianxue’s incomparable trust in Xiao Luo made her say so .

“Well, then let time prove all this . If the vice president really wronged Xiao Luo, I will never stop you from looking for Xiao Luo again . ” Gu Qianlin took back her mobile phone and made a bet with Gu Qianxue .



Luo Fang has become the focus of public opinion . To say Xiao Luo’s mood was pleasant was definitely untrue . In addition, he found that talk show host Jia Zhengyi was really addicted to talking . After forwarding Xu Guansong’s long article, he may have tasted the sweetness of the microblog comment area being occupied by netizens, so he came out and repeatedly denounced Luo Fang, which was very infuriating .

“It has been verified that Fang Changmiao, the former boss of Luo Fang, due to some failed dealings which impacted the company’s funds, transferred Luo Fang over to a rich young man, commonly known as the rich second generation . Everyone should be able to imagine the virtue of a rich second generation who relied on his parents to be cynical all day long .

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Xu Guansong was expelled only after he accidentally offended this new boss . Such a company was too dark and what he had made was definitely not good . I suggest that everyone boycott Luo Fang and let such a dirty company close down as soon as possible . ”

Then the comment on this status was quickly occupied by netizens .

“Mr Jia is right, a garbage company, garbage Luo Fang!”

“From that long article, I saw the helplessness and injustice of the vice president . The boss of Luo Fang was too dark . ”

“It is simply power and dictatorship . Such a rotten company should close down!”

The comments were all one-sided, all biased towards Xu Guansong’s side, because Jia Zhengyi linked the boss of Luo Fang with the rich second generation . The netizens were basically of ordinary family background . The three words “rich second generation” were distasteful and annoying from the bottom of their hearts . In addition, Xu Guansong’s long article denouncing Luo Fang with rich feelings, no one would think that Xu Guansong was distorting the facts .

“Jia Zhengyi is obviously stepping on our company to maintain his fame and popularity . ” Zhang Dashan was so angry that he kicked the stool away, speechless with anger .

Feng Ge was equally angry: “Zhang Ge, where is Jia Zhengyi? I’ll kill him directly!”

“Oh please, his family is in Xia Hai City, more than 2,500 kilometers away from here . ” Zhang Dashan retorted .

“Then we will fly to find him and beat his excrement first . ” Xiao Wu said in outrage .


The other three stood up and echoed their agreement in chorus .

“Do you even know where that bastard lives in Xia Hai?” Zhang Dashan asked loudly .

Listening to these words, the five immediately deflated like a balloon .

“Learn from Lao Xiao and be calm . ”

Zhang Dashan comforted, he seemed to have forgotten that he was not calm himself .

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