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Chapter 249

The whole conference room was silent, everyone was the backbone of the company having smart minds . Naturally they could understand that someone was secretly doing tax evasion in the company . The amount of about two hundred thousand per month was going into private pockets . Once found, it would bring trouble to the whole company . Tax evasion, the company would have to bear legal responsibility .

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Guo Fu timidly looked at Xiao Luo . She really didn’t know why she would tell Xiao Luo everything, but there was a voice in her mind constantly telling her to reveal everything . What she did not know was that she had been hypnotized by Xiao Luo .

“Minister Guo, aren’t you going to say anything?” Xiao Luo coldly asked .

Guo Fu shuddered and said, “Yes … it’s Vice President Xu . Of the more than 200,000 less taxes paid, 150,000 went into Vice President Xu’s pocket . I only took one of them …”

“Shut up!”

Xu Guansong opened his eyes wide, the veins that stood out on his forehead were popping out, salivating at Guo Fu, he shouted, “This is slander, this is slander!”

“Xu Guansong, ask yourself, is she really slandering you?” Xiao Luo questioned indifferently .

Originally he just wanted to dismiss Xu Guansong, but this matter let him directly sentence Gu Guansong to death . While Xiao Luo was away during this period of time, he joined forces with the finance minister to make false accounts . Regarding the corruption of the company’s money, no matter whoever was boss, it was impossible to accommodate such subordinates .

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Xu Guansong said without hesitation: “This is slander . There is no proof and no evidence . It’s not what she wants to say is true . ”

He suddenly put his eyes on Xiao Luo . “I see, you arranged all this right . You want to fire me, because I have sinned against your brother . But firing me will only make the cohesion of the company loose . So you have found such a reason, saying that I evade taxes, so you can fire me in a grandiose way . Xiao Luo, you are really good!”

He also shook his arms and shouted to the backbones of the company present: “Comrades, don’t be fooled . I was wronged . Xiao Luo is trying to make me leave . I have been in the company for nearly 15 years . I gave my best youth in my life to the company, but in the end, it ended like this . Comrades, don’t you feel disheartened? With such a boss, can you continue to fight hard in your respective jobs with steadfastness? ”

“Vice president Xu is right . This is definitely Xiao Luo’s plot . His purpose is obvious . It is to expel Vice President Xu for a high-sounding reason . ”

“It’s too chilling . To make such a despicable approach to senior Vice President Xu, Xiao Luo simply does not regard us, the backbones who have worked so hard for the company, as people . ”

“I suggest, we stand up together, against Xiao Luo’s arbitrary unreasonable dictatorship, as long as we unite as one, even if he is the boss of the company, would he still dare to expel us all? If we are fired, the company cannot continue to operate! ”

Xu Guansong’s cronies became active and arrogant . They were all promoted by Xu Guansong from the middle and lower classes . They were loyal to Xu Guansong . Among them were Xu Guansong’s own relatives, Xu Guansong’s friends . They were undoubtedly on Xu Guansong’s side .

“Peng ~”

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Zhang Dashan bursted with fire, he slapped the desktop fiercely and stood up: “The guest deceives the store and the evil slave deceives the master . I thought this was just a plot in a TV series, but I didn’t expect to see it in reality . ”

“If you want to incriminate yourself, you can easily find a dog!”

Xu Guansong, acted like some kind of person who understood the important principle thoroughly and had been wronged, raised his head slightly and said calmly .

Seeing him like this, it seemed that he had really been wronged . The backbone of the company here has changed their look and everyone was worried . If Xiao Luo was such a scheming black-hearted boss, their future would be in darkness .

Li Zimeng, Luo Qi and Lin Chong looked at each other, they did not immediately lined up . Although they believe that Xiao Luo was not that kind of person, some people really didn’t believe that Xu Guansong would steal the company’s tax . After all, at the level of Vice President, in addition to having a considerable annual salary, his end of the year dividend was also a considerable amount . Was it necessary to take risks and evade taxes?

“Have you finished?”

Xiao Luo looked calmly at Xu Guansong .

Xu Guansong raised his head haughtily to show his fearlessness of power .

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Xiao Luo ignored him for the time being, turned his head and looked at Guo Fu: “Minister Guo, I also want to see the evidence very much . Since you said Xu Guansong took the money, then you have to show the evidence to convince everyone, otherwise everyone will think you are slandering . ”

Guo Fu sipped her red lip, she hesitated for a moment, and took out her mobile phone: “I have a transfer record in my mobile phone bank . The 150,000 yuan I entered into an industrial and commercial bank account according to Xu Fuzong’s request . The account name is a woman named Wang Xueli . ”

Wang Xueli? !

Who was this woman? What was her connection with Xu Guansong?

There was a burst of suspicion .

Xu Guansong’s face slowly darkened . However, he still answered and snorted coldly, “I don’t know any Wang Xueli . ”

“Shirley, this is her English name . Don’t you always call her that?” Guo Fu has some jealousy .

“I don’t know what you’re talking about . If Xiao Luo asks you to bite me, then your biting dog is really incompetent!” Xu Guansong hummed .


Hearing this insulting word, Guo Fu gave a sad smile: “Xu Guansong, am I a dog in your eyes?”

Tears, unspeakable pain .

The crowd was slightly stunned and thought: What is this?

Guo Fu also made up her mind at this moment to reveal Xu Guansong’s true face . She opened the secret storage file manager of her mobile phone . When she showed the contents to everyone, they were in big shock, because it was full of Guo Fu and Xu Guansong, naked and taking photos . Each picture, Xu Guansong slept with his eyes closed and looked very tired . Only Guo Fu smiled and took selfies in front of the camera .

Xu Guansong’s face changed greatly . He did not expect Guo Fu to take pictures of them sharing a happy room .

“As you can see, Xu Guansong and I have always maintained an improper relationship between men and women, using a popular word to say that is I’m his… mistress . ”

Guo Fu’s heart was ashen and bloodless . She loved Xu Guansong, but Xu Guansong made her lose all hope . After she lost all hope, she felt hatred . The deeper she loved, the deeper she hated . She sobbed, but she said firmly, “These photos were taken secretly after he fell asleep . When he was awake, he decided not to let me take them . I didn’t take these photos to threaten him to divorce his wife . I just wanted to keep them for memory . Maybe you all will think that I am shameless, stupid and naive but all I wanted was love…”

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