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Chapter 250

Guo Fu, like a bombshell exploded in the conference room, everyone’s brain buzzed . Who would have thought, finance minister Guo Fu, had an improper relationship with Xu Guansong . Looking at this situation, the two people maintained this relationship and was not just for a day or two .

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“This evidence is too strong!”


Luo Qi could not help but let out a sigh of emotion .


Zhang Dashan grinned and sarcastically said: “Xu Guansong, you have a wife and children of your own, and you have cheated on your wife and children . You are really a man!”


Everyone thought this was such an irony . They originally believed Xu Guansong was the backbone of the company, but Xu Guansong cheated on his wife and had an affair in the company .


Xu Guansong did not respond to Zhang Dashan . Instead, he opened his eyes wide and pointed at Guo Fu . His face turned red, he shouted, “You b*tch! How much money did you receive from Xiao Luo? Even if you lose your reputation as a woman, you really have to just slander me . Do you believe I won’t let someone do you?”


He became angry from embarrassment and almost lost his mind . He could no longer keep calm .


Faced with his insults, Guo Fu’s heart sank to the extreme: “Slander you? Xu Guansong, can you say these photos are all fake? ”


“Of course they’re fake . That man is not me at all . You must have synthesized it with a computer . ” Xu Guansong shouted loudly and refused to admit it .


“Synthetic? Well, my colleagues in the technical department of our company are all here, they will decide whether they were forged or not . ”


Guo Fu threw her mobile phone directly to several senior computer engineers in the technology department, asking them to check whether the photos were made by computer .

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“100% of the photos are not computer generated . ”


“Well, if it is synthesized by computer, no matter how perfect it is, it will leave some marks, such as color difference . ”


“These photos only have the beauty effect of the mobile phone, but the characters and backgrounds reflected are real and absolutely free from any false elements . ”


After careful observation, the senior computer engineer of the technology department directly rejected the claim that the photos were synthetic . They were all personnels with advanced computer certificates . It was authoritative to identify whether the photos have gone through PS . When it was truly determined that Xu Guansong and Guo Fu had been having an improper relationship, everyone’s eyes to Xu Guansong became very different .




“Xu Guansong, do you have anything else to say?”


Xiao Luo pondered and looked at him, the corners of his mouth raised a mocking smile .


Xu Guansong’s face turned ugly to the extreme . It was immoral to play with a mistress . Now his true face was put on display . All his positive images suddenly fell apart . He gritted his teeth angrily and stared at Guo Fu now . Then he laughed coldly and argued: “Even if I did sleep with this woman, that’s what you love me to do . What can this prove? This only shows that she is a cheap woman who is willing to ride others . Is it related to the tax evasion discussion today? It doesn’t matter! ”


Guo Fu was in tears . She couldn’t believe that this was the man who called her ‘baby’ and kept saying that he would love her for a lifetime . She should have recognized Xu Guansong’s true face long ago, but she was unwilling to believe it .


“Minister Guo, tell us about Wang Xueli . ” Xiao Luo brought the topic back on track .

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Xu Guansong’s face changed . His eyes were filled with worries, but they soon dispersed, because he felt that it was impossible for Guo Fu to know everything about Wang Xueli . If there was, it was only speculation .


“Wang Xueli is a lover he keeps!”


Guo Fu, with this sentence, the whole conference room had an outcry again . Such circumstances, Xu Guansong not only played Guo Fu, but he also kept another lover? This was too crazy!


“B*tch, what are you babbling about? If you babble any more, I’ll let people take care of you . ” Xu Guansong became angry from embarrassment, his eyes turned latosolic red .


“Xu Guansong, will you shut up for a while?” Xiao Luo glanced at him coldly .


“This b*tch is talking nonsense . She is insulting me . How can I …”


“I told you to shut up!”


Xiao Luo coldly shut him down . A strong breath scattered through from him, everyone in the conference room felt its coldness .


And as a direct target, Xu Guansong’s soul couldn’t help but shiver, his whole body broke in a cold sweat . He limply sat back to his position, with wide eyes looking at Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo killed so many people, his body had a strong aura because of it . How can an ordinary person withstand it?

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“Minister Guo, you continue . ” Xiao Luo motioned Guo Fu to continue .


Guo Fu nodded, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and slowly recovered: “Xu Guansong doesn’t understand women’s jealousy . I love him very much . I will find out any woman who appears beside him . That Wang Xueli is Xu Guansong’s kept lover . In order to please Wang Xueli, Xu Guansong bought a set of sea view room for her in Nanhu Bay .


It was precisely because of buying this sea view house that Xu guansong’s capital was in need of a little more funds . In order to make up for this loss, he urged me to make false accounts and do something about the tax paid by the company . ”


It turned out to be so!


This was the bottom of the matter! Finally, all the people present casted their scornful eyes on Xu Guansong . He let Guo Fu make false accounts for his profiteering, and then took the money to curry favor with his lover, this was really worse than animals!


“That Wang Xueli is Xu Guansong’s lover, do you have any evidence?” Xiao Luo asked Guo Fu .


“Yes . ”


Guo Fu nodded and pointed to Xu Guansong’s mobile phone on the desktop . “Wang Xueli’s WeChat name is her English name Shirley . Xu Guansong has many ambiguous chats with her . Although he deletes the chats every time, I think colleagues in the company’s technology department should be able to recover then . In addition, his mobile phone keeps the contact information of Wang Xueli . Whether Wang Xueli is his lover or not will be known by a dozen . ”


Xiao Luo looked at Xu Guansong and said coldly, “Xu Guansong, do you want to continue?”


Xu Guansong turned pale, he trembled and slowly slipped from the chair to the ground, finally kneeling on the ground . He self-effacingly buried his head, pleaded guilty and cried: “Boss Xiao, I … wrong …”


A big man was crying like a child .


Xiao Luo had a contemptuous smile, his eyes turned to Xu Guansong’s cronies .


The men were like mice hiding in the dark that were suddenly put into the sunshine, panicked and scared, one by one, all dared not look straight into Xiao Luo’s eyes .






Before long, JC came and took away Xu Guansong .


As for Guo Fu, Xiao Luo did not pursue her responsibility according to his promise, but Luo Fang will never employ her again .


All of Xu Guansong’s cronies were dismissed, and Xiao Luo’s vigorous action once again showed the backbone of the company . In addition, the meeting also drew up a plan for the next ten years, which was to expand across the country .


Xia Hai was the first destination!


Xia Hai was a city bordering the north and the south, prosperous in economy and developed transportation . Luo Fang wanted to develop in the whole country . It was very necessary to establish a central point in Xia Hai . One more thing, Xia Hai was not only the location of NSA headquarters, but also the city where Xiao Luo’s former alma mater, West Province Aviation University, is located . Xiao Luo had lived there for four years and was very familiar with the geographical environment there .

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