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Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Breaking the Pot .

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“Weigh the consequences? Lao Xiao, can you hear me? Xu Guansong did not even pay attention to you . ” Zhang Darshan had a pondering smile .

His words just fell when the door of the conference room was pushed open . Xiao Luo, dressed in formal attire, walked in . His bright and clean face was covered with clear water chestnut, handsome and cold; delicate and pretty facial features . The broad knife-shaped face, and introverted breath, but with a verve that made people dare not despise .

Boss Xiao? !

When all of them saw Xiao Luo, they stood up subconsciously, because Xiao Luo was too impressive in their hearts . This was a legend who pulled Luo Fang back from the brink of collapse and defeated Taste Buds, their competitor .

“It’s really Big Boss!”

Luo Qi was shocked . After so long not seeing Xiao Luo, she really missed him .

Li Zimeng’s face also appeared the color of joy, Xiao Luo is the kind of boss that people would like immediately .

“It looks like something is going to happen . ”

Lin Chong’s sense of smell was more acute, and he has found that every time Xiao Luo appeared with a straight face, there would always be someone who was about to have bad luck, who this unlucky guy was quite obvious .

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“Boss Xiao, when did you … you come back?”

Xu Guansong’s face showed bitter color . He was sitting but also standing, he looked very unnatural .

“I’m afraid if I don’t come back, you, Xu Guansong will give me up . ”

Xiao Luo glanced at him from the corner of his eye, then motioned with his hand and said to the crowd, “Sit down, sit down and talk . ”

The people sat down one after another, but compared with just now, everyone’s upper body was straight, their spirit was also highly concentrated, the guy who was dozing off now was wide awake .

Zhang Dashan voluntarily gave up the middle position and sat down on the right side of the long desk .

“I have some personal matters to deal with during this period of time . I have specially asked Mr . Zhang to take over the management of the company in my place . When I left, you all promised to help and cooperate with Mr . Zhang’s work wholeheartedly . However, some people think of themselves as having made great contributions, don’t pay attention to Mr . Zhang, and openly oppose him . Xu guansong, you really make me sit up and take notice . ”

Xiao Luo’s two hands were on the table, Xu Guansong and his line of people got a fright .

“Mr . Xiao, he has no ability . How can the company be managed by people like him? If this goes on, the company will die sooner or later . ” Xu Guansong defended himself .

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“He has no ability?”

Xiao Luo sneered, “In this period of time, how is the business of Luo Fang, have there been any major accidents? The customer order volume is increasing day by day, he took care of the company in good order, and you tell me he doesn’t have the ability? Is it because of Xu Guansong’s contribution while he was not running the company during this period of time that it was able to be in good order? ”

“I didn’t say that . ” Xu guansong said .

“You didn’t say so, and you dare not say so, because you have done nothing but make trouble for Boss Zhang and make him feel inferior . ” Xiao Luo’s harsh voice sounded .

“Boss Xiao, I know that Zhang Dashan is your college classmate and your best brother, but you can’t fire me because I don’t obey his management . How can you say that when Luo Fang was also the one I grew up watching? I was already there when Fang Changmiao was the boss . There should be no one in the whole company with more seniority than me .

You can’t fire me just for venting my anger on your brother . Let’s ask who in the company will be able to work steadily in the future, because as long as someone offends your brother carelessly, you Xiao Luo will not hesitate to take care of him . If you do this, are you not afraid that the company will become a mess without cohesion? ”

Xu Guansong said sternly, implying he was right . When he reached this point, he had no way out . He simply broke the pot and did not fear Xiao Luo . He wanted to follow Xiao Luo’s theory in front of all the backbone of the company . How about Xiao Luo? He didn’t believe Xiao Luo would dare to fire him .

Sure enough, hearing this, the eyes of all the people in the conference room became somewhat complicated . If Xu Guansong was dismissed just because he contradicted Zhang Dashan, the reason was too far-fetched and chilling .

“Are you threatening me?” Xiao Luo indifferently glanced at him .

“No, you are the big boss of Luo Fang . We are all your subordinates . You can fire whoever you say you want . I’m just reminding you not to chill everyone’s heart . If the foundation of a high-rise building breaks down, it will collapse in an instant . ” Xu Guansong righteously said .

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What he said was sincere and heartfelt, touching people’s souls . Not to mention the ordinary backbone of the company, even Luo Qi and Li Zimeng felt that Xiao Luo did not make sense .

“Mr . Xiao, vice president Xu is loyal to the company and has been working hard all the time . Just because he contradicted Mr . Zhang several times, you fire him . I am the first to disagree . ”

“Yes, if Boss Xiao does this, it will make people feel cold . ”

“It is normal to have different views when holding a company meeting . Xu Guansong only expressed his own ideas, and it is not to say that he opposes Boss Zhang . If this is not the case, then who will dare to speak at the meeting .

The determination of a good decision requires everyone to join hands and actively participate in the discussion . If there is no freedom to express their views, there is no need to hold any meeting . It is better for Mr . Zhang to make up his mind on everything . ”

Xu Guansong’s cronies began to voice their support . They firmly believed that Xiao Luo would compromise .

Xiao Luo smiled faintly and looked at Xu Guansong coldly . “Xu Guansong, what did I expel you for? Do you really have no idea?”

Xu Guansong was slightly stunned, and suddenly felt a bad omen coming . However, he coughed and forced himself to calm down . He snorted coldly: “Boss Xiao says what he wants . Don’t beat around the bush . I, Xu Guansong, sat upright . I swear by my characters, I have never done anything to harm the company!”

“Didn’t you?”

Xiao Luo smiled contemptuously, then loudly, “Minister Guo!”

His words just fell when the door of the conference room opened . A woman in professional attire came in, her face full of uneasiness .

Finance Minister Guo Fu? !

At this point, they discovered that Guo Fu was not in the conference room just now .

Xu Guansong also realized this at this moment . His face turned pale and he stared at Guo Fu like he was warning her of something .

“As soon as I came back, I went to the finance department to check the accounting records for this period of time and found that Minister Guo had made some mistakes in the accounting report . ” Xiao Luo said very calmly .

At the same time, Zhang Dashan opened the projector in the conference room and found another presentation to open .

The projector screen showed two financial reports, one internal and one external . It could be clearly seen that the contents of the two reports are the same, but the final transaction amount was different .

“The company pays taxes according to this financial report . In the column of total transaction amount, the external report is 5 million less than the internal report . This means that the amount of tax that the financial department has to pay to the company is about 200,000 more than the actual amount of tax it has to pay . This 200,000 has not entered the pockets of the government, or everyone present . ”

Xiao Luo turned to Guo Fu, he jokingly smiled, ” Minister Guo, who do you say pocket it was? As long as you tell the truth, I will not hold you accountable for making a big mistake . “

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