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Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Fired!

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“Your father’s imprisonment is his own fault, and it has nothing to do with me . ”

Xiao Luo calmly replied that Fang Changlei’s imprisonment had nothing to do with him . If she insisted that he had something to do with it, it could only be said that she had not been persecuted successfully by Fang Changlei . Fang Changlei and his Taste Buds have now come to an end . It was all Fang Changlei’s own fault . Unfair competition, sending business spies, even paying for media personnel and doctors to defame Luo Fang’s reputation to the greatest extent . All these crimes, in the end, only served as ropes that tightly bound him, like silk spewed out by silkworms .

“Beauty, don’t mistreat people . You can’t let your father hurt us but not allow us to fight back . There is no such thing in this world . So it’s really not our fault what happened to your father . ” Zhang Dashan echoed aloud .

“Shut up, you are birds of a feather . Of course you are on his side . ” Fang Shulan shouted loudly, staring at Xiao Luo with her eyes fixed on him fiercely . “Xiao Luo, I will defeat your Luo Fang one day and take back everything that belongs to my dad!”

“Well, I’ll wait . ”

Xiao Luo smiled, he didn’t need to argue with this woman, any argument between the two would be meaningless .

At this moment, an older female salesperson came up and reprimanded Fang Shulan sullenly: “Shu Lan, how many times have I taught you to smile when entertaining customers, and let customers feel our sincere service with the fullest spirit and enthusiasm . Why can’t you always remember? If I see your bad attitude next time, you can stop coming to work . ”

This woman was obviously Fang Shulan’s superior . Fang Shulan bowed her head and apologized: “I’m sorry, manager, I will try my best!”

“All right, I’ll take care of these two customers . You’d better go down and make a good adjustment first . If you are allowed to entertain customers in this state, how can our store do business?”

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Although the sales manager didn’t hear what Fang Shulan said just now, she had been in the sales industry for almost ten years . Fang Shulan made her very dissatisfied .

Because this was not once or twice, Fang Shulan even had a quarrel with a customer before . She said rightfully that the customer even had no money to buy cheap domestic cars . Was this what a salesman should say?

Fang Shulan walked away with a grey face .

“I’m sorry, gentlemen, she is new here . I hope her bad attitude has not affected your mood . ” The sales manager smiled warmly at Xiao Luo an Zhang Dashan .

“Our mood is still very good . ” Zhang Dashan said with a smile .

“What kind of car models would you gentlemen want to see? We have a complete range of cars here, and all kinds of models . When you purchase a car in our store, you can also enjoy a discount of 9 . 8% . ” The sales manager said with a smile .



When Zhang Dashan directly bought a Chuangshi Extended Range Rover and paid it all with cash, the entire Range Rover store was boiling up . Some young saleswomen were stunned . The word “local tyrants” was written in their wide-open eyes . The entire car cost 2 million yuan . How rich should his capital be if he bought it in full?

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The sales manager did not expect to receive such a generous customer today . It was too unexpected .

“Lao Xiao, why don’t you buy one?” Zhang Dashan asked Xiao Luo .

“Not for the time being . ”

Xiao Luo shook his head . He should not be in River City next year, he was still making his next plan .

“There’s a car that’s good for girls . Can you believe it or not? If I drive this car out, pretty girls’ turn-back rate will definitely soar . ” Zhang Dashan said .

“Yes, yes, sir, why don’t you choose one too? Buy two at a time and you can get more discount . ” The sales manager’s eyes are shining straight . These two were the God of Wealth . If she could sell another one, she would have a very good year .

Xiao Luo still didn’t reconsider, the car was a must buy, but not now .

Meanwhile Fang Shulan was now languishing in a corner, unable to say what it felt like . Her father’s company has collapsed, and all her relatives and friends who used to come to their house had disappeared . Even her fiance, Fu Jiawei, abandoned her, and her life was hard up . She had to drop out of school to work . Her brother had also become a car washer . Everything has changed, and she has suddenly fallen from heaven to hell .

She still remembered clearly what Xiao Luo said to her at Fu Jiawei’s villa that day: 30 years in River City . Maybe, I mean, maybe, the next time we meet, it would be you looking up at me .

She didn’t take it seriously at that time . She even thought Xiao Luo was too funny to say such a thing without self-knowledge . But now, at this very moment, she realized what a terrible man he was . It didn’t take 30 years, just a few months, to make her look up .

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How ironic was this!

Now if it weren’t for Chu Yue’s help, she would not even be able to survive .



On the second day, just on the 1st, Luo Fang held a regular monthly meeting .

The store managers and senior management of all River City branches attended the meeting . In addition to summarizing the work results of the past month, they also made detailed plans and targets for the following month .

As the acting president of Luo Fang, Zhang Dashan’s first words at the meeting were: “Xu Guansong, you are fired!”

The whole conference room was in an uproar . The vice president was directly dismissed . What was the situation?

One by one, they all looked at each other, not knowing what had happened .

After being momentarily stunned, Xu Guansong stood up and shouted at Zhang Dashan fearlessly: “Zhang Dashan, Did you take the wrong medicine?”

His voice was louder than that of Zhang Dashan, and he totally ignored Zhang Dashan .

At the same time, Xu Guansong’s trained croonies also stood up .

“Mr . Zhang, if you don’t give a statement, you can’t dismiss Mr . Xu . This is not the past, is it? Mr . Xu is a veteran of the company, can he be dismissed if you say it casually?”

“What do you think Luo fang is, that you have the final say and fire whoever you want?”

“In terms of seniority, Xu is always good enough to dump you for a dozen streets . Don’t take chicken feathers as your direction . You don’t know who you are . ”

Like Xu Guansong, they didn’t put Zhang Dashan in their eyes at all . In their cognition, Xiao Luo was gone and leadership should be headed by Xu Guansong . Xu Guansong should have the final say in all company affairs .

Li Zimeng, Luo Qi and Lin Chong didn’t know exactly what happened, so it was not good to make comments for the time being .

“Xiao Luo lets me take full charge of the company, thus I represent Xiao Luo . You insult me, you insult Xiao Luo . I think you all don’t want to do it . ” Zhang Dashan said, with Xiao Luo’s backing, this time he will put it to the past and vent .

Xu Guansong said coldly: “Zhang Dashan, don’t take Xiao Luo to oppress me . All of you present here have seen my contribution to the company . Don’t say it’s you . Even if Xiao Luo comes, he has to weigh the consequences before I’m fired . ”

Xiao Luo was gone and he had been working . Many of them had no skills and had done nothing to contributecompared to him ththey can’t do anything to him just because Xiao Luo was backing them .

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