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Chapter 246

Soon after, Zhang Dashan drove a car over . Xiao Luo said goodbye to Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu and went into the car .

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“Motherf*cker, come on, buy a car now . We’re all worth over a billion dollars, but we don’t even have a scooter . If this leaks out, other bosses in River City will laugh at us . ” Zhang Dashan immediately complained .


If it weren’t for Xiao Luo dealing with the Dragon gang during this period of time, he would have asked Xiao Luo to buy a luxury car . After all, his car got turned into a pile of scrap metal . Not letting Xiao Luo buy a million dollar worth car was really impossible .


Xiao Luo looked up and down at Zhang Dashan, he found that his skin had gotten lighter . Even his taste of clothes also improved a lot . But what did not change was that big fat face .


“Then go to the dealership . ”


“Hey hey … Lao Xiao, this brother is happy!”


Zhang Dashan patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder with a smile, then rushed to the taxi driver and said, “Master, go to the car dealership . By the way, it must be a car dealership that sells luxury cars . ”


“All right!”


The taxi driver answered, but in his heart he spurned: if these two people’s worth are more than a billion dollars, would you still need to call a taxi?


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Of course, these words can only be buried in his heart, he absolutely won’t say it out loud .


“By the way, the company’s recent situation? Is there no big problem?” Xiao Luo inquired about Luo Fang .


Zhang Dashan said in a careless way: “I am in charge, so none . Besides, other than me, Li Zimeng, Luo Qi and Lin Chong are also very capable . The company’s operation is absolutely OK, but Xu Guansong’s pressure is too annoying . ”


“What happened to him?” Xiao Luo asked with an eyebrow raised .


“What else can I do? He doesn’t agree with me . He thinks he is the most qualified to take the lead while you are away . He has formed cliques in the company and wanted to isolate me . I became a thief in his mother’s love . ” Speaking of Xu Guansong, Zhang Dashan was full of anger .


“He didn’t know I appointed you?”


“How could he not know? Who in the whole company does not know that you appointed me as am the temporary head of the company?”


The more Zhang Dashan spoke, the more annoyed he became: “At a company decision-making meeting, my idea was very different from Xu Guansong’s, and I argued with him . Guess what he finally said about me; he said that I was a ‘brother’, and that I came to power with your help . Without you, I was nothing . I was so angry that I really wanted to smoke him . ”


Xiao Luo seeing Zhang Dashan visibly wronged, his heart was quite uncomfortable, because he clearly understood that Zhang Dashan would not have complained to him if Xu Guansing wasn’t being too much .


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Moreover, Luo Fang was his company . During his absence, of course, he entrusted it to the person he trusted most . This was human nature . In addition, Luo Fang’s business was still booming during this period of time, which was enough to show Zhang Dashan’s ability . Though it did have some connection to them being brothers, the most important thing was that Zhang Dashan’s ability was there .


“When I go to the company, I’ll beat him!”


“I’ll just wait for your words . I am not qualified to talk to him as a temporary worker . But you are different . You are the head of an authentic company . Let’s see if Xu Guansong dares to jump an egg in front of you . ” Zhang Dashan laughed .


Xiao Luo helplessly sighed, turning his head and looked out of the window .


Chinese New Year was coming in another month . The smell of the new year was getting heavier and heavier . Red ornaments were slowly being hung by the roadside . Many migrant workers form long lines at train ticketing windows . Obviously, they were all buying train tickets home .


“Lao Xiao, why don’t you ask Sister Huang?” Zhang Dashan suddenly said .


Huang Ruoran? !


Xiao Luo turned around and asked, “What am I asking her for?” Then he asked, “Did you not send her off well last time?”


“You bastard, don’t doubt my ability, I sent her off . But sister Huang is really pretty, she is my favorite type . More importantly, she is still a college student, if you can give her … hey hey … don’t be a chicken and make a move!”


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Zhang Dashan’s eyes glimmered like that of a wolf . “Thanks to your good fortune, I succeeded in winning her contact information . You can rest assured that she will never appear in front of you . But every time she comes to you, it will be a good opportunity for me and her to get to know each other slowly . I believe that if I have patience and perseverance, this delicate flower will belong to me one day . ”


“Then you work hard . If you can really succeed with her, you can date for two years, and then you can marry her when she graduates . ”


Xiao Luo did not object, although he was still single, he didn’t want Zhang Dashan to continue to be single . Of course, he did not have much interest in female students . In addition to Sun Yu, Gu QianXue could also cause some waves in his heart . But the girl was too simple, and she was Zhang Gu’s daughter and Gu QianLin’s sister . This strong identity made him flinch .


“Two years is too long for me to wait for wool . If I catch up with her, I will hurry up and plant it for her . The law does not stipulate that college students cannot marry, so long as they meet the legal age . ” Zhang Dashan said .


“。 . . . . 。” Xiao Luo was speechless .


After half an hour, they came to the largest car dealership in River city .


“WTF? Not afraid to blow the cow to death, worth more than a billion, still in college, female student… Why heaven?!”


All the way there, while listening to the whole conversation between Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan, the taxi driver did not mention how much he despised it . Therefore, after Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan got off the taxi, he couldn’t help spitting at the back of the two men before driving away .






In fact, Zhang Dashan had long ago made his choice of what kind of car he wanted . The Range Rover and Chuangshi Extended Edition which had a price tag of nearly 1 . 8 million yuan, plus the purchased tax and other handling fees, making it a total of about 2 million yuan .


“Are you gentlemen looking for a car?”


A female sales consultant approached them .


Coincidently for Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan, she was an acquaintance .


This woman was none other than Fang Shulan, daughter of Taste Bud boss Fang Changlei .


Fang Shulan, dressed in a professional suit, had a very good figure . After the fall of Taste Buds and Fang Changlei’s bankruptcy, she went to jail . After these experiences, she lost her arrogance and became more unpretentious .


At this moment when she saw Xiao Luo, her whole body froze, and then there was deep hatred, because her father Fang Changlei had already told her that Xiao Luo was Luo Fang’s boss . That was to say, Xiao Luo was responsible for her father’s bankruptcy and imprisonment .


“Xiao Luo, your heart is really evil . I have sinned against you, why didn’t you punish me? Why did you want to deal with my father?” Fang Shulan asked, feeling out of control .

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