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Chapter 245

The reticular green light slowly scanned Xiao Luo from head to toe, and the virtual structure diagram of Xiao Luo’s body soon appeared on the computer display screen connected to the device .

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Zhang Gu was staring at the computer screen . He valued Xiao Luo very much . In addition to Xiao Luo’s identity as “Destroy”, Xiao Luo’s strength was also one of the reasons . The strength of Long Sankui reached rank B . If he can slay Long Sankui, his strength must exceed rank B . Heck, he may even Rank S!

If Xiao Luo is a S-class soldier, then Xiao Luo will surely become the sharpest sword in the country!

“di di di ~”

However, at this moment, the equipment for rating soldiers suddenly issued shrill alarm sounds . The computer screen, which was operating normally, started to act out of order .

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Gu rushed to the NSA engineers who were responsible and asked urgently .

The engineer’s hands immediately knocked on the keyboard and said with great perplexity: “Strange, the equipment cannot assess his soldier grade!”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Gu shouted .

The engineer was equally puzzled and frowned . “As long as it is a creature, our equipment can assess a soldier’s rank, but the equipment can’t recognize this guy …”

Zhang Gu interrupted: “Can’t identify? Are you going to tell me that the person lying there is not a creature?”

The engineer was so flustered . Such an abnormality occurred in front of NSA’s top commander, he was afraid that he might have gone too far: “Maybe … maybe there was something wrong with the equipment …”

“Motherf*cker, what do you eat for, even the equipment is not well maintained?”

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Zhang Gu flew into a rage . He was full of expectation and wanted to know what kind of soldier Xiao Luo was . But he was told that his equipment had broken down, and his violent temper was ignited on the spot .

A bunch of staff were scared, the engineer bowed his head . Nervous and drenched in cold sweat .

At this time, the alarm of the equipment became more and more urgent, just like a countdown ticking bomb about to explode .

Zhang Gu was shocked and shouted loudly, “Get him out of there!”

If Xiao Luo had an accident here, he would go mad directly .

The engineer hurriedly input the cabin opening instruction to the equipment, but the red light on the equipment was already on at this time, the warning sound was deafening . The engineer was sweating like a waterfall, because he found that the equipment was non responsive, not even a bit, after he input the instruction .

Behind Zhang Gu, two class B soldiers rushed past like a high wind, pulling Xiao Luo out of the cylindrical equipment by manpower . Immediately after taking Xiao Luo out of the sealed glass room where the equipment was located, the equipment actually exploded like a bomb with a “boom” .

“Destroy, are you all right?” Zhang Gu asked with concern .

Xiao Luo looked back at the equipment that had been blown up, and said with a trace of reproach: “Director Gu, didn’t you say it was safe?”

Zhang Gu was very embarrassed and gave two quick laughs . Then with a sullen face, he shouted at the engineer in charge of the equipment, “Come on, you answer this question!”

The engineer shuddered and collapsed to the ground .

Xiao Luo motioned with his hand: “Forget it, it is normal for the equipment to break down . I have worked in the factory before, and I know this very well . ”

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In fact, his heart was also somewhat empty . The equipment for rating soldiers seems to be able to check the existence of the system . Just now, when he was inside, he felt very uncomfortable, as if his soul had been drawn away from his body .

“It seems that we can only go to the headquarters for evaluation . Don’t worry, the equipment there will never have such problems . ” Zhang Gu said to Xiao Luo .

“I already had a bad experience once . ”

Xiao Luo immediately refused and said slowly, “Don’t mention this equipment’s rating to me in the future . ”

Zhang Gu very much hated, and stared at the engineer .



He left a file with the NSA and officially became a member of the NSA . Xiao Luo had an extra ring on his finger .

The ring was very common, in fact it was a kind of cheap goods that could be bought by the roadside for more than ten dollars, but after it was processed by NSA’s technical department, it became a tiny locator specially made for Xiao Luo . This was the privilege given to Xiao Luo by Zhang Gu . For other NSA members, this locator would directly be implanted into a certain part of the body .

Another meaning of Zhang Gu was that he would soon be equipped with a liaison officer to serve as a bridge between him and NSA .

Xiao Luo didn’t care . He found it was good to join NSA . At least he didn’t have to clock in and clock out every day like other jobs . He was more like a freelancer and a part-timer . His main job was actually to give a heavy blow to foreign hostile forces when they wanted to open the network gate of China again, and keep them out of the country .

After leaving NSA’s sub-bureau, Xiao Luo took a taxi to the District Bureau of Guangming District .

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The arrest that night was made by the General Administration, directly bypassing the Regional Bureau, but there was a bit of a leak . The JC of the Regional Bureau was fascinated by Xiao Luo . Of course, Xiao Luo didn’t care . The Dragon Gang had been destroyed . It wastime for him to take off his uniform .

Director Hou Zhijie did not say anything .

Wang Yongjia was hesitant . After Xiao Luo submitted his resignation, he said “Take care” .


Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, who had been discharged from the hospital, came forward without saying much, all their feelings were put in that loud cry .

Xiao Luo patted them on the shoulder: “Work hard, come on!”

Saying so, he walked out of the District Bureau

At the door, he met Liu Tieguo .

At this time, Liu Tieguo was dressed in a straight police uniform and a police cap, but there was a sense of integrity . He was accompanied by Gu Qianlin and Ye Wensong .

Xiao Luo walked over naturally and said to Liu Tieguo with a smile: “Brother Pan, I’ve guessed right . You are more than 22 years old . ”

“I am thirty-four . ”

Liu Tieguo also smiled . He was a K . As a special agent, this was the most complicated mission he had ever undertaken .

He thought Xiao Luo was a heinous villain, but after he got close to him, he came to realize what kind of person Xiao Luo was . Him dealing with the Dragon gang was only because of a girl poisoned by the Dragon gang, he acted decisively . Even he could be said to be highly effective, not sloppy and fierce in dealing with enemies, but he was always enthusiastic in dealing with friends and relatives .

If he had to give Xiao Luo an evaluation, he was both good and evil!

“In fact, Liu Tieguo is not my real name, my real name is …”

“Brother Pan, as a special agent, it is not a good thing to reveal your real name . ”

Xiao Luo interrupted, he didn’t want to know Liu Tieguo’s real name . To him there would always be a Liu Tieguo .

Liu Tieguo said nothing more and nodded approvingly: “You are right . ”

Xiao Luo focused on Gu Qianlin: “Officer Gu, you don’t want to arrest me, do you?”

Gu Qianlin gritted her teeth: “If you break the law again, I will arrest you . ”

“Well, then you wait . ”

Xiao Luo encouraged, “By the way, where’s the girl? I’m leaving soon . Aren’t you going to let me see her for the last time?”

“I warn you, it’s best to stay away from my sister . If she gets too close to you, it will only affect her ability to distinguish good from evil!” Cried Gu QianLin .

Xiao Luo smiled, he didn’t want to talk .

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