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Chapter 241: 241
hapter 241: Zhang Gu .

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The middle-aged man is the NSA's supreme commander, he is Zhang Gu, and the father of Gu Qianlin .

Fan Changlong was quietly relieved, he is really not in a good position to argue with the leader, but now Gu QianLin came back . Gu QianLin as a daughter talking is naturally much safer .

"Qian Lin!"

Zhang Gu put down the cup and stood up from the sofa .

Gu Qianlin came up and asked, "Dad, why are you here?"

"There are some things . . . "

Zhang Gu looked at her with a smile . "look at you, you are always busy with your work, and you have lost weight . Your mother and I are not in river city . You must learn to take good care of yourself . I will not allow you to burn yourself out . "

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"Look at what you said . " Gu Qianlon fired back .

Zhang Gu cheerfully said, "girls don't have to fight like that . it's time to think more about their future . by the way, what about your boyfriends? Your mother and I are both waiting to have grandchildren . You have to give me some in the near future . "

Gu Qianlin blushed and said awkwardly, "Dad, can we talk about these things after we go back . . . "

It is really embarrassing to be talked about by her father about personal affairs in front of her own leaders .

Ye Wensong, who has always had a crush on and pursued Gu Qianlin, he involuntarily straightened up and looked ahead to make himself look more resolute and strong . He hoped that the Zhang Gu could look at himself at this time .

But Zhang Gu didn't even look at him . turning to the topic, he said, "well, I also know this kind of thing can't be done in a hurry . it depends on fate . how's the girl Qian Xue? hasn't she caused you any trouble this time?"

"No, she's fine, Dad . We'll talk about these chores later . I have a job to report to Fan Changlong . "

Gu QianLin hurriedly stopped, stepped forward, and reported to Fan Changlong, "Fan Changlong, Xiao Luo is seriously injured and has been sent to the hospital for treatment, the girl's identity is that she's from the university of Hua Ye . Her name is Bai Xeiwen . In our preliminary calculation, Long Sankui used her to threaten Xiao Luo .

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And through this period of time of focus on the investigation, we found that Xiao Luo had secretly protected Chu YunXiong's daughter Chu Yue as a student in Hua Ye, the red scorpion mercenary group's goal is Chu Yue, so it can be basically determined that the day in the wild boar Ridge where 17 red scorpion mercenary group members were killed, the mystery man is Xiao Luo . "

Fan Changlong glanced at the change in the look of Zhang Gu and nodded . "Can the guy who shot at us on the dock on September 12 be the same person?"

"According to an account given by one of Guo Jianghu's staff, he did not take part in the operation on the night of September 12 due to his sprained foot . However, he knew that Guo Jianghu was going to deal with five people who showed disrespect to the dragon gang . Through the investigation of the city's foreign population, we quickly identified the five people, namely, Feng Ge, Feng Five, Feng Three, Feng Two and Feng One . These five people came from Fengjia Village in Guang Province and were not unfamiliar with the dragon gang . They occasionally had conflicts with the dragon gang . "

Ye Wensong reported, as this was the project he was in charge of investigating . "Now these five people are protecting Xiao Luo's sister Xiao Ruyi 24 hours a day, and their loyalty to Xiao Luo is evident . On the night of September 12, they crossed Jiang Hu and took people to find their troubles, forcing them into an abandoned warehouse .

It was a mortal situation, but they narrowly escaped, because there was a mysterious guy, reversing the situation, and from various signs, the mysterious guy is undoubtedly Xiao Luo, otherwise we can't explain the loyalty of the five people to Xiao Luo . "

"What do you mean?" Fan Changlong asked with a dry cough .

"Xiao Luo is the Mr x we have been looking for!"

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Gu Qianlin and Ye Wensong replied in unison . They were busy at this time, focusing on finding evidence that Xiao Luo was Mr . X . Fortunately, all their efforts were paid off, and they could be sure that Xiao Luo was Mr . X . They'll just wait for Xiao Luo to wake up for questioning .

Fan Changlong said to Zhang Gu: "old leader, you heard, Xiao Luo is an extremely dangerous terrorist, if he continues to get away with it, I don't know when he will cause great harm to people . this is a beast that may hurt people at any time . "

Hearing this, Gu QianLin immediately wanted to understand the purpose of her father's coming at this moment . She turned her head and looked at Zhang Gu: "Dad, are you here for Xiao Luo?"

She couldn't believe that Xiao Luo would let her father take care of him and let her father come here personally .

Zhang Gu did not deny it, but generously admitted: "exactly, I will protect him!"

"You want to protect him? To protect a cold-blooded murderer? " Gu Qianlin was shocked .

"Not that I want to protect him, but this country owes him . Without him, not long ago, our country would've faced a great crisis . He silently guarded this country and the 1 . 3 billion people in our country . No matter what he did, he can be forgiven . " Zhang Gu was determined .

Fan Changlong doubted his hearing . Zhang Gu was never an alarmist, meaning Xiao Luo really did have a huge contribution to the country, otherwise he can't let the NSA's head deign to protect him .

"Old leader, what did Xiao Luo do?"

"As I said, this is confidential . " Zhang Gu said solemnly .

Gu Qianlin said with some irritation: "Dad, merit is merit, but excess is excess . Since ancient times, we have to talk separately . Xiao Luo completely ignored the existence of the law and killed people according to his own will . Tonight, he killed 213 people . Bodies were everywhere at the scene of the crime and blood flowed into rivers . If such people do not bring him to justice, how can we live up to the police uniforms we wear . "

"The legal principle is nothing more than human feelings . You should all know why Xiao Luo killed people . He is by no means an innocent person, nor is he a dangerous terrorist . Otherwise, he would not have been able to let a company close to bankruptcy grow up rapidly in a very short period of time, defeat his rivals, become one of the biggest companies in river city and prosper . "

Zhang Gu was strict, "besides, you said the red scorpion mercenary group was eliminated by him and since he was Chu Yue's bodyguard, what's wrong with it? In the face of armed mercenaries, do you still tell them the truth and convince them with one mouth? And what you call the' September 12 incident',

What are the virtues of the dragon gang's minions you don't know? After rescuing people from their hands, Xiao Luo must retaliate against his relatives and friends . For the sake of protecting his relatives and friends from harm, Xiao Luo had to hurt them and be cruel to the enemy in order to protect the people around him . To me, Xiao Luo is a sentient being . "

Since he came to the General Administration to protect the people, Zhang Gu naturally did a good job and made preparations . Even his daughter would never give in on the issue of principle .

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