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Chapter 242: 242
hapter 242: Disputes .

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"No matter how much he did, it can't change the fact that Xiao Luo killed people . If even the murderers can get away with it, and don't have to accept the court's trial, then what is the law? What else do we JC do? "

"First there is the country and the people, then there is the law . If even the country does not exist and even the people's basic life is not guaranteed, what is the meaning of the law?"

"Ridiculous, dad, I think you are getting more and more confused!"

"I am not getting more and more confused, but I have seen things more deeply and thoroughly . JC is not able to handle many things . The world is much more complicated than you think . The reason why you can enjoy the peace and prosperity is because many people have made sacrifices . They silently protect this country without honor, medals and even their names are blank, but their contributions are huge and cannot be wiped out . "

"Do you still want to tell me that Xiao Luo is such a person?"

"Yes, he is such a person . To you, he is a criminal who violates the law, but to the country and the Chinese nation as a whole, he is the most praiseworthy contributor . "

Zhang Gu and Gu Qianlin had a red-faced argument about Xiao Luo . Neither one refused to accept or let anyone get the advantage .

Fan Changlong gave a dry cough to make the rounds: "Old leader and Qianlin should be relieved . Don't destroy your father and daughter's feelings for an outsider!"

"Fan Changlong, don't play here!"

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The mood of Zhang Gu came up, and his temperament was also quite irritable . "I will protect Xiao Luo as NSA's supreme commander . Whoever dares to touch him will be treated as treason . "

Hiss . . .

Fan Changlong breathed in a gasp, the old leader was obviously serious . The NSA had direct jurisdiction over the central . Even the ministries, agencies, and provincial party committee leading cadres have no power to interfere in NSA's actions .

"Do we need to discuss NSA's actions with them?" Zhang Gu's voice was loud .

Two NSA members dressed in suits responded neatly: "No need!"

Zhang Gu took a defiant glance at Fan Changlong and Gu Qianlin, then turned to leave with a snort carrying both hands . He told Fan Changlong and Gu Qianlin with a strong attitude, that Xiao Luo was one of their NSA agents!

"The Old leader's temper is still so irritable, alas . . . "

Fan Changlong sighed with a wry smile, he was just a small character in River City . For the Old leader to strongly use his position to support Xiao Luo, he could do nothing .

"My dad, he is confused . Xiao Luo must be trialed by law!"

Gu QianLin was unwilling . She often dreamed about the underground parking lot where Xiao Luo brutally killed He Ruanliang in front of her face . That remained a barrier in her heart, if she didn't bring Xiao Luo to justice, she would never be able to get over it . It was punishing the crime, this was justice, what was wrong with it?

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"We can't help it . " Fan Changlong sighed .

Gu Qianlin urgently asked, "Why not?"

"The next step of the Old leader should be to let Xiao Luo become a member of the NSA . As the Old leader said just now, why should the NSA discuss with us their movements? Similarly, the NSA members are beyond the control of JC . " Fan Changlong said .

"How can my father do this? He is protecting a criminal . No, I must appeal to the higher authorities . Even if I go to Huajing, I will stop him . " Gu QianLin grinded .

"Calm down . No department has the power to take charge of NSA's affairs . "

Fan Changlong patted Gu Qianlin on the shoulder and hoped that she would calm down . "The Old leader is so strong and determined to protect Xiao Luo with such great strength . Presumably Xiao Luo has another unknown identity, and this identity is related to national security . In the eyes of the Old leader, national security is greater than heaven, and we must make concessions . "

Gu Qianlin's values suffered a shock . She began to feel that the world was strange . Since she became JC, she has been fighting against crimes . It was her rule of conduct that criminals must be prosecuted . It was the truth that she has always believed in . Now these things were collapsing and she could not accept them for a while .

"I am unwilling, Xiao Luo killed a large number of people . I insist on justice and what's wrong in it? National security is greater than the sky, so murder can be forgiven in front of national security? Was I too paranoid, or was the value of the world distorted? "

She shouted at Fan Changlong, her eyes turning red . It was a pleasure to meet her father, but her father destroyed the cognition she had built up from childhood to adulthood in an instant . Even killing people can be forgiven . What else can't be forgiven?

"Qian Lin, don't do this, we are still the representatives of justice, but NSA belongs to the department of national security and does not belong to our jurisdiction . " Ye Wensong encouraged .

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Fan Changlong just sighed helplessly . Alas, letting go of a murderous guy, his heart cannot calm down for the upcoming days .



Xiao Luo did not know how long he was in a coma . When he woke up, he found himself in a hospital bed . The sunlight came in through the window, which was especially dazzling .

After his sight became clearer, he saw only a middle-aged man with white hair sitting on a stool beside him, cutting apples with a fruit knife in his hand .

"Woke up?!" Zhang Gu said .

"Who are you?"

Xiao Luo was very sure that he did not know the middle-aged man .

"I'm Zhang Gu, the supreme commander of the NSA of the state security administration . "

Zhang Gu was very generous to introduce himself, and then smiled and asked Xiao Luo, "How about you? Do you call yourself "Destroy" or your name Xiao Luo? "

Xiao Luo's eyes widened slightly . When he heard his freely quoted name "Destroy", and suddenly meeting Bai Xeiwen, he knew what was going on . Lark cracked his IP address, and Lark had been watched by NSA personnel in secret, so NSA personnel would find themselves .

The thing was so simple, but he couldn't believe that Lark was Bai Xeiwen .

"Director Zhang Gu is looking for me, surely you have something?"


Zhang Gu handed the peeled apple to Xiao Luo and smiled, "The thing I came to River city for is to protect you!"

"Protect me?" Xiao Luo asked in surprise .

"Yes, I will protect you . " Zhang Gu was quite certain .

"I killed people, and I killed many . " Xiao Luo reminded him, with a hint of ponder .

"I know, but you are "Destroy"!"

Zhang Gu's tone was more and more emphatic: "the country needs Lark, and it also needs you . With you and Lark, the Chinese people can enjoy peace and prosperity . "

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