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Chapter 240: 240
hapter 240: To Protect Him .

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Xiao Luo's killing in Long Sankui's Villa shocked all the JC who came here . Everyone who has handled a lot of cases and seen how bloody the crime scenes were . However, none of the bloody crime scenes can be compared to the level of blood at Xiuluo Yard, in front of them right now . This was a living hell-like sight .

Chu YunXiong looked at the storm outside, his face showed unspeakable complex emotions . He just found out that Xiao Luo slayed Long Sankui and more than two hundred lives in a night . He was also caught by JC, no matter what, he can't clear the charges .

"Xiao Luo, why didn't you just hold your horses?"

Chu YunXiong sighed and muttered to himself . In fact, during this period of time he has been monitoring Xiao Luo's movements . . . Xiao Luo's every action, sometimes even he couldn't help but applaud .

The Dragon gang was going to be destroyed step by step . But at the last moment, how could you kill them personally? As long as there was enough time, the evidence of Long Sankui's crimes would appear sooner or later, and when the time came to arrest Long Sankui as JC, wouldn't it be perfect?

Chu Yunxiong's heart was sorry, although his voice in river city is very big, but after all, he is just a businessman, he can't leap over the mountain of law to shield Xiao Luo .

However, he still wanted to make some efforts . He took out his mobile phone and dialed the number for lawyer Ge Zhongtian . Ge Zhongtian was required to prepare immediately and try his best to defend Xiao Luo in court .



General Administration, Fan Changlong's office received several unexpected guests .

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A middle-aged man and two tall and strong men .

Both the middle-aged man and the strong men were dressed in straight suits, clean and cold, imposing . The middle-aged man's hair was all white, but it did not affect his spirit at all . He stood erect, he looked ahead with a slight smile .

"The old leader? !”

When he saw the middle-aged man, Fan Changlong was extremely surprised and immediately greeted him .

The middle-aged man smiled: "Long time no see, I just suddenly visited, I hope it did not affect your work?"

"I can't say how happy I am that the old leader can come to visit me . Please sit down . "

Fan Changlong beamed, he respectfully invited the middle-aged man to sit down on the sofa in the office, and then turned to pour tea . At the same time, he was also very puzzled . The old leader is now managing the NSA, the state secret department, in Xia Hai City . Why did he suddenly come to river city, and even in the middle of the night, is it related to Xiao Luo?

"I came here to protect one person . " The middle-aged man came straight to the point, smiling .

Listening to these words, Fan Changlong almost sputtered while pouring the tea cups to the ground .

He offered a cup of tea and asked cheerfully, "Who does the old leader want to protect?"

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"Xiao Luo!"

The middle-aged man spoke the name calmly .

Fan Changlong was dazed and shocked, his mind was in noodles . The leader actually wanted to protect Xiao Luo . When did Xiao Luo get associated with NSA, that even let the old leader to personally protect him?

"Old leader, this . . . "

"I know this is going to be very difficult for you, but I have to protect Xiao Luo . No matter what he did or committed, he must be safe and sound . As to why he should be protected, this is my NSA's secret . " The middle-aged man said easily, still smiling .

Fan Changlong remained blank, this is the first time he saw the old leader so strong and overbearing .

"Old leader, I know NSA is higher than our JC, but Xiao Luo killed more than 200 people overnight, there is now a river of blood . . . "

The middle-aged man interrupted with a wave of his hand: "He killed all social cancer . Am I right?"

"Yes, but . . . "

"When I left that year, I also told you to bring Long Sankui to justice and wipe out the so-called Dragon gang forces . Is that also true?" The middle-aged man again ruthlessly interrupted .

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Fan Changlong bowed his head dimly: "Yes . "

"That so many years have passed, why Long Sankui has not been solved? What's more, you let him establish an underground black dynasty . Can you avoid this responsibility?" The smile of the middle-aged man has long been restrained and replaced by a stern one, just like an elder reprimanding a younger generation who has made a mistake .

Fan Changlong's forehead began to sweat . The old leader is threatening him . NSA not only has the power to punish corrupt officials, but also has the power to punish internal people as well . In case he is branded as a member of the black forces, his official career will have to be explained here .

The middle-aged man said with a slow breath, "What you didn't do, Xiao Luo helped you do it . Although the means were brutal, all he did was do more good than harm . "

Some brutal methods?

Is it really just a little brutal?

Fan Changlong wanted to refute, but in front of the old leader, he had no temper at all .

"Old leader, it is a fact that Xiao Luo killed people, and he is probably as Mr . X whom we, JC, have been looking for . "

"Maybe? When did you, the director, become careless about evidence? " The Middle-aged man sounded slightly disappointed .

Fan Changlong said stiffly: "As long as we arrest him for interrogation, we can definitely find out . "

The middle-aged man smiled helplessly: "It seems that I have left and have no right to order you any more . What I said is, why should you listen to me now?"

Fan Changlong stood up straight with a quiver in his mind: "The old leader's words cut me off . In my heart, I have always admired you and treated you as my teacher . However, Xiao Luo's problem is too serious, with more than 200 lives, he cannot escape the law in any case . "

"Then I would like to ask, what is the purpose of making laws?"

"In order to maintain social relations and social order and facilitate the stable, sustained and long-term development of the country . " Fan Changlong replied .

The middle-aged man nodded: "Since you know that its fundamental purpose is to make the country develop steadily and continuously for a long time . Then I will tell you that the existence of this person, Xiao Luo, is to make the country develop steadily and continuously for a long time . If you put him in jail or let the court sentence him to death, I can responsibly tell you that our country will soon be in turmoil and a devastating disaster will come!"

"Gu Dong ~"

Cold sweat poured out all over Fan Changlong again . He thought to himself: What position is this Xiao Luo that he is so important to the country?

"Knock knock ~"

Just then, the office door was knocked .

Then Gu QianLin and Ye Wensong, the two captains came in .

"Dad? !”

At the moment of seeing the middle-aged man, Gu QianLin couldn't help widening her eyes and cried out in disbelief .

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