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Chapter 231

"F*ck him!"

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The dead fish-eyed man rolled and quickly dodged under the rusty crane while shouting loudly .

At the same time, seven foreign men took off the charged Q on their backs and aimed at Xiao Luo . In addition, Black Wolf also reacted quickly, taking out the hand gun that was inserted in the back of his waist and attacked Xiao Luo .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

"Da Da Da ~"

The hand gun and charged Q's are like fiery serpents, interwoven into a net of fire and charging/aiming fiercely toward Xiao Luo .

This was understandable to have such firepower . Smuggling hundreds of kilograms of drugs, once captured, they'd 100% be sentenced to death, they are outlaws, so protection from being caught was needed .

"Bang Bang ~"

After two bullets killed two members of Black Wolf's gang, Xiao Luo leapt like a wolf into the rear of an abandoned fishing boat, taking the fishing boat as a shelter to avoid the bullets from these crazy smugglers .

"Xiao, this boss will f*ck you!"

The green-haired man lost his mind . With his red eyes and two Q's, he struck the fishing boat fiercely and kept on advancing . The others also approached the fishing boat in a fan shape, suppressing it with strong firepower and completely preventing Xiao Luo from appearing .

The fishing boat, which had been eroded badly by wind,rain,and sunlight, was riddled with holes .

"Quick, kill him!"

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The dead fish-eyed man shouted loudly and urgently . The bloody hole in his palm made him feel immense pain . He just wanted to see Xiao Luo beaten into a meat sieve .

At this time, however, a fishing boat weighing several tons was sent flying at them . A loud "bang" came crashing toward the group of drug dealers . The green-haired man turned pale with horror and shouted, "Get away!"

However, there were still five people who did not dodge in time . They cried miserably and fell to the ground after being struck by the fishing boat . Their mouths were spattered with blood . The huge fishing boat was unstoppable and rolled by with power . The five people instantly turned into pools of rotten meat and bloody the ground .

For the first time, Black Wolf's face changed color . Xiao Luo's strength far exceeded his imagination . This is by no means the strength of a strong body . This is a powerful martial arts expert with vigorous internal force . Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to push out a fishing boat weighing several tons .

"Is this guy a monster?"

The dead fish-eyed man opened wide his eyes . He could not believe that a human being could throw a fishing boat . This wassimply unthinkable .

"whoosh ~"

Xiao Luo emerged from the back of the fishing boat, appearing ghostly, turning into a reaper who collects people's lives . He quickly launched three bullets .

The three unloaded bullets formed a long line . They entered the chest of the three smugglers holding charge Q's . "Poop-poop-poop ~" blood flowed everywhere . The three immediately screamed and fell into a pool of blood .

"Damn it!"

The remaining four foreign men saw Xiao Luo aim the gun at them . They turned pale with horror and one after the other avoided, but at the same time opened fire and swept at Xiao Luo .

"Click click ~"

The bullets from the charged Q were fierce, even the air seemed to be torn apart .

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"Bang Bang ~"

Xiao Luo opened fire two shots, killing two of them . He slid out of place, the charge Q's bullets hit the ground, he ran at full speed, just like a predator cheetah . He rushed up to the remaining two foreign men .

Holding the charged Q's meant that they posed a greater threat, they should have been the first to kill!

The two men were slightly stunned because their eyes couldn't catch the trajectory of Xiao Luo's movement . However, at this moment, a cold feeling poured down from their skull .

"Not good!"

The two people raised their heads at the same time, their pupils contracted, cold sweat bursted out . What entered their view was clearly two black muzzles .

"Die!" Xiao Luo had a cruel smile, not hesitating to pull the trigger .

"Bang Bang ~"

Two bullets penetrated the two men's heads and their tall bodies fell to the ground .

Killing the seven foreign men who were holding the charged Q's in a blink of an eye, Xiao Luo acted clean and smooth . Everytime he shoots, someone will fall . This made the dead fish-eye feel stupefied, these people were all accustomed to blood, and the raining bullets, how could they be so easily killed? Or in this case, of their own weapons? They have Smg's, charge Q's while Xiao Luo have pistols .

There was only one explanation for this . The enemy was too strong . They were not at the same level as him at all .

"F*ck you!"

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The green-haired man swore, and he aimed at Xiao Luo . A line of people also aimed at Xiao Luo .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

Xiao Luo disappeared like a sudden attack of electricity . None of the bullets could hit him . All of them hit the ground behind him . He pounced on these people like a Borzoi and killed them at close range .

Black Wolf clenched his fist slowly, and his internal force was surging fiercely . He knew that Xiao Luo's gun was running out of bullets . It was time for him to attack, but at this moment, a cold muzzle was pressed against his temple .

"Don't move!"

The short man stopped pretending and stepped forward to subdue Black Wolf .

"You betrayed me?" Black Wolf glanced coldly at him from the corner of his eye .

"I did not betray you . I have always been a JC . " The short man said .

Black Wolf immediately understood that Xiao Luo performed a play that day . Zhuang Niu was not JC's informant at all . The real informant was this man .

He was angry, he snorted and laughed, "Good job, really good job!"

Seeing him like this, it seemed that Black Wolf didn't see him in his eyes at all . The short man was nervous for no reason: "Black Wolf, I know your skill is very strong . But your skill is no better than a bullet, I hope you don't do stupid things!"

"Why don't you try?" Black Wolf smiled coldly .

The next second, Black Wolf sent a slap to the short man's abdomen .

"Boom ~"

The vigorous force spread rapidly throughout with the contact point as the center . The short man only felt the intestines in his abdomen stirred together in an instant . "Poof," he spat out one mouthful of blood, and his body was like a thrown out broken kite .

"Bang ~"

He tried his best to open fire, but this shot lost its accuracy . The bullet only flew over Black Wolf's face . It left a scratch on Black Wolf's face but there was nothing else .

"Weee wooo weeee woooo weeee wooo"

At this moment, the shrill siren sounded and the red and blue lights could be seen from far away .

Black Wolf withdrew his steps from the short man, looked back at Xiao Luo, who was entangled with his own men, made a quick decision, jumped into the sea and disappeared .

However, the group of drug dealers/smugglers who heard the siren were all out of their wits . When they saw five or six police cars stopped, and Wang Yongjia and other special police units running down toward them and surrounded them with guns, their psychological fortresses were completely destroyed . All of them threw away their guns and squatted down with their hands to their heads . .

Only the green-haired man stood there staring at Xiao Luo, holding tightly to a pair of guns that were emptied of bullets .

"Put down your guns and crouch down with your hands on your head!" Wang Yongjia shouted loudly .

Xiao Luo smiled playfully and looked at the man with green hair: "Did you hear him, put down the guns!"

The green-haired man threw the guns away, but he still clenched his fist and bared his teeth like a mad hyena .

"Can you fight me one on one?" He shouted at Xiao Luo .

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