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Chapter 230

The night was dark and windy, and the cold air came quietly with the coming of the night .

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Occasionally, I can see a passenger plane roaring overhead, flashing lights and disappearing into the sky, like being devoured by the giant monster of night .

In the abandoned dock, Black Wolf was standing there in a black windbreaker with a straight face . His men were holding torches and were sending electric signals to the sea shrouded by night . A little while later, a fishing boat broke through the wind and waves . It was a diesel engine with a lot of noise, like a tractor . However, the wind and waves were strong here and the sound could not be transmitted too far .

"I didn't expect Zhuang Niu to be the JC's informant . Fortunately, the custodian left an extra eye on you last time and didn't let Mr . Khun Sa show up . Otherwise, we would have been given a nest by JC . "  A man with green hair  gasped in admiration .

The eyes of the short man behind him were slightly unnatural because he was the real informer .

Black Wolf did not speak, he took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth . The man with green hair grabbed the lighter and lit it respectfully .

Without bothering with the informant, he exhaled  a long puff of smoke and said, "This time it's all Class goods . Make sure there is no mistake . "

"The custodian has assured us that our people are watching all entrances and exits of the wharf in secret . There are also many places with clear posts . We will be informed of any abnormality at the first sign . Even if the news leaked out, we will have enough time to wipe out all traces when JC arrives here . "  The man with green hair said .

Black Wolf is still deadpan, his pair of eyes, like a wolf, scattered with a chillness .

"The one surnamed Xiao is really hateful, I really wish to cut him alive . . . "

Black wolf waved his hand to stop him from continuing: "Wait until this incident is over . "

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He did want to kill Xiao Luo, but not at the moment, in the case of the JC cracking down on them . They also have to go through Khun Sa's goods with difficulties, after all, too many capital chains appeared faulty .

The fishing boat slowed down and docked slowly . Seven or eight men carrying sacks stepped off the boat, full of powerful deterrent force .

"Mr . Black Wolf, this is what your gang wants!"

The man with disheveled hair, dark skin and eyes as sharp as dead fish's eyes spoke to Black Wolf in influent Chinese .

Black Wolf looked at the fishing boat and asked, "Mr . Khun Sa didn't come?"

"The Boss said the situation here is very unstable . He doesn't want to take risks . In addition, the Boss wants to ask if there is any progress in entrusting your help?"  The dead fish-eye man said .

"It has been found that something happened to the Red Scorpion Mercenary Group when it was carrying out the mission of kidnapping Chu Yunxiong's daughter in Boar Ridge . According to a JC report, when they arrived, someone had already killed 17 members of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Group . Not surprisingly, it was a super bodyguard arranged by Chu Yunxiong beside his daughter . "  Black Wolf said .

"A bodyguard?"

The dead fish-eyed man was somewhat shocked . Can one man kill the mercenaries trained by their boss? Did he kill 17 at one go?

Black Wolf nodded: "Yes, it is indeed just one person . "

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He waved and the man with green hair handed over a piece of information .

The dead fish-eyed man glanced roughly at the three-inch head portrait on the photograph: "Is this the man?"

Some people do not believe that this handsome and cold-looking guy with no murderous look on his face will be a super bodyguard .

"That's him . "

Black Wolf said in an affirmative tone, "This man's name is Xiao Luo, and the relationship between him and Chu Yunxiong is very ambiguous . Most importantly, the Red Scorpion leader who survived the wild boar ridge cliff jump was also killed by him . "

Of course, he didn't find any evidence that the Red Scorpion mercenary group was destroyed by Xiao Luo, but Xiao Luo was the enemy of the Dragon gang, so he didn’t mind letting Khun Sa, one of the most important senior executives of Blackwater, think that way about Xiao Luo .   Plus all the signs also showed that it was probably Xiao Luo, so why not let him push the flames?

The dead fish-eyed man was slightly stunned and gnashed his teeth . "You Chinese have a good saying . All that glitters is not gold . "  He put Xiao Luo's information away and turned to Black Wolf . "I will report everything to the Boss . I believe the Boss will be very grateful for your help . "

"Mr . Khun Sa is a friend of our Dragon gang, it's like helping friends . This is what we should do . "  Black Wolf replied .

The man with green hair pulled up a heavy safe box and opened it . It was full of folded red bills .

The dead fish-eye man counted the number from someone on his side, roughly flipped through it, read it quickly, and finally nodded to the dead fish-eye man, meaning no problem .   Of course, for the goods in the sacks, some people on Black Wolf’s side have also checked them . They put their thumbs up at Black Wolf, which meant OK .

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"Well, Mr . Black Wolf, we'll see you soon!"

The dead fish-eyed man punched Black Wolf like an ancient man, and the deal was completed . There was no reason to stay here any longer .

"Sorry, you are under arrest!"

At this moment, a thunderous voice vibrated full of internal force, broke through the silence of the abandoned wharf .

Then, a black figure from the top of the stacked wall containers whirled and jumped down, like a ghost lightly falling to the ground .

Wearing a black hoodie and gown, like a medieval wizard robe in Europe, full of dark aura .   A bright and clean white face, dark and difficult eyes, high nose, beautiful lip shape, with a noble and elegant feel .

He had two guns in his hand, and the black muzzle was aiming at Black Wolf .

It was Xiao Luo!

"Everyone gets the stolen goods . I came at the right time!"  Xiao Luo's eyes were still, the corners of his mouth hung with a cold arc smile .

The dead fish-eyed man narrowed his eyes slightly: "Are you JC from China?"

"Yes . "

The dead fish-eyed man looked around and asked, "Are you alone?"

"Yes . "

Xiao Luo's light response, he is to spearhead, while the others will follow .

"Ha, ha, ha . . . are you a pig asking to die?"

The dead fish-eyed man laughed and immediately took out a gun to shoot Xiao Luo .

But Xiao Luo was one step faster than him . He only heard a "bang" and a bullet went through the palm of the dead fish eyed man . The gun fell to the ground .

"Don't move . If you move, I can't guarantee that the next bullet won't go through your heads!"

Xiao Luo calmly smiled .    Of course, he didn’t know the information on the dead fish-eyed man, otherwise he would've just killed him .

"He is Xiao Luo!"  Black Wolf then reminded the dead fish-eyed man .

The dead fish-eye man just looked at Xiao Luo carefully . Upon this observation, he was immediately sure that the guy in the photograph was this person, who could kill the Red Scorpion mercenary group trained by their Boss . Such a person . . .

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