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Chapter 232

The green-haired man shouted and gnashed his teeth at Xiao Luo at the same time as his clenched fist pummeled Xiao Luo's chest with the strength of his whole body .   However, Xiao Luo did not even budge, like an immovable mountain, as if the blow was completely innocuous to him .

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Xiao Luo looked at him with a sneer, "Do you think you can do it?"

"Peng ~"

A burst of internal energy broke out, and the whole body was pushed away . The green-haired man was directly blown two or three meters away and fell heavily on the ground . However, he was not convinced . He was a loyal member of the Dragon gang and hated Xiao Luo very much . He got up and roared at Xiao Luo again . He knew that his fist was not effective for Xiao Luo and took out a short knife from his cuff during the sprint .

The short knife was like a scalpel . Under the irradiation of light, it passed through a cold track and stabbed Xiao Luo in the chest .

How could this deceive Xiao Luo's eyes? He shook his head, looking very helpless . When the green-haired man's knife was about to make contact, his right hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the green-haired man . His five fingers applied pressure . The green-haired man let out a cry of pain, the short knife fell to the ground .

"I have already given you the chance to fight one-on-one, now you can close your eyes . "  Xiao Luo's cold voice sounded .

At the same time, his right foot kicked the man with green hair in the chest, and his powerful force surged out like waves .

"Poof ~"

The green-haired man immediately spat out blood from his mouth as he was sent flying backward like a bullet shell . He had a violent collision with the abandoned fishing boat and slowly slipped to the ground like a pool of mud .

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Wang Yongjia didn't react until then and asked two JC's to rush up and grab the green-haired man .

But the two JC's ran to the front only to find that the green-haired man had fainted . The two men couldn't help swallowing their saliva . They turned their heads and looked at Xiao Luo like a monster . He knocked the man out with one foot . This is too horrible, isn't it?

Chen Chusheng, a member of the anti-drug team, felt like he had knocked over a Five-Flavor bottle . He felt everything tasted bitter . He once questioned Xiao Luo's ability, especially when Xiao Luo proposed to take the lead . He was the first to jump out and oppose it, but now the result was a hard slap on him . A dozen drug dealers with guns were picked up by Xiao Luo alone .

This is perverse!

He cursed in his heart but could not refuse the fact .

"Did Black Wolf run away?" Xiao Luo asked .

Wang Yongjia nodded: "Black Wolf has a keen sense of smell . Seeing us coming, he jumped into the sea without hesitation . It is really hard to find him in this dark night . When we return to the station, he will be immediately issued a warrant and be wanted nationwide . I don't believe he can run far . "

Xiao Luo was somewhat disappointed, but this was already the best result . After all, he was not God . It was inevitable that one will escape the net when dealing with so many drug dealers with guns .

Suddenly, he discovered another missing, the dead- fish-eyed man: "Another one also ran away . "

Looking over the dark sea, one could vaguely see the outline in a fishing boat, which should be the dead- fish-eyed man . He ran away as soon as he found the situation was not ideal .

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Xiao Luo did not intend to pursue, he was only interested in dealing with the Dragon gang .

Of course, if he knew that the dead-fish-eyed man had his information on him, and this information would soon reach Khun Sa, one of Blackwater's top executives, then he would certainly not be so calm .

"There's still a fish that escaped the net . "

Wang Yongjia was extremely upset . He was supposed to arrest Khun Sa, but the big fish didn't take the bait at all . He only sent some shrimps and crabs over and even Black Wolf ran away . He was so angry that he gnashed his teeth . "Cheng Chusheng, inform our marine police comrades at once to stop that damned drug dealer and be sure to apprehend him . "

"Yes . " Cheng Chusheng responded loudly .

"wooshing wooshing ~"

At that moment, a terrible pressure came at an extremely fast speed, a rocket D accelerated from the vague fishing boat towards them from the side and made a terrible sound as it charged through the air . It made all the people on the dock felt like their scalps were on pins and needles .

"Get down, get down!"

Wang Yongjia was frightened to humiliation and gave a loud hiss . Rocket D can shoot down fighter planes flying in the air, and can easily destroy a solid fort . The effective killing range is 100 meters in diameter . This is a very powerful hot weapon .

Hearing the shout, the people subconsciously got down, Wang Yongjia also got down at the same time . Xiao Luo on the other hand aimed and shot at the incoming rocket . Just like a bit of black lightning through the sky, the bullet accurately intercepted the roaring rocket D over the sea .

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The two collided . . .

"boom ~"

With a loud noise that shook people's eardrums, the rocket D exploded with a crashing sound . A terrible heat wave projected outqard with the explosion point as the center, destroying the shackles . Even the calm sea surface made billowing waves . A fiery mushroom cloud rose up and the scene was very spectacular .

In the light of the explosion, Xiao Luo's back looked very tall and mysterious . . .

The JC's and Black Wolf's men were shocked . They have never seen someone intercepted a rocket D except in the movies . But it was only in the movies and was only fabrication . But now, it really happened in front of them . This was simply unfathomable .

You know, after the rocket D accelerates through a certain distance, its speed can reach 300 meters per second, let alone intercept, even if the eyes want to capture its motion trajectory, it is very difficult .

"This monster!"

On the fishing boat, the dead-fish-eyed man widened his eyes in horror . He wanted to kill Xiao Luo with a rocket D, but the other party actually intercepted the rocket D with a pistol . Is this still a human being?

He put down the still smoking rocket launcher, he quickly turned up the horsepower of the fishing boat and left there as fast as possible . It was terrible . He couldn't imagine that there was such a guy in the world . If he could, he wouldn't want to come back to China in his life .

On the dock, Xiao Luo turned around and stretched out his hand to pull Wang Yongjia up .

"Wang Yongjia, are you all right?"

"I . . . I'm fine . . . "

Wang Yongjia was shocked beyond words . Sometimes, he really felt that Xiao Luo was not human, just like now .



Hua Ye, girls' dormitory .

After unremitting efforts and repeated calculations, Bai Xeiwen finally broke through the Destroy's firewall and successfully obtained the IP address .

"Destroy, I finally caught you!"

Bai Xeiwen's delicate face had a winning smile, it was very sweet, with a hint of success .

At the same time, An Huanhuan, who has been lying in bed playing with her tablet, sent a message to the NSA headquarters: Lark successfully obtained Destroy's IP address!

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