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Chapter 222

It was Xiao Luo . The sound insulation effect in the private rooms of this restaurant wasn't too good . They also came out to see Wang Yongjia after he hadn't come back for a long time . As a result, they saw Wang Yongjia besieged by a group of people .

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Wang Lihu put the yellow-haired man down in front of Xiao Luo, and then kicked him in the proximal end of his calf . The powerful force immediately made the yellow-haired man kneel in front of Xiao Luo, banging his knee heavily . Severe pain came from his knee joint, making him involuntarily let out a sad cry of pain .

"Tell your men to stop!"

Xiao Luo commandingly looked at him, his voice is very light, but it does not allow people to disobey his command .

The yellow-haired man could not help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, because he saw that the other party was also a group, and there was a tall strong man who could easily lift him up and throw him away . He said wryly: "You . . . who are you? We are . . . "

His voice came to an abrupt end . Wang Lihu's face showed a cruel color . He was slapped at the back of his head . He thundered, "Did you people don't listen? Believe it or not, This boss will ruin you! "

The yellow-haired man was scared by Wang Lihu's cruel color and shouted at the seven or eight youths who were besieging Wang Yongjia: "Dog, three heads, stop, stop!"

Hearing his shouts, the seven or eight youths noticed the situation here and rushed up at once .

"what happened?"

"Who are you? Looking for trouble? "

"We will fight to the end!"

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A group of people shouted at Xiao Luo, some with beer bottles in their hands and some with stools in their hands .

"We are JC!"

Xiao Luo in a word, let these people all closed their mouth and looked at each other, like a robot suddenly losing instructions, they don't know what to do next .

Wang Yongjia came along at this moment . Although he was a practitioner, his strength had not yet reached the point where he could crush seven or eight ruffians and hooligans . His shirt was torn, especially his sleeve, which was torn into strips . He looked like rags, his hair was messed up, and some places were scratched by sharp wine bottles .

"Wang Yongjian, are you all right?" Xiao Luo asked .

Wang Yongjia shook his head: "I'm good . " Then he stared at the group of the yellow-haired man fiercely . "They are all a bunch of bastards . They all will be sent back to the police station . I would be wrong not to put them in jail, especially when I'm the head of the anti-drug team!"

He was so angry that he swept aside his elegance .

When they heard that they should be taken back to the police station, and they should also be put into prison, how can these people calm down?

"F*ck you, dirty cop!"

"Go on, get them!"

Without further ado, they've gone ahead . As long as they win and run away, they do not believe these JCs can find them .

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Wang Lihu grinned grimly, like a tiger rushing up, throwing up a young man who rushed to the front with one punch . Then he grabbed one with each hand and hit them hard in the middle . Another two young men fell to the ground with a wail of pain . The remaining three young men were also hit on the ground with one foot and one knee, plus one slap . Then he lined them to Xiao Luo one by one .

It's easy to get seven people!

Wang Yongjia was shocked and thought: Isn't this Wang Lihu's skill too strong?

He practiced martial arts and naturally knew that Wang Lihu's fighting was disorganized . He shot directly and crushed each other with ferocious brute force . He was like a beast . He finally seemed to know why Xiao Luo's four people alone could capture more than 200 people .

The yellow-haired man was also scared silly and looked at him with his eyes wide open .

"Still want to teach us? It's just that you dirty things deserve it . "

Wang Lihu spurned coldly, then grabbed the yellow-haired man by the hair and asked him to raise his head and look at Xiao Luo . "This is our head . Do you know who took it off from the red-light district of Li Ren's Dragon Gang?"


They should not be so unlucky, actually meeting the devil JC?

The yellow-haired man hit a tingle all over his body, pointing to Xiao Luo and warbling, "he . . . he is Xiao Luo Xiao . . . officer Xiao?"

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"ah . . . you still have some eyesight . "

Wang Lihu hissed, then forced his head to Wang Yongjia's side, "Do you know who he is?"

The yellow-haired man shook his head with glassy eyes, and his eyes were filled with fear . When the other seven heard that it was Xiao Luo, they all looked horrified .

As a black force in the river, even small gangsters are also familiar with the name Xiao Luo . It is said that his method is brutal, even more so than H society . In the department store, he even fired two shots to scrap a person's legs . In Hualong commercial street, their four people do not fall short of two hundred people . Such people make them fear from the bottom of their hearts, because this is not a JC that is polite and afraid of hands and feet, but a vicious person who says scrap you, a devil JC .

"He is the boss, even you dare to fight him . Do you not think of death?" Wang Lihu said coldly .

Frightened, the yellow-haired man immediately kowtowed to Xiao Luo to make amends: "Officer Xiao, we are blind . If we had known, we wouldn't have dared to be rough on him . Please, just let us go!"

The others also kowtowed and begged for mercy . No one dared to challenge the majesty of Xiao Luo . They could not afford to do so .

The owner of the restaurant and the customers around him were all dumbfounded . The poor public security in Guangming District is no secret . Gangsters and hooligans walk sideways like eight-legged crabs . They are not afraid of JC at all . Over the years, they have seen too many JC compromise with the ground and hooligans . Now this arrogant gangsters suddenly kneel down to this JC for mercy . This is really a new thing!

"Why did you make trouble?" Xiao Luo lightly asked .

The yellow-haired man did not dare to cheat and told the truth . It turned out that a group of them had come specially to eat an overlord's meal, and they also knew that the restaurant owner was a foreigner . If they make a scene, the restaurant owner will definitely choose to settle the matter . They can not only eat an overlord's meal, but also knock the restaurant owner out . It's be very cost-effective .

"Ye Qiu, take photos of their ID cards with your mobile phone and make their facial features clearer . " Xiao Luo said .


Ye Qiu took a step forward and asked them directly for ID cards .

"Wang Yongjian, you don't need to take them back . We can only keep them for 15 days at most . This restaurant has so many things broken, they have to compensate . " Xiao Luo suggested that gangsters and hooligans like this really can't be sentenced . Taking them back would be redundant and it would be better for them to compensate the restaurant for the losses .

Wang Yongjia felt justified and nodded his head . Now his anger is slowly coming down . Naturally, he will not be so impulsive .

Xiao Luo turned around and walked to the front of the yellow-haired man: "I have already recorded your information, please don't do anything else, otherwise . . . " He bent down and said words gently in the yellow-haired man's ear, " . . . kill you!"


The yellow-haired man was scared to death and broke into a cold sweat: "I know . . . I know . . . "

Xiao Luo patted him on the shoulder and smiled, "I wish you do now know . Settle your accounts . In addition, you have to pay the price for these broken things . "

"Thank you, thank you, Officer Xiao!" The yellow-haired man was grateful, as if he'd been granted amnesty .

Xiao Luo hissed: "You should thank yourself for not being a dragon gang member . "

He could see clearly that these people were at most street gangs, not the part of dragon gang, because there were no dragon head tattoos on their arms .

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