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Chapter 223

The yellow-haired man and his party grovelled, anxious to prove their loyalty to Xiao Luo immediately .

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"Officer Xiao, I have news that the custodian of the Dragon Gang, Han Mian, has assembled 100 elite gang members to deal with you . "

Xiao Luo's face has a pondering smile, he asked: "is it?  Do you know when he is going to deal with me? "

The yellow-haired man thought for a moment and said earnestly, "Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, about two or three days . I also heard from a friend . He was a messenger in cold-face's bar and got the news by chance . "  He added, "Don't worry, Officer Xiao, we will never do any bad things again in the future . We will strive to be a good citizen and contribute to the harmonious society of our country!"

Seeing him saying so righteously, Wang Lihu and the gang couldn't help laughing, only Gu QianXue was deadpan . It's like nothing happened as she's standing behind Xiao Luo .

"All right, I know . "

Xiao Luo motioning with his hand, impatient .

The group went away . Before leaving, they also gave Xiao Luo a high-spirited salute and said,' You've worked hard' .

Wang Yongjia was in distress . At the same time, he also wanted to understand a problem . The villain had to be treated by a more malicious person . However, Xiao Luo . . .

He carefully looked Xiao Luo up and down, with fair skin color and a cool look in his delicate features . What do you think? Why don't you look like a malicious person? It's Wang Lihu who just launched a ferocious and terrible attack, that's like a beast .

"A custodian, plus a hundred elite, chief, it seems that this time the Dragon Gang has laid down its capital to deal with you . "  Ye Qiu look dignified .

"Impossible, it must be that yellow boy's nonsense . No matter how rampant the Dragon Gang is, it will never dare to kill JC outright . "

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Wang Yongjia motioned with his hand and denied, "Killing JC is a felony . If Long Sankui had been so stupid, we wouldn't have had no evidence of his crimes by now . "

"If his head breaks his financial path, he is likely to make such an extreme decision in case he becomes angry from embarrassment . "  Wang lihu said .

Liu Tieguo nodded: "Yes, although Li Ren Town has only three red-light districts, it has a very strong ability to absorb gold . And we took it from him . Long Sankui is definitely very angry . "

These words made Wang Yongjia speechless, the dragon gang is the largest black power in Guangming district and even in river city, killing and arson deeds in private, you can't count how many . Saying they dare not kill JC, this statement is really untenable .

He urged: "Xiao Luo, you should be careful these two days . Your mobile phone should be on 24 hours a day . If you encounter any abnormal situation, you should immediately notify the bureau for emergency rescue . "

Xiao Luo nodded noncommittally: "OK . "

"Xiao Luo, are those bad guys coming to deal with you?"  Gu QianXue suddenly opened her mouth and asked .

Xiao Luo smiled, "I think so . "

"Then you stay with me . I can protect you . "  Gu QianXue said seriously .

Hearing this, both Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu almost laughed and thought to themselves: Their chief is so powerful, why does he need protection from a beautiful woman? Why is it the other way round?

Liu Tieguo like the two laughed, he had seen Gu QianXue shoot . Her skill is really strong, but saying she's gonna protect Xiao Luo, it's inappropriate .

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"You want to protect me?"  Xiao Luo said .

Gu Qianxue nodded heavily: "Yes, I will protect you!"

Xiao Luo looked at her for a while, and suddenly slapped her on her jade white forehead, and said with a dumb smile: "The earth is very dangerous, you'd better go back to Mars . "

In response to her, he borrowed the lines from Stephen Chow's movie .

"You don't believe me?"  Gu Qianxue's fine eyebrows frowned, appearing displeased .

"Didn't your sister ever tell you to keep a distance from me?"  Xiao Luo said .

Gu Qianxue said truthfully: "Yes, she said you were a devil, but I . . . "

"Then you should listen to her and keep a distance from me . "

Xiao Luo interrupted with a smile, he didn't want this innocent girl to interfere in the feud between him and the dragon gang .



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The restaurant owner was very grateful to Xiao Luo . They settled the yellow-haired man for him . He cut the bill by 20% . Wang Yongjia was able to pay the bill just enough to avoid embarrassment .

Walking out of the restaurant gate, Wang Yongjia breathed a long sigh of relief and said with a smile: "It's very kind of the owner of this restaurant . If we have a dinner party next time, we can come here again to take care of the business . By the way, this is my treat, and next time it's your boys' turn to treat . "

He secretly decided that he would also come here for the next dinner . He had to order a roasted whole sheep and slaughter them severely .

"Wang Yongjian, you can rest assured that as long as we render meritorious service and get a bonus, we will invite all the colleagues of the anti-drug team to have a big meal . "  Wang Lihu patted his chest and promised .

"Well, I'm relieved to have you, Wang Lihu . Let's go . Now I'll take you to familiarize the major drug trading places in Guangming . "

Wang Yongjia was in great spirits and thought to himself, "You boy, just wait and cry . Next time you'll be poor!"

But at this moment, ten people suddenly appeared in front of the silent street . They were wearing masks, holding long knives in their hands, and walking slowly with a bleak murderous look .

"They've actually come?!”  Liu Tieguo looked at Xiao Luo .

"This is the elites of the Dragon Gang?"  Ye Qiu said suspiciously .

"Not to say that there are one hundred people?  How come there are only ten? "

"The dragon gang is really too bold . It seems that I have to do my best today . "

Wang Yongjia as a boss, didn't have the reason to retreat . Looking left and right againscxc, he found that on the side of the road there is a pole used to correct the growth posture of a tree . He took it and rushed out . He shouted at the ten people, "Do you really think you can walk sideways on the border of river city?  Is there any red land in the whole world? What kind of 'stormbbbfvmnc' do you want to stir up? "

He gave the pole a hard lean on the ground .

Seems to be in response to him, the ten masked men in black rushed up, their feet on the ground did not make noise, their speed is extremely fast, such as phantoms .

Suddenly, the ten people turned into a hundred!

Behind each masked black dressed person are nine more people, like a straight line slowly pulling open a formation .

"Motherf*cker, is this thousand hands Guanyin?"  Wang Lihu's face changed slightly .

The uniform pace of one hundred people's clothes creates the illusion of only ten people in one's eyes .

"What is this?"

Wang Yongjia got a fright, which also scruples his boss's face, he directly returned to Wang Lihu's side, anxious as ants on hot bricks, "no, we have to call the station support!"


Gu QianXue lightly left one word, then she pulled out a soft sword from her sleeve . The soft sword twisted like a white snake, with a sharp sound of "shua shua shua" .

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