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Chapter 221

The owner of the restaurant saw many people in the other side, and his face was not good . He thought it would be better to stop making a fuss and eat something to make things better . It was not easy for them to be excluded from opening the restaurant here . He was at loggerheads with these local ruffians and hooligans . I'm afraid his restaurant would be harassed maliciously from time to time .

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"I'm really sorry, it's our restaurant's responsibility . The money on this dish is not included . Come on, everybody, have a cigarette . Let's calm down . "

He also took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to everyone .

Knowing that the other party was deliberately picking on a dead cockroach to go in, the restaurant owner felt extremely 'humbled . '

The yellow-haired man pushed him away and shouted angrily, "You give me less of this . This plate of cockroach dishes, we ate it all up, how do you say this loss? Do you still want us to pay the bill? Are you f*cking cramping your brain, huh? "

At last, he shouted angrily and threw the dish to the ground .

"Pa Cha ~"

The plate was smashed to pieces and the residue was scattered all over the place .

The restaurant owner looked embarrassed and realized at the moment that this group of people not only wanted to eat an overlord's meal, but also wanted to defraud him of money .

Wang Yongjia made a noise at this moment: "I saw clearly here just now that the cockroach was obviously put in after the meal . If you want to eat an overlord's meal, you don't let the restaurant owner lose money . Isn't your wishful thinking too good?"

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The yellow-haired man immediately said angrily, "who are you, are you tired of living? There's nothing for you here, get out of here or I'll kill you! "

"Kill me? Kid, are you sure? "

Wang Yongjia smiled angrily and took out his police certificate from his arms .

Seeing his papers, the local ruffians and hooligans' faces changed slightly .

The owner of the restaurant regained some confidence . It is impossible for him as a foreigner to compete with these local loafers . With a JC, he is naturally much more steadfast .

"Yo, it was a police officer . I was disrespectful, but you're off duty now, so put away your police certificate and don't take it out to make a fool of yourself . " The yellow-haired man was slightly startled, but was not shocked by Wang Yongjia's JC status .

"JC is amazing . But tking off your police uniform, are you not the same as us . "

"Officer, don't put yourself in the position of judge, it will only make people feel funny . "

"That is, it is not good to enjoy the time after work, but to stand up? You should just mind your own business and not show your dog tag . Who are you trying to scare?"

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A group of seven or eight people, all like the yellow-haired hooligan, did not fear the deterrent of Wang Yongjia JC status and made sarcastic remarks .

Wang Yongjia is very familiar with the situation in Guangming District . After knowing the relationship between local ruffians and hooligans and the dragon gang, he has no scruples . They don't pay attention to JC at all . They also preach that after 12 o'clock in the evening, they are the black forces in the world, so there is not much stir in his heart .

He shook his head and said with a hint of warning: "I advise you not to make any trouble and settle the accounts properly, or you will all be taken back to the police station!"

The yellow-haired man smiled with a strange smile: "Officer, is your brain good? I hope it is . Can't you see there is a dead cockroach in this dish? As consumers, we ate dead cockroaches in this dish . Can't we all protect our rights?"

"We all know what the real situation is . If it's really the restaurant's responsibility, I'll stand by you, but you're obviously full and looking for trouble, and you're ready to blackmail the restaurant owner . By the way, we have to add insulting a police to your cases . " Wang Yongjia said .

"That is not for you to say!" The yellow-haired man spread out his hands .

At the same time, seven or eight other men walked to an empty table, their hands touching the empty wine bottle intentionally or unintentionally, while others were trying to see if the stool was strong or not .

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is the responsibility of our restaurant . In this way, you don't have to pay, how about if I make friends with these brothers?"

Seeing that these people were about to start fighting, the restaurant owner hurried out to make a round . He was deeply afraid of ruining his restaurant . Even if they did not, they would scare away the guests who were having dinner . And loss outweights the gain, so he had to give up and let them don't pay for the meal .

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The yellow-haired man gave the restaurant owner another hard push and scolded: "make friends with your mother . We ate dead cockroaches in your dishes . You still want money for your meal? This boss will tell you, compensate 7800 for mental damage and this matter will be forgotten . Don't think just because you have JC backing you, he can cover you for a lifetime? Besides, with such a rubbish JC, he can't even cover you for a while . "

"What did you say?" Wang YingJia was furious and his face darkened .

"Yo, angry? It seems a little bloody . "

The yellow-haired young man laughed casually and then pointed to Wang Yongjia . "I said you were rubbish . Why, why not? Why don't you bite me? "

Wang Yongjia beamed angrily, patted off the hand of the yellow-haired young man, and then kicked him in the chest .

He can become a drug squad captain, naturally he practiced skill, his feet directly kicked the yellow hair youth, his forehead and wall had a violent collision and friction, making him bleeding on the spot .

The yellow-haired young man wiped the blood from his forehead, then growled at his companion in a vengeful way: "F*ck, f*ck him!"

Seven or eight people immediately grabbed the bottles and stools, like seven or eight jackals, they jumped at Wang Yongjia .

Wang Yongjia was also unafraid and dealt with this group of local ruffians and hooligans with a set of martial arts .

The lobby of the restaurant suddenly became chaotic, and the customers who had been eating in the lobby hurried to the wall, because the battlefield between Wang Yongjia and seven or eight people was constantly expanding, stools were thrown randomly, and the sound of empty wine bottles breaking was heard one after another .

"Stop fighting, stop fighting!"

The restaurant owner wanted to cry, if they continued to fight like this, his restaurant would be completely destroyed .

"Pa Cha ~"

The yellow-haired youth grabbed a wine bottle and gave it a hard knock at the edge of the table . The fracture of the bottle was jagged and became extremely sharp . He pointed to the restaurant owner and shouted, "Shut up and talk again, I'll kill you!" Then he looked at Wang Yongjia's fight and said, "Fight, give me a good fight . Damn, this dead cop is tired of living . "

Finished saying so, he used his sleeves to wipe a handful of blood pouring down from his forehead .

Just then, a big hand leaned towards him, grabbed him by the collar and threw him out like garbage .

"Peng ~"

The yellow-haired young man drew an arc in the air and fell on a table . The table was suddenly torn apart . The half-broken beer bottle in his hand flew out in the process .

Before he could react, the big hand grabbed his back collar like it appeared out of thin air and lifted him up like a puppy . His feet were almost suspended . When his sight stabilized, he only saw a man with his one hand in his trouser pocket, and the handsome and cold-faced was staring at him with indifference .

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