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Chapter 220: 220
hapter 220: OK .

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In the end, the six ordered 15 dishes, all hard ones, filling the whole table .

Xiao Luo was very embarrassed . Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo were excited, while Wang Yongjia, looking at a table full of dishes, felt his heart was bleeding . He thought that one thousand dollars for a meal was enough . But, a roasted whole sheep cost two thousand dollars . At this moment, he really wanted to cry .

"Wang Yongjian, it's very kind of you to treat us with such a big table and good dishes as soon as we arrive . " Wang Lihu patted his chest and said .

Wang Yongjia forced down his distressed mood and smiled: "Good to say, good to say . "

"This is polite, this is great . How can a boss pay so much money for his subordinates to eat at one time? This is great . Wang Yongjian, come on, I propose a toast to you . " Liu Tieguo poured beer and stood up to toast Wang Yongjia .

This is too big!

Wang Yongjia underestimated the sentence in his heart, but on the surface he was laughing happily and clinking glasses and drinking with Liu Tieguo .

Gu Qianxue, the initiator, did not say a word but ate with relish .

Xiao Luo was in distress!

"Knock knock ~"

The balcony door was rung and the waiter came in with two bottles of coconut juice in his hand .

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Wang Yongjia immediately widened his eyes in horror: "We didn't order coconut juice!"

He resolutely cleared the relationship between the two bottles of coconut juice and was afraid to charge it to his account .

The waiter smiled and said, "Sir, you misunderstood . You spent 2998 yuan on this table . The boss said that you were too supportive of his restaurant, so he specially gave you two bottles of coconut juice as a thank you and no money is involved . "

"Oh, no money, then put it down . " Wang Yongjia was relieved .

"Take your time, sir . "

The waiter put down the coconut juice, turned around and went out .

Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight, this is really expensive, although Wang Yongjia is the captain of the drug squad, a month's salary is about seven or eight thousand, remove some scattered costs, the rest of the salary will not exceed four thousand . If he want to really save up savings, it's only from all kinds of bonuses .

"Wang Yongjian, why don't we split?" Ye Qiu is understand sense more, he suggested .

Wang Yongjia raised his hand to veto directly and said righteously: "I'm the one who invited you and if I let you pay for it . Isn't that a slap on my face? It's okay, it's just over 2,000 dollars, and it's not too much . You should let go of your stomach and pack it back if you can't finish it . As people in JC, you must not waste anything!"

The pronunciation of the words "extravagance and waste" is very heavy, and he glanced at Gu QianXue purposefully .

Gu Qianxue seemed to have nothing to say and seemed to come with a task, her task was to eat .

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"Wang Yingjian has a point . No extravagance and waste . Eat while it is hot . "

Xiao Luo and Wang Lihu made a look, with a hint of command . In order to make Gu QianXue's sin smaller, they can only eat all the food on the table .

"Yes, eat with your stomach open!"

Wang Yongjia also moved his chopsticks as he paid for them . If he didn't eat for nothing, he earned sh*t .

This dinner gave Xiao Luo and his group a general understanding of Wang Yongjia . He had no boss's dignity, was very easy-going and was a man of moderate temperament .

Half an hour later, everyone had a rounded stomach, sat on a stool and breathed slowly . Twelve courses of hard food and a roasted whole sheep were all eaten by them . In front of everyone, bone stubble piled up like a hill, but the largest one was the bone stubble in front of Gu Qianxue .

"Gu Xiaomei, you don't eat so much at every meal, do you?" Liu Tieguo asked with some surprise .

At the beginning of the training camp, he really didn't watch Gu Qianxue's appetite carefully . After all, men and women eat separately .

Gu Qianxue nodded, if there should be a sound it's "yes" .

"My God, if other girls know that you can eat like this and still keep a slim and good figure, they will be envied to death . " Liu Tieguo said .

Gu Qianxue frowned and asked Xiao Luo, "Am I in good shape?"

Xiao Luo in his heart: Why ask me? What does it matter to me?

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However, she looked at her from above to below, raised her eyebrows and said, "It's okay . "

"It's great to have a good head . We all know that . " Wang Lihu hey hey say with a smile .

Gu Qianxue's cold face is not clear whether she is happy or sad, expressionless, but beautiful and moving .

"You talk first, I'll settle the account!"

Wang Yongjia got up and went out with a burp . He had already said the words and finished all the dishes . He had to pay for it with pain .



"What, I don't have enough money on my card?"

At the restaurant's checkout, Wang Yongjia looked at the front desk incredulously . "Try again, maybe it's the network . "

"I've tried it three times and all the tips are insufficient balance . " The front desk personnel shook his head .

Wang Yongjia recalled carefully . A few days ago, in order to please his wife, he bought a set of clothes with more than 800 yuan and sent it to her . The original card had only 3,000 yuan left . After deducting 800 yuan, he naturally did not have enough money to pay . Naturally, there were some deposits . However, on the other card, his wife was in charge of the card, and he always had trouble calling his wife to send it .

It's broken . What can I do now?

Wang Yongjia's eyebrows almost turned into a rag, he invited his subordinates to dinner . But, he didn't bring enough money . If this comes out, where should he put his face as the head of the anti-drug team?

"What's going on?"

At this moment, a man in a suit came up and asked .

"Boss, he can't brush so much money . " The front desk replied respectfully .

The restaurant owner's eyes became more profound . He was happy just now because Wang YongJia ordered more than 2,900 dishes at this table . But he didn't bring enough money . At this time, it was inevitable to guess about the overlord's meal .

Wang Yongjia was about to explain when a plate of leftovers was brought from one side and then heavily placed on the front desk table . Then, he saw a ruffian with yellow hair . In succession, people with a full face walked out of a private room and gathered around the front desk .

"Call your boss out!"

The yellow-haired man patted the table and shouted loudly at the front desk .

The restaurant owner greeted him with a smiling face: "I am the owner of this restaurant . May I help you?"

"What else, are you blind? Can't you see a disgusting cockroach in this dish? "

The yellow-haired man pointed at the food residue on the plate and shouted, "Damn, our brothers are having a good time and are eating all the food . But, a dead cockroach suddenly appeared . The sanitary conditions are so poor, and you still open your mother's restaurant!"

The restaurant owner looked intently and saw that there was indeed a cockroach, but he could still tell at a glance that the cockroach was placed in the back . If the cockroach really followed the food to the table, it would definitely be ripe at this moment, but it was obviously still raw and artificially put in .

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